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Friday, 7 March 2014

How To Host CSS Or Other Files Externally In Blogger With Google Drive


Hi Friends!, We're Back Finishing Final Examination. I Hope You Will Not Get Bored. We've Discussed Many Tutorials, The Last One Was How To Use Blogger And Google+ Comments System Together In Blogger?, Now We Are Going To Discuss About Hosting You CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Externally On Your Blog's Template. This You Do Actually To Hide Your Template Against Template Stolen. If You Don't Know What Is This Hosting Externally Your Style Sheet, Let Me Tell You It's Complete Benefits. Read The Article Carefully In Case, If You Make Any Mistake, The Whole Template Will Be Inclement.

What Is Hosting CSS Or Other Files Externally?

So This Question Might Comes In Your Mind That What It Is?. Well, This Is The Simple Method Of Hiding Your CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Against Template Stealer. Which Means The If You Wan't Not To Display Your Whole CSS Code In Page Source Of Browser, You Can Do This Step. The CSS Of Your Blog's Are Stored Inside <b:skin><![CDATA[</b:skin>, This Is The Tags Inside Which The Styling Of Page Is Stored, Remember That The <style> Tag Is Only Included In <head> Or <body> Or Post HTML But In Template They Use This. So This Is The Great Feature For All Of The Bloggers. In This Course, We Are Going To Use Google Drive Because It Is The Best One Because Blogger Is Also Connected With Google Drive Because They Both Are Owned By Google. Below I've Listed The Benefits And Disbenefits Of Hosting CSS File With Google Drive.

Features Of Hosting CSS File Externally With Google Drive

  • Boost Loading Time : When You Insert Your All Of Your CSS Code Inside One File, Then Your Website Loading Time Will Increase Because The Lines Of Codes Will Decrease. It Is Also Essential To Host Files On That Servers Which Are Fast And Reliable Which Is Google Drive.
  • Beginner's Can't Copy Your Template : So This Is The Great Feature Of It That The One Blogger Who Is Beginner And Know Bit About Web Designing, Then He Can't Copy Your Template Because He Don't Know How To Copy Then He Thinks That He Had Hide His CSS. But The Professionals Or Experts Can Do It Easily.
  • Create And Edit : Google Drive Allows You The Flexibility To Create And Edit Your Documents On Google Docs Online. You Can Also View Your File On Google Docs And Share It.
  • So Much Space : Google Drive Have Enough Space Of 5 GB To Their Free Users So You Can Store Millions Of Your Document (Not WinRaR Or ZIP) In It. If Your Free Space Is Full, Then You Can You Can Upgrade Your Account By Payment To Them. But I Think That 5 GB Is Enough For You To Store Only Documents.
  • Reliable And Upgradeable : With 100% Trusted And Uptime, This Allows You Store Files Of Any Type, Any Host You Like, But Don't Forget To Take Care Of Your Disk Space, Or You Can Upgrade Your Account.
  • Your Files - Your Control : Google Drive Tracks All Of Your Changes You Have Done To Your Drive Including Documents Whenever You Upload, So Whenever You Will Upload File, A New Revision Will Also Get Save. You Can Peek Back And Arrange Your Revision As You Want.
  • Best Security : Google Drive Allow You To Highly Protect Your Documents Against Stealers. As You Know That This Is Google's Product, It's Rules Are Highly Strict Rules To Security. It Has Utilized HTTPS Encryption Program To Keep Your Documents And Files Almost Safe And Secure.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth : This Is Another Great Feature Of It ThatGoogle Drive Allows You Unlimited Bandwidth So That Your Files May Not Down Or Delete While You Are Slept.
  • Make Your Files Visible : Google Drive Also Allow You To Make Your Files Public Or Private. Which Means That If You Select Private, Then It Will Only Visible To You And No One Can See Your Files But If You Select Public, Then Everyone Can See. You Can Upload Your Files And Make It Private Because If Your Hard Disk Get Damaged, You Can Download It Again Later After Repairing.
  • All Free : So You Might Be Thinking That These All The Features Must Be Premium But Not, This Is Completely Free Or You Can Say 100% Free. Even I Have Left Lot Of More Features.


  • Layout Page Messed : This Is The Baddest Disadvantage Of It Because After You Have Hosted The File Externally In Blogger, You Will Of Course Mess Your Layout Page Which Means That Your Layout Page Will Interrupt Or You Can Say That The Widgets Will Not Display Properly.
  • You Can't Customize : This Is Also A Great Damaged That You Can't Customize Your Template After Hosting. This Is Because You Can't Make Changes In The File When You Have Uploaded. But You Can Do One Thing, You Can Customize It And Upload It Again And Then Host It Again On Your Blog.

Hosting Your CSS Files In Blogger With Google Drive

After You Have Learned The Features And Disadvantages, You May Be Thinking Of Hosting Your CSS Also In Your Blog, So You Can. This Tutorial Is For That Only. We Will Provide You Tutorial With Screenshots If You Get Confused. This Tutorials Contain Three Portions. So Read Carefully.


Before Starting The Tutorial And Process, Must Backup Your Template In Case Of Getting Your CSS Lost. If You Delete Your Whole Code From The Template And If Your Hosting Doesn't Works, Then You Will Weep All The Time, So It's Better To Backup Your Template In Each Tutorial. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps:-

Step#1 : Making Your CSS File

So This Is The First Step And Part Of You Tutorial, You Must Copy Your Whole Code Between <b:skin> Tag In Order To Host File With Google Drive. Remember Not To Copy The <b:skin> Tag, Only The Code Inside.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • See <b:skin> Tag In Your Template, Then Expand It, Then Copy Your Whole Code Which Is In Blue Color.

  • After Expanding, Copy The Code Inside <b:skin></b:skin> Tag.

  • After You've Copied Your Code, Just Paste It In Notepad.
  • Then Save Your File As "style.css", Remember Not To Name Your Custom Otherwise It Will Not Work Or You Can Name It Without Spaces, But Insert ".css" At The End Otherwise It Will Not Work Of Course.

  • After Saving Your File, You've Done First Step, Let's Move To Next.

Uploading Your style.css To Google Drive

So, You've Made Your CSS File Of Your Blog Which Is The Complete Design Of Your Blog, Let's Simply Upload It On Google Drive And Make It Public. Let's Start:-
  • Go To Google Drive And Sign In With Your Google Or Gmail Account.
  • I Recommend You To Create A Seperate Folder Of Hosting Files So You Can Access It Easily.
  • In Order To Upload Your File, Click On "Upload" Button, Then Click On "Files".
  • Now A Window Will Appear Asking You To Upload File, Click On "style.css" And Then Hit "Open".

  • Now Wait A Few Moments, Then Your Upload Will Complete!.
  • After Uploading, See The File In Folder.
  • You Have To First Make It "Public".
  • Right On The File You Have Just Uploaded.
  • Then Click On "Share", Again Share.
  • Now A Window Will Appear With Sharing Code And Privacy.
  • First, Copy The Selected Code In The Notepad And Save It, Then Click On "Change" Button Inside "Who Can Access".

  • After Saving The Code In Notepad And Making It Public On The Web, Let's Move To Next And Last Step.

Connecting External File In Blogger

  • I Think That You Have Seen The Sharing Code.
  • It Is Like This "https://drive.google.com/file/d/the-file-code" Which You Have To Change Like This "https://googledrive.com/host/the-file-code".
  • Remember That Not To Change Any Other Code From The Sharing Link.
  • To Connect This In Blogger, Paste The Following Code Below <head> Or Above </head> Tag.
<link href='https://googledrive.com/host/your-file-code' rel='stylesheet'/>

  • As You Have Seen In The Above Image That You Have To Replace your-file-code With Your Code Like Above. 
  • So After Adding The File In Blogger, Remove The Whole CSS Code And Test It That It Works, If Not Then Restore Your Template And Do It Again Carefully.
  • One Thing Remember That Must Preview Your File You Have Uploaded (See That The Google Drive Link Is Working Or Not).
  • Click On "Save Template".
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've Done!.

What If You Get Error While Saving Template?

If You Are Getting Error In Saving Your Template, It Means That You Have Completely Remove The Whole Code Which Is Not To Be, Blogger Doesn't Allow You To Leave <b:skin> Tag Completely Empty. So You Have To Keep This In Mind That Write Atleast On Comment Inside The Tag To Work. You Can Write Comments Like This:-
/* Your Comment */
Now, You've Know It All!.

Hosting Javascript Files In Blogger With Google Drive

So, This Is Also A Same Method Like Above One, Just Read Below:-
  • Create Your File And Save It As "anyname.js", Remember To Put ".js" At The End Of The Name Which Means Javascript.
  • Remember To Write The Code Without "<script type='text/javascript'>" Tag And Closing Of It.
  • Upload To Google Drive.
  • Make It Public On The Web Otherwise It Will Not Work.
  • Replace Your "drive.google.com/file/d/file-code" With "googledrive.com/host/file-code".
  • Now You Just Need To Add It In Blogger.
  • To Add It, Just Copy The Link (googledrive.com Link).
  • Add The Hosted Link Like This:-
<script src='your-file-link'></script>

  • Example:-
<script src='https://googledrive.com/host/0B3Ztl1RRz6W7Rmd0Wk9SbXppSFU'></script> 
  • Save Your Template.
  • You've Done It!. 
If You Didn't Understand At All!, See The Video Tutorial Below:-

Final Words!

So Friends This Was How You Can Hide Your Whole CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Against Copier Or Stealer, Now Your CSS Will Not Display In Page-Source Of Your Browser Because Beginner's Will Not Understand Where The Code Is. I Hope That You Will Like Google Drive As It Brings Lot Of Features. Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Lot. I've Explained Each And Everything With Screen Shots, But If You Didn't Understand At All, Ask In Comments, I Will Help You Right Time. I Have Also Provided You A Video Tutorial So You Can Understand It Easily!. If You Know More Tricks And Tips, Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us For Hot Updates, Subscribe Us Now For Updates Straight In Your Inbox, No Spam. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

How To Use Blogger And Google+ Comments System Together In Blogger?


As You Know That Blogger Platform Is Growing Day By Day, Google Is Introducing Many New Features Along With It. Google Had Rolled Out New Google+ Comment System In Blogger To Use For Better Appearance And Traffic. The Blog Always Have Advantages And Disadvantages Of It. So, We've Discussed About Enable Google+ Comments In Blogger, This Article Is Similar To That One. When We See Advantage Side Which Is Having To You, We Always Think That Why Shouldn't We Apply It For Advantage For Us. But Every People Want That No Disadvantage Should Come In His Blogger. So Here Newbies Get Confused To What Should They Go. But We Have A Great Solution For It, That Is We Should Use Both Google+ And Blogger Comments In Blogger. Basically Or Default, The Comments System Is Blogger Comments And Then We Apply Google+ Comments If We Want But What If We Apply Both Of Them?. Yes It Is Possible In Blogger Now, We Can Apply Both. We Are Going To Discuss About It Below. So Read Carefully And Learn Below.

How This Will Work In Blogger?

So, Working Of This Comment System Is Very Simple Like That One Of The Blogger And Google+, But There Are Some Changes. If You Are Going To Comment, You Will See Two Icons, The Default Enabled Icon Will Be Blogger And If We Click On It If It Is Not Selected, Then The Blogger Comment System Will Appear, Then On The Right, There Will Be A Google+ Comment Icon And If We Click On It, The Google+ Comments Will Appear. So It Will Give You Great Advantage That The User Can Do This Comment By His Own Way. But See The Disadvantages And Advantages Carefully In The Previous Enabling Google+ Comment System In Blogger. On Thing Remember, Your Each And Every Post Must Contain Atleast One Comment To Show Google+ Comments Otherwise It Will Not Work.

How Made It?

This Is Made With Simple Javascript And CSS Language So It Will Not Affect Your Loading Speed Of Your Website. Javascript Allows To Use Blogger And Google+ Comments System While CSS Makes It Professional And Perfect For You. Remember That While Applying These Both System, Disable Your Google+ Comments In Blogger. Well, I Want To Tell The Developer Of This Comments System Is David Kutcher From BlogXPertise. But I Have Made For You Myself!.

Why To Use These Both Systems In Blogger?

So This Question Might Have Come In Your Mind That Why To Add These Both Systems Together In Blogger. But Due To It's Disadvantages, You Might No Use These System. This Will Be Fine For Every Side. You Will Not Loose Your Comments Via Adding Google+ Comments. But This Allow On Disadvantage Which Is That Spammers Can Spam Comment In Your Google+ Comments Because It Has Not Moderation Requests. Which Means That If They Found That You Have Comment Moderation In Blogger Comments, Then They Can Annoy You By Google+ Comments. But The Advantage Is That Your Blog Will Now More Google And Google+ Friendly, Which Will Allow Many Peoples To Arrive On Your Website Because Now A Days, Google+ Is Also Getting Very Popular.

Adding In Blogger

So This Is The Main Part Of Our Today's Post. I Recommend You To Backup Your Template In Case If You Stuck In This Tutorial.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Backup/Restore.
  • After Your Template Backup, Click On "Edit HTML" In The Template Tab.
  • Search For The Following Code Below:-
<b:includable id='comment_picker' var='post'>

  • After Finding The Above Code, Replace It With The Following Code. Don't Forget To Replace The Whole Code Until </b:includable>.

<b:includable id='comment_picker' var='post'>
  <b:if cond='data:post.forceIframeComments'>
    <b:include data='post' name='iframe_comments'/>
    <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>
      <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>
      <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>
    <b:if cond='data:post.commentSource == 1'>
      <b:include data='post' name='iframe_comments'/>
      <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>
        <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>
        <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>

  • After Replacing The Above Code, Let's Find For Another Code Below:-

<b:includable id='threaded_comments' var='post'>

  • Replace The Following Code Again With The Code Below:-

  <b:includable id='threaded_comments' var='post'>
  <div id='com-header'>
<h6>Comment With:</h6> <img class='com-on' id='com-norm' src='https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-nfrkoUYsV-E/UXVi6W7CI8I/AAAAAAAAILo/uCS3thePKXU/s50/blogger_on.png' title='view Blogger comments'/><h6> ← OR → </h6> <image id='com-gplus' src='http://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-wnTb7SHAGEE/UXVi6xoHXAI/AAAAAAAAILY/6vx5Em5w8MI/s50/plus_off.png' title='view Google+ comments'/><h6>The Choice is Yours!</h6>
<div id='copyrigtsbt'><a href='http://bloggingtutorials2.blogspot.com/2014/02/how-to-use-blogger-and-google-comments_1.html'>Get This Widget</a></div>
<div id='comment-zone'>
  <div class='comments' id='comments'>
    <a name='comments'/>
    <div class='comments-content'>
      <b:if cond='data:post.embedCommentForm'>
        <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comment_js'/>
      <div id='comment-holder'>
    <p class='comment-footer'>
      <b:if cond='data:post.allowNewComments'>
        <b:include data='post' name='threaded-comment-form'/>
    <b:if cond='data:showCmtPopup'>
      <div id='comment-popup'>
        <iframe allowtransparency='true' frameborder='0' id='comment-actions' name='comment-actions' scrolling='no'>
    <div id='backlinks-container'>
    <div expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + &quot;_backlinks-container&quot;'>
       <b:if cond='data:post.showBacklinks'>
         <b:include data='post' name='backlinks'/>
  <div id='gcontainer'><div id='gcomments'/></div>
<script src='http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js'/>
<script src='https://googledrive.com/host/0B3Ztl1RRz6W7NWNHalYzOWh5MzQ'/>
#gcontainer {
#com-norm,#com-gplus {
padding:0 5px;
#com-header {
border: 1px solid #d2d2d2;
padding: 10px;
float: left;
width: 650px;
margin-bottom: 20px;
background: #f5f5f5;
#com-header h6{
font-size: 20px;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-weight: bold;
float: left;
padding-top: 15px;
margin: 0px;
margin-right: 7px;
margin-left: 7px;
#copyrigtsbt {
float: right;
margin-top: 20px;
border-top: 1px solid #d2d2d2;
margin-right: -10px;
padding-right: 10px;
padding-top: 5px;
padding-left: 10px;
border-left: 1px solid #d2d2d2;
padding-bottom: 5px;
margin-bottom: -10px;
background: #fff;
#copyrigtsbt a {

  • Finally Click On "Save Template".

Facing Problem?

Guys, If You Found This Error While Saving Template "The widget with id "Blog1" cannot contain element: "#text". A widget can only contain b:includable elements.", Then See The Last Line Of The Above Code, There Will Be Written Like This "See More - http://bloggingtutorials2.blogspot.com/blablablabla", Then Remove This Code From The Last Line And Then Save Your Template.

So Friends That Was The Tutorial For You To Use Blogger And Google+ Comments System In Blogger. I Hope You Will Like This Post. If You Are Facing Problem In Adding The Code Above, Then Ask In Comments, Because Comments Are Always Appreciated; Comments Are Always Helpful. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Also Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox. Get In Touch With Us. Happy Blogging!.

How To Install Google Analytics In Blogger?


Previously We've Discussed About Increasing Back-Links Of Your Blog, Now Let's Learn About Google Analytics. Blogger Is A Best Platform To Use And It's Easy. It's Main Advantage Is That The Template Is Customizable. As You Know That Blogger Platform Is Growing Day By Day, The Policies Are Also Growing For It. There Are Many Things You Can Do In Blogger. Every Webmaster Wants To Know The Information Of His Blog Visitors That Where His Audience Are Coming From Or What Browser They Are Using. Yes, This Is Possible By Google Analytics. Well This Is A Free Tool To Check Your Blog's Statistic. So In This Post, We Will Describe About Google Analytics And It's Full Benefits. So Let Me Explain You First That What Is Google Analytics, Then We Will Use In Blogger.

What Is Google Analytics

Well, Google Analytics Is A Simple Tool For Checking The Statistics Of Your Blog. This Tool Also Belongs To Google. You Can Check Whether Visitors Are Coming From Which Country, From Which Browser And Many Data. They Will Provide You Complete Track Of Your Blog. Blogger Has Also It's Own Tool To Check The Data But It Don't Provide Full Data. Now We Will Describe The Benefits Of Google Analytics.

  • Track Real Time Visitors :  This Is The Best Feature Of Google Analytics That You Can See The Full Data Of Your Online Visitors Coming From. This Is A Section Of Where Your Data Of Real-Time Visitor Will Be Stored. It Will Display From Where Are Your Visitors Coming From, On Which Page Is Active, And All The Geographic Data Of Your Visitor.
  • Location : This Is Also A Great Feature Of This Tool That You Can Track Your Visitor's Location From Where Are They Coming From. Actually, This Is A Geographical Location Of Your Visitor. This Will Help You Know Your Visitors Whole Data Of Location. It Will Never Give You Wrong Data.
  • How Much Time They Have Spend : This Tool Will Help You Know All About The Data That How Much Time Your Visitor Have Spend It On Your Site. Even It Is For Page-View. It Highlights Those Page Which Have The Lowest Bounce Rate.
  • From Where Traffic Is Coming : This Tool Will Help You Know The Information Of Your Traffic Coming From User, Search Engines Or From Other Website. So This Will Provide You Full Data Of Your Traffic Coming. It Will Always Tell The Accurate Result Or Information Will Fully Detailed.
  • OS, Browser And Much More : So This Tool Will Also Give You Accurate Result Of Your Visitor's Browser, Operating System And Service Provider. Which Means That It Will Let You Know About Your Visitor's Operating System And Browser They Have Used For Arriving On Your Site.
  • Page Views, Unique Visits And Much More : So Tis The The Feature Of This Tool That When The Day Has Ended, You Can Finally Check Your Page-Views Of The Total Day And Visits.  If You Are Getting High Number Of Visits, It Means That Your Website Is Useful To Many Peoples.
  • Must Read : How To Submit Your Sitemap To Google?
This Was The Few Benefits Of This Tool But There Are So Much Which Is Unbelievable.

How To Install Google Analytics In Blogger?

After Describing And Leaning The Benefits And Usage Of Google Analytics, It's Time To Install It In Blogger. This Is A Simple Method, You Just Have To Follow Two Main Steps. The First, You Will Create Your Website Data On Google Analytics, Then You Will Add It In Blogger. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps:-

1# Joining Google Analytics

  • Go To Google Analytics.
  • Sign In With Your Google Or Gmail Account (Both Are Same).
  • Click On "Access Google Analytics" On The Top-Right Of Your Web Page.
  • Now A Screen Will Appear, There Will Be Written Big "Sign Up" Button, Click On It.
  • Now Click On "Website" Which Is Default Because There Is Also A Mobile App Tracking Method. Select "Universal Analytics" Now Come Below And You Will See A Form.
  • Just Fill The Form With Your Information.
  • Now First There Will Be Written "Account Name" Just Write Your Account Name (Google Account Name), In The Above Image There Is No Account Name Option But You Have To Write, Then Fill The Form Like The Above Image, Then Click On "Get Tracking ID".

  • Now A Box Will Appear Asking You To Read Their Policy And Select Your Country, Just Read Their Policy And Click On "I Accept" Button.
  • Now A Congratulations Message Will Appear, Now Your Tracking ID Has Been Created. Now Let's Move To Next Step And Install It In Blogger {Note : Don't Close Google Analytics Tab}.
  • Now Copy And Paste Your Website Tracking ID In Notepad.
  • Now Let's Move To Next Step.

2# Installaing In Blogger

So, There Are Two Ways To Setup, I Have Describe Both Methods Below, Take Any One You Like It.

#2.1 Installing With ID

  • Copy Your Analytics Code In Notepad As I Described Above.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Other.
  • See At The Bottom Of Your Page, There Will Be Written "Analytics Web Property" And A Box On The Right Of The Option, Just Paste Your Tracking ID There.
  • You've Successfully Installed!.

#2.2 Installing With Code Method

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search For </body> Tag.
  • After Finding The Above Code, Paste The Following Code Above </body> Tag.
<script type="text/javascript">
  var _gaq = _gaq || [];
  _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-Y']);
  (function() {
    var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
    ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js';
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

  • Now Replace UA-XXXXXXXX-Y With Your Tracking ID You Have Got It From Google Analytics Which Is Saved In Notepad.
  • Now Click On Save Template.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. You've Successfully Installed!.

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was The Simple Tutorial For You To Install Google Analytics In Your Blogger. Now After Installing It On Blogger, It Will Take 4 To 5 Hours To Display Your Data Then Your Google Analytics Account Will Be In Your Control. But One Thing Remember That Use The First Step To Install "Analytics Web Property" If The Second Step Doesn't Works. But One Thing Remember That Don't Use Both Methods Otherwise It Will Not Work Properly. I Hope This Post Will Help You Getting Information Of Your Blog Visitors And Much More. We Will Provide More Tutorials. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Get In Touch In Us For More!, Also Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How To Add And Use Font Awesome Icons In Blogger


Have You Ever Think About Icons In Your Mind? Are You Looking For Icons Which Are Used To Beauty Your Blog. These Days, The Graphics Designing Is Growing Day By Day And The Most Important Element Of Graphics Are Icons Which Are Used To Beauty Your Contents. In Blogger Templates Or Themes, There Are Many Icons On Toolbar As You Are Seeing Above, But These Are Images Which You Will Use In Your Post. Some Of The Templates Have Very Low Quality Or Bad Coloured Icons Which Are Not Used To Beauty Your Blog But They Give Your Blog A Bad And Ugly Look, But Some Of Them Are Very High Quality And Colorful Which Can Be Very Useful To Customize Your Blog Posts With Awesomeness. One Of The Proper And Most Professional Icons Which Are Used By Many Web Designers Is "Font Awesome Icons", Which Are Used To Beauty Your Blog Posts. It Is A Simple CSS Technique That Adds Vector Icons That Look Awesome At Any Size. So Below, We Will Describe About Font Awesome Icons And Its Benefits. So Let's Get Started Below:-

What Is Font Awesome?

Well, Font Awesome Is A Brand Which Provides You Thousands Of Beautiful Icons Which You Can Apply On Your Blog For Free. It Gives Iconic Font For Designers To Make Better Designs That Looks Good On Any Size. You Might Have Seen Many Beautiful Icons On Other Websites, But In This We Will Use Font Awesome Icons. In Wordpress And Other Platforms, It Is Common And Is Being Used By Many Users But In Blogger, Few Of Them Are Using These Icons Because They Don't Know How To Use. The Most Important Thing Of These Icons Is That They Are Not Like And Image, But They Can Be Placed Before Or After Your Text By Just Applying A Simple Code For It. This Will Make Your Blog More Fast Instead Of Images That Take So Long To Load A Web Page. They Have A Total Of 369 Icons In Their Site On Different Categories Including Web Application Icons, Form Control Icons, Currency Icons, Text Editor Icons, Directional Icons, Video Player Icons, Brand Icons And Medical Icons. It's Version Is 4.0.3 Which Is Completely Free And Easy To Use.


So, I Will Tell You The Benefits Of Font Awesome Icons, There Are No Disadvantages Of It.
  • High Quality : Provides A Wide Range Of High Quality Icons.
  • Clean Designed : These Are Cleaned Designed Icons.
  • Support With CSS : It Is Also Editable With CSS, You Can Change The Properties So That The Colors, Size, Shadows etc Can Easily Be Adjusted.
  • Speed : These Icons Are Extremely Lightweight, Which Also Increase The Loading Time Of Your Blog Than Images.
  • Innovate : The Team Of Font Awesome Icon Is Working Hardly For Peoples And Are Producing Icons To Make It Even Better For You.
  • All Free! : The Most Important Feature Of It Is That All Of The 369 Icons Are Completely Free, No Payments.

Is This Easy To Apply In Blogger?

So This Is The Main Question Which Is Said By Many People That How Can They Apply These Icons And They Are Easy Or Not. I Want To Tell You That The Method Is Extremely Easy Which You Can Apply And Use The Icons In Blogger. If You Know The Basics Of CSS, Then You Can Learn It Very Easily. I Suggest You That It Is Easy To Use Instead Of Icons Which Are Obtained From Images. I Recommend Every Blogger Owner That He Must Use These Icons In His Blog Posts Which Will Bring Beauty To Your Blog Posts. If You Are Designing A Template, Then You Can Also Use These Icons To Look More Professional. These Icons Are Not Made With jQuery Or Javascript Language, But This Is A Simple HTML Language, But We Can Edit With CSS To Customize It With Own Way. You Just Have To Call First The CSS External Plugin In Your Template And Use Easily In Blogger Post Editor With HTML Anywhere. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps Below:-

How To Use Font Awesome Icons?

So As I Described That The Steps Are Very Simple, You Just Have To Paste The Code First In Your Template, Remember That If You Don't Follow The First Step, Your Icons Will Not Work. So Add It Then Use It Easily!.

Step#1 : Installation

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find For <head> Tag.
  • After Finding The Above Code, Paste The Following Code Below <head> Tag.
<link href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.0.3/css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

  • Save Your Template.
  • You've Successfully Installed!.

Step#2 : Using Icons In Blogger

  • Now The Main Thing Is To Add It In Blog Posts.
  • Go To Font Awesome Icons List.
  • Click On Any Icon You Want It.
  • Now You Will Get A Code Which You Have To Copy It And Paste It In Your Post.
  • Now Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> New Post >> HTML Tab
  • Now Paste The Code Anywhere You Want.

  • See The Example Below
<a href="Your URL"><i class="fa fa-rub"></i>Home</a>

  • You Have To Just Code In Between <a> Tags With Calling Icon Class Which Is <i>.
  • Now Replace Home Text With Yours. 
  • If You Want To Change The Icon, Just Click On Any Other Icon And Then Copy That Code And Replace It With The Highlighted Code Above. Just Remain The First fa As Is It And Replace The Other After The First Code.
  • Now It Will Look Like This:-

  • You Can See The "P" Before The Text Which Is The Icon, Now Replace fa-rub With Your Text.
  • You Can Also Apply The Link In It By Using The Following Code Below:-
<a href="http://bloggingtutorials2.blogspot.com/"><i class="fa fa-rub"></i>Blogging Tutorials</a>

  • Replace My Blog Link With Your Blog Link And Text With Yours. 

Step#3 : Customizing Icons With CSS

  • Now In Some Cases, You Want To Customize The Icons According To Your Choice.
  • This Is Possible To Edit, This Is A Simple Step In Which We Will Customize It Using CSS.
  • Just Call <i> tag in CSS And Customize It With Your Way.
  • See The Example Below:-
.fa fa-rub {

  • You Can See The .fa fa-rub Class In CSS, You Just Have To Put A Dot Before The Icon Code.
  • Now Customize It As You Want.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've Done It!.
Watch Video Tutorial

Final Words!

So Friends, That's All About The Icons Which Can Be Used To Beauty Your Blog. I Hope You Will Get A Lot Of Help In This Tutorial. But Don't Forget To Apply First Step Otherwise Your Icon Will Not Display. There Are Tons Of Icons Which Can Be Used So Use It Wisely!. I Think This Is Not So Difficult Task To Add, But If You Have Not Understand It All, You Can Ask In Comments, I Will Help You. Share Your Thoughts With Us, Also Share This Post On Social Networks. Have A Nice Day And Happy Blogging By Icons!.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

How To Redirect Your Old Posts To New Posts In Blogger?


As You Know That Blogger Is A Suitable Platform For Newbies To Blog And Can Easily Drive Handsome Traffic From Search Engines And Can Increase Their Chances Of Earning Money. We Have Discussed About Many SEO Articles Including Custom Robots.txt File In Blogger, Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger, Adding Meta Description In Blogger Posts And On Many Topics. But Now, We Will Discuss About "Search Prefrences" Section, The "Custom Redirects" Settings In Blogger. So Let Me Tell You What The Custom Redirect Is.

What Is Custom Redirect?

A Custom Redirect Is A Way Of Setting Your Old Post Link To New Post Link. It Means That If You Want The Visitors To Go To New URL Instead Of Old One, Then You Will Do It. For Example I Have Posted A Post Named "Make Your Blogger Template SEO Friendly" And I Want My Audience To Go To "How To Redirect Your Old Posts To New Post" This Post, Then I Will Use The New Link, Then When Your Audience Will Click On The Old Post, It Will Automatically Redirect To New Post Which Is How To Redirect One. So This Is A Simple Way To Redirect It. It Also Redirects From Google Search Results, If They Click On The Old Link From Search Engine, It Will Automatically Redirect To New Link. Then They Will Not Be Able To View Your Old Post Until You Will Say. If You Remove The Custom Redirect, Then Your Old Post Will Not Redirect. It Is Also Good For Adding In New Posts To Increase The Traffic Of Old Posts. So Know, I Will Tell You How To Do This (Redirect Your Old Link To New) In Blogger. Just Follow The Simple Steps Steps:-


Redirecting Old URL To New URL Is A Simple Step, You Just Have To Select Your Old Link And Your New Link And Paste It. So Let's Get Started:-
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Search Prefrences.
  • Now In The "Errors And Redirection" Section, See The "Custom Redirects" Settings.
  • Click On Edit Button On The Left Of The Option.
  • Now Two Boxes Will Appear, One Of Old URL And One Of New URL.
  • Just Paste Your Old URL In The Old URL Box And The New URL In The New Box.
  • After Putting Your Two Links, Click On Save Button, Then Click On "Save Changes" Button.
  • If You Want Another Redirection, Click On "New Redirect".
  • If You Want To Remove Your Redirection, Click On "Delete".
  • If You Want To Just Disable It, Uncheck The Box In Above Image.
  • After Saving Your All Settings, Click On "Save Changes".
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. You've Done It!.
If You Didn't Understand, Watch The Video Tutorial Below:-

Video Tutorial

Watch In HD

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was The Simple Tutorial For You That How To Redirect Your Old Posts To New Posts. I Think That It Will Help You A Lot In You Increasing Your Traffic Of Old Posts. If You Don't Know How To Redirect Or To Set Settings, Please Ask In Comments. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And Don't Forget To Share On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

How To Write SEO Friendly Posts In Blogger?


As You Know That Every Blogger Which Is Famous, Is Only By Search Engine Optimization Which Can Drive Traffic From Audience Rapidly, The Submission Of Sitemap Also Works As It Displays For Search Results On Other Search Engines Including Bing And Yahoo, Then Custom Robots Are Also Like Submission Of Sitemap, It Also Help Because It Displays The Search Results In Many Search Engines.  Well, You Know That Few Days Before, We Have Discussed A Lot Of About Search Engine Optimization, Now We Will Review It In This Post. So, We Will Tell You How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts To Drive Traffic From Search Engines Fastly And Avoid Copying Contents Of Others. This Post Will Help You A Lot For Your Posts, It Is The Need Of Every Post To Be SEO Friendly Not Enemy. So, Your Blog Will More Be SEO Friendly, Receive More Organic Traffic, Fast Indexing From Robots And A Lot Of Advantages (Benefits). So Now, We Are Going To Discuss About This Great Topic. Let's Start:-

Selecting Perfect Title For You Post

Choosing Or Selecting Perfect Title For Your Post Is The Most Important Part Because Google Shows Only The Posts Which Are 70 Characters Or Below 70 Because Writing Too Long Title Can Take Your Audience Attention And They Will Not Understand That What The Topic You Are Going To Discuss. And One Thing Is Very Important Choose h2  Tags In Your Post Title That Will Also Help Your Blog Posts To Display Fastly On Search Engines And To Receive Handsome Traffic.

Write On Topics You Know The Most

To Be In Best On Search Engine And In Blogger Town, You Must Select That Topic Which Your Heart Is Saying. On Other Hand, You Can Describe Your Abilities So Make Use Of Them. Only Write The Post On That Topic, Which You Know The Most. You Can Also Write Lengthy Post If You Know Much About It. You Will Never Feel Ending Wave Of Energy In Your Body And Can Lead You A Professional Writer.

Add Search Description

Search Description Is Meta Description Which Is Also Important For A Blog To Enable Because It Help In Improving Your Traffic From Search Engines, Means That It Also Checks Post By Meta Description And If The Single Keyword In The Description Matches, Then There Are Many Chances To Get Your Post On Position On Search Engines. You Must Write Atleast 100 Characters Because Above 100 Characters, Can Broke Your Description And The Description Will No Longer Be Acceptable. If You Don't Know How To Enable It, Read The Following Below:-

Add 'Alt' Keyword Attribute In Post Images

This Is An Another Important To Use 'alt' Keyword Attribute In Your Post Images Because It Will Tell The Search Engine Crawlers To See The Image Keywords Or The Keyword The Image Is Having. The Maximum For Alt Attribute Is 50 Characters So Try To Make It Shorter, But Remember To Not To Cross The Limit To 150 Or More Characters Otherwise It Will Not Be Crawled  This Will Help Your Post To Display In Google Images Because Some Of The People See Google Images. If You Don't KnowHow To Apply It, See Below.
 <a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7HcjtFK9HB0/UuTZybDMvKI/AAAAAAAAAUk/9nntYSUo3UY/s1600/download+(5).jpeg" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img alt='SEO Friendly Content' border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7HcjtFK9HB0/UuTZybDMvKI/AAAAAAAAAUk/9nntYSUo3UY/s1600/download+(5).jpeg" /></a>

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This Is Also A Main Problem With Peoples That They Write The Title Keyword Repeatedly In The Whole Post. This Is Called Keyword Stuffing Which Means To Write The Keywords Again And Again, And Not Write The Main Topic. For Example I Am Writing A Post Of 1500 Words In Which I Used The Main Title Keyword 50 Or More Than 50 Times, Than It Will Be Keyword Stuffing Which Means That You Are Writing The Keywords More Than The Main Information. To Avoid Keyword Stuffing, You Only Need To Write 2,3 Or 4% Of Keywords In Your Post Means That The Post Of 1500 Words, Should Only Contain 20 Or Less Than 20 Keyword. If You Do Keyword Stuffing, You Can Loose Traffic And This Will Be Caused By Google Penguin.

Keyword Density

This Is Also A Another Problem With People. They Write The Keywords In The Posts More Than 2 Or 3 Times. This Is Called Keyword Density Which Means To Write The Title More Than 1 Time. For Example I am Writing "How To Make Blogger Template SEO Friendly - Make Your Blogger Template SEO Friendly", So It Will Be Keyword Density. You Can See That I Have Writed That Two Times Which Is Called Keyword Density. Most Of  The People Also Writes In Meta Description And Permalinks. So Writing The Keyword In Meta Description, Permalinks And Post Title Again And Again (Repeatedly) Is Called Keyword Density. I Hope That You Will Not Do Keyword Density And Will Avoid To Protect Against Google Penguin.

Review Your Post And Check Spell Mistakes

Once You Have Finished Writing Your Whole Article, You Can Check Or Review The Whole Post To Check Whether The Post Have Not Grammatical Mistakes. So Wait And Don't Hit On Publish Button. Most Of The People Never Realized To Review The Post Because They Do Not Like To Waste Their Time But This Is Not Time Wasting, This Will Help You Increase Traffic Because If Your Any Paragraph Or Anything Is Left, Your Blog Traffic Will Decrease Because Of Google Penguin.  So It Is Important For Every Blogger To First Check Your Whole Article You Have Written, Then Hit The Publish Button.

Link Old Posts In New Posts

This Is An Amazing Trick Which Is Done By Many Blogger That The Link Their Old Posts In New Posts To Attention Their Audience To Also Read The Old Article. This Will Help You Increase Your Traffic And It Also Helps To Index Fast Your Posts And Display It On Search Engine And On Positions. You Just Need To Add A Link In Your New Post. This Can Be Done By Going At The Bottom Of The Post. But Remember That Both Posts Must Be Similar To Each Other So That That Audience May Also Read That Related Topic.

Your Turn!

So Now It's Your Turn To Try These Steps To Improve Your Traffic And Skills Of Writing. I Hope That This Post Will Help You Obviously, And Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly. If You Have Any Questions (I Guess Not) You Can Ask In Comments, You Can Also Write For Us For Guest Posting. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Keep In Touch With Us To Get More Articles And Tips. Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. No Spam, We Promise. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

How To Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger?


We've Discussed About How To Enable Google+ Comments In Blogger, Now We Are Back With The Topic Of Comments. As You Know That Millions Of Blogs Are Used Daily By Millions Of Users. Thousands Of Blogs Are Created Daily But Only Few Are Successful. They Have A Reason To Create A Blog Including To Publish Their Heart Voice. Some Of The Blogs Get Many Popular In Very Little (Short) Time Because They Publish Lengthy, Unique And Professional Contents And They Also Get A Very High Number Of Comments Which Also Increases Traffic And Backlinks Because Commenting System Is Good For A Blog. People Can Easily Ask Their Questions To Blog Owner When They Didn't Understand That What To Do Or Couldn't Understand Anything About The Content, So They Ask Questions In Comments. Some Of The Blog Haters Used Spam Comments Through The Software Or Manually And Some Of Them Add Their Own Blog Links In Comments Which Can Take User's Attention To Their Websites, They Also Spoke Bad Words About Post Because They Ask Silly Questions And If You Didn't Reply, Then They Spoke Bad Words In Comments. These Things Are Always Hated By Blog Owner Because He Did Not Want To Users To Go To Another's Website And Wanted To Remove This System. So Remember That Each And Every Thing Is Possible In Technology So Now, Google Had Introduced A New System Called "Comment Moderation". We Strongly Recommended The Blog Owner To Enable Comment Moderation Because It Is The Perfect Solution For You To Remove Spam Comments. So I Will Tell You More About Comment Moderation. Let's Discuss And Learn It.

What Is Comment Moderation?

Well, If You Are New To Blogging And Don't Know What Is Commend Moderation, Let Me Tell You What Is It. After Enabling This System, When Someone Will Comment Now, They Will Be Pending Approval Means That They Will Wait For You Reply. You Will Accept Their Approval And If You Accept And Clicked On Published Button On Comments, Then Their Comments Will Display Means The One Who Had Commented Has Got Approval From You. The Comments Are Transferred In Your Email Address And You Can See From There, Then You Can Come To Blogger, Comments >> Awaiting Moderation And Published That Comment. It Will Also Display That On Which Post User Had Commented. Now It's Your Choice To Delete Or Publish That Comment.. We Will Describe Advantages And Disadvantages Below.


  • Say Good Bye To Spam : The Spammers Can't Comment And If They Comment, You Will Of Course Not Publish It.
  • No More Links In Comments : The User Cannot Add Their Blog Link In Their Comments Because You Will See And Not Publish A Comment Which Has A Blog Link
  • Haters Can't Annoy You : Annoy Means To Get Angry. So If The Haters Found That They Can't Comment, They Cannot Annoy You Also By Speaking Bad Words Because You Will Not Allow To Speak Freely.


  • Manually Check And Publish : So It Has Only One Disadvantage That If You Are Going To A Tour Or Your Internet Is Damaged And You Will Not Update Your Blog, Then You Will Also Not Publish Your User Comments And This Will Loose Your Traffic For A While.

How To Enable Comment Moderation?

So After Learning About Disadvantages And Advantages Of It's, Now Let's Start Our Main Topic Which Is Enabling Comment Moderation. This Is Not So Difficult Task, You Have To Just Select An Option And Save Settings. So Let's Get Started Friends:-

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings.
  • Now Go To "Post And Comments" Section And There You Will See Comment Moderation Section.
  • Now It Will Be Tick Marked "Never", Now You Just Have To Tick Mark"Always" In The Comment Moderation.

  • After Selecting The "Always" Option,  There Will Appear A Box Asking You To Write The Email Address Where Your Comments Will Moderate Request, Just Write Your Gmail Account There In The Box
  • Now Finally Click On "Save Settings" Button.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. That's All!.

Final Words!

I Am Happy To Hear That You Have Successfully Enabled Comment Moderation System In Blogger. I Also Think That A Blog Which Is Receiving High Number Of Comments, Must Enable This For Aware Of Spam Comments. So I Hope That It Will Help You A Lot. If You Face Any Problem With This Post, Please Ask In Comments. Accidently, We Have Described About Comments In This Post. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows. And Don't Forgot To Like And Share On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Friday, 24 January 2014

How To Upload Files For Downloading In Blogger (Google)?


Blogger Is A Best Platform For Blogging Which Is Used By Millions Of People And Are Created Daily. The Feature Of This Platform Is That Everything Is Possible And Can Be Customizable Than Wordpress, It Also Has A Feature Of Hosting Which Means We Just Need To Puchase Only Domain Only Without Hosting If Domain Name Is Required. When We Create A Blog And Starting Publishing Posts, We Need Some Posts Which Contains Download Information Which Means That We Are Telling User To Download The File. But, In Blogger, There Is No Option Of Uploading Data Files Due To Free Hosting. So Sometimes Peoples Get Confused That How To Upload Files And Give It To Users For Download . So In This Tutorial, I Will Teach You How To Upload Files In Blogger (Google) For Download.

How To Upload And Download Files?

So, As I Described Above That There Is No Option For Download In Blogger, Don't Get Angry. Because If There Is Not Option In Blogger, We Can Use External Services. Which Means That The Files Uploaded Are Not Uploaded On Blogger, But You Have To Manually Paste The Link Of The Download In Blogger Post Editor. We Will Use Google Drive Because It Is One Of The Most Popular Cloud Hosting And File Sharing Service. First We Will Upload Files And Make It Public Means That The Uploaded File Is Only Enable (Displayed) For You That's Why We Will First Make It Visible To Everyone, Than After Uploading And Storing Data On Google Drive, We Will Insert The Download Link In The Blogger Post Editor In Download Button Or On Any Text You Want. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps:-

1# Instructions

  • Go To Google Drive >> Create >> Folder.
  • Name Your Folder As Downloads.
  • Now Click On Up Arrow And Select "File" Or "Folder".
  • In Folder, You Will Upload A Folder And In File, You Will Upload A Single File.
  • Then Click Upload Icon >> Choose "Files", Now Choose File Or Folder You Want.

  • After Uploading The File, Right Click On That File And Click On "Share", Again Share.
  • Now A Pop Up Box Will Appear.
  • In  The "Who Han Access" Section, Click On "Change" Button.
  • Now Again A Pop Up Box Will Appear, There Will Be Tick Marked "Share Privately", Than Tick On "Public On The Web" And Click On Save Button.

  • Now You Will Go To Previous Pop Up Box, There Will Be A Share Link, If You Want To Share That Link, You Can Add Anywhere On Your Blog, But For Download, We Will Learn Below. Then Click On "Done"
  • Now Finally You Will Paste The Download Link In Your Blog, Let's Learn.
  • After Clicking On "Done", Right Click On That Uploaded File.
  • Then Click On Download.
  • Now A New Window Will Appear And Your Download Will Start, Cancel Your Download And Copy Link In The Address Bar Of Your Browser.
  • Copy The Link And Save It In Notepad.
  • Now Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> New Post >> Link.
  • Paste The Copied Link In The URL Box.

  • Now Click On "OK".
  • Prepare Your Post.
  • Publish It!.

2# Instructions

  • Go To Google Drive >> Create Folder >> Upload File.
  • Make The File Public On The Web.
  • Copy The Above Code In Notepad Above The "Who Can Access" Section.
  • Copy Another Below Code In Notepad And Save It:-

  • And The First Copied Code Will Look Like This:-

  • Now You Have To Just Change Like This:-

  • Now Prepare Your Post.
  • Add The Link In The Text.
  • Publish Your Post.
  • Check It.
  • That's All!. 
Didn't Understand!, Watch The Video Tutorial Below:-

Final Words!

So Friends That Was How We Can Upload And Download Files In Blogger, Now When Your Any Visitor Click On Download Button, It Will Automatically Start Downloading That File. Google Drive Allows To Download Fast, Reliable And Resume Capabilities That's Why I Have Chosen This. I Hope That This Tutorial Is Very Simple And Helps You A Lot Because We Tried It To Made Even Simple And Easier For You. If You Are Facing Any Problem, Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Please Share This Post With Your Friends, And Also On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Cheers!.

How To Enable Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger


We Have Discussed About How To Enable Custom Robots.txt File In Blogger, Now We Are Back With Another Robots Tutorial. As You Know That There Is A New Section Added Called "Search Prefrences", With This, We Can Do A Lot For Increasing Traffic On Blog And Makes Your Blog More Search Engine Friendly. The Custom Robots Are The Tags Which You Are Telling Robots To Crawl The Page Which Means Indexing Your Page, Then Your Posts Are Displayed On Search Engine. Previously We Have Discussed About Robots.txt File, But Not We Will Discuss About Custom Robots Header Tags Which Is Also Available On Crawlers Section.

What Are Custom Robots Header Tags?

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings Is Similiar To Custom Robots.txt File Because In This Also, You Are Telling Search Engine Crawler's To Index Your The Area You Want. But The Difference Is That In Custom Robots.txt File, You Have To Write Commands In It But In This, You Only Have To Tick Mark Some Fields To Gain The Chance Of Increasing Your Traffic Eve More From Search Engines. This Also Helps Your Blog Posts Visibility To Many Search Engines That Means That Your Posts Will Not Only Display On Google, But Many Other Search Engines Also. You Can Use It Very Easily, Because You Just Have To Tick Mark. Below I'm Going To Tell You How To Tick Mark That Fields To Enable Custom Robots Header Tags If You Don't Know. Just Follow The Steps Below:-

Enable Custom Robots Header Tags Settings

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Search Prefrences.
  • Now In The "Crawlers And Indexing" Section, You Will See A Option "Custom Robots Header Tags".
  • Click On Edit, Then Click On "Yes" To Enable It.
  • Now You Will See A Long Box With Fields Where You Have To Tick Mark That Fields. Tick Mark Some Important Fields. If You Don't Understand, See The Screen Shot Below.

  • After You've Done Ticking Mark, Click On "Save Changes".
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You Have Successfully Enable Custom Robots Header Tags.

Final Words!

So Friends, These Was The Two Robots Files Which You Have Enabled. Now You Will Gain More And Even More Traffic From Search Prefrences But One Thing You Should Remember That Don't Copy Others Content Otherwise You Will Fastly Decrease Your Traffic By Adding These Files. We Will Teach You Each And Every Tutorial, You Can Ask Any Tutorial If You Want Me To Teach. If You Have Any Problem With This Post, You Can Comment Below And Ask. Share This Post On Facebook And Other Social Networks And Also With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows. Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox, No Spam, We Promise. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How To Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Bing And Yahoo?


Previously We Discussed About Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Google, Now We Are Back. Now It's Time Too Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Bing And Yahoo. As You Know That Google Is A Very Popular Search Engine And World's Number One Search Engine. So It Is Important For You To Submit Sitemap To Google And Other Search Engines. But In The Second Number Bing And Yahoo Are Also Very Popular. So You Must Submit Your Sitemap To Yahoo And Bing For More Traffic. So We Should Not Ignore It. Remember That Yahoo And Bing Are Connected With Each Other. So You Will Only Submit Your Sitemap To Bing And It Will Automatically Submit On Yahoo Also. Those Who Don't Know How To Submit Your Sitemap, Read The Tutorial Below.

Why Should You Submit Sitemap?

This Is Important Thing For Every Blogger To Get Success In Blogging. We Submit Sitemap To Google Yahoo And Bing Because The Posts Are Only Displayed On Google Because The Owner Of Blogger Is Google, But In Order To Display It On Yahoo And Bing, So We Should Submit It To Increase Traffic Dramatically. After Submitting Your Sitemap, The Crawlers Come To Your Site And Crawls It, Then Your Post Start Displaying On Search Engines.

How To Submit Sitemap?

As I Told Above That Yahoo And Bing Are Connected With Each Other So You Will Only Submit It To Bing, Then It Will Automatically Submit On Yahoo Also. The Steps Are Same As Our Previous Article Which Was Of Google. First They Will Verify Your Blog In Bing Webmasters Tools Then You Will Submit Your Sitemap. So Let's Get Started With Simple Steps.
  • Go To Bing Webmasters Tools.
  • Sign In To Your Hotmail Or Microsoft Account.
  • Now You Will See A Screen, There Will Be A Box Of URL. Enter Your Blog's URL There And Click On "ADD".
  • Now A New Screen Will Appear, On There, You Will See A "Add Sitemap" Option And A Box After That, On That Box, Paste The Following Code:-

  • Note : The Above Is For 500 Posts. So If You Have More Than It, Paste Following Codes:-

For 1 to 500 Posts :
For 500 To 1000 Posts :
For 1000 To 1500 Posts :
For 1500 to 2000 Posts :
For 2000 to 2500 Posts :

  • Now After Adding The Code, Replace Yellow Link Highlighted With Your Blog's Domain.
  • Click On "ADD" Button.
  • Now After Clicking On "ADD" You Will Be Asked To Verify Ownership (Your Blog).
  • You Will See Like This And There Will Be A Code In The Box.

  • Now Copy The Code In The Box And Save It In Notepad.
  • Now Open A New Window { Note : Do Not Close Bing Webmaster Tools Tab}
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find For <head> Tag.
  • After Searching, Paste The Copied Code In Notepad Below <head> Tag.
  • Now Save Your Template.
  • Now Come To Webmasters Tools Tab And Click On Verify.
  • Now Your Sitemap Is Successfully Submitted. You Can See In Dashboard.

  • Now You Have  To Wait About A Week To Index Your Blog.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. That's All!.

Final Words!

So Friends, You Have Finally Submitted Your Sitemap To Search Engines Which Are Google, Bing And Yahoo. Now Your Traffic Will Increase Very Fast Because Your Search Results Will Now Appear In Bing And Yahoo Also. Get In Touch With Us For More Updates Also Subscribe Us To Get Hot Updates In Your Inbox. Share This Post With Your Blogger Fellows And Friends And On Social Networks. If You Are Facing Problem In Submitting Sitemap And Not Verifying Your Blog, Then You Can Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How To Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Google?


We Have Discussed About How To Add Meta Description In Blogger, Enabling Custom Robots In Blogger, Now We Are Back With Another Tutorial Of SEO In Which We Will Describe About Sitemap. This Is The Important Part Of SEO As It Increases Your Traffic From Robots. You Must Be Thinking How It Is Important? Just Read This Post And You Will Get It That Was Is It. But First, Let Me Tell You About Sitemap And How It Works. Read The Below Paragraph To Know What It Is, Otherwise Leave It And Go To Submission Section.

What Is Sitemap?

Have You Ever Think About Sitemap? The Sitemap Is The Complete Map Of Your Blog That What Your Blog Contains Information Or What Kind Of Information Contains In It. It Contains All Of Your Posts And Pages Which Are Displayed On One Page. It Is Used For Better Navigation And Also For Submitting It To Search Engine For Crawling Or Indexing Whole Blog In Search Engines.

How Sitemap Works?

Submitting Sitemap To Google Is Essential And Good For Your Own Improvement. First Create You Blog And SEO Optimize It And Write Atleast 15 to 20 Articles. Then Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines. When You Have Submitted Your Sitemap To Google, Means That You Have Submitted Your Application To Them For Crawling The Whole Blog. Now They Will Come And Completely Crawl Your Whole Blog. When It Indexes Your Sitemap, Now When Someone Will Search Any Keyword In Google After That If That Keyword Matches Then Your Post May Come In Search Results Faster And On Position. It Means That After Crawling Your Sitemap, The Posts Will Appear Your Posts On Search Results On Search Engines Faster. It Is Not So Important But It Is Good For Traffic?. So Let's Start The Tutorial For Submitting Sitemap To Google.

Submit Your Sitemap To Google

So, This Tutorial Is Long And Contains Two Main Important, So Don't Make Mistake Because First They Will Verify Your Blog In Google Webmasters Tools And Then You Will Submit Your Sitemap. So Let's Get Started.

Verify Your Blog On Google Webmasters

In Order To Verify Your Blog, Follow The Following Steps Below:-
  • Go To Google Webmasters Tools.
  • Click On Add A Site (If You Don't Have).
  • After Adding, Click On Manage Site >> Add Or Remove Users.
  • Now After Clicking, Click On Manage Site Owners And Go To Verify Using Different Method.

  • Now Tick Mark On HTML Tag.
  • Now You Will Get A Meta Code Asking You To Verify 

  • Copy That Code In Notepad And Save It.
  • Now Open A New Window In Browser {Note: Don't Close Webmasters Tools Tab}
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search For <head> And Below <head>, Paste The Copied Code In The Notepad.
  • Save Your Template.
  • Click On Verify Bottom At The Lower-Left Corner Of Your Browser.
  • After Clicking Verify, You Will See The Congratulations Message That You Have Successfully Verified Your Blog On Google Webmasters Tools. Now Time To Submit Your Sitemap, Let's Move To Next Step.

Submitting Sitemap

  • Go To Google Webmasters Tools.
  • Go To Your Blog's Dashboard

  • Now Click On "Crawl" Section On The Left Sidebar And Go To "Sitemaps".
  • Then Click On "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" On The Top-Right Of Your Browser.

  • Now A Box Will Appear Asking You To Write The Code For Adding Sitemap.

  • Copy The Following Code And Paste It In Box And Then Press "Submit Sitemap" Button.


  • Note : The Above Code Is For 1 to 500 Posts, But If You Have More Than If, Then Copy The Two Lines Below And Paste It On Text Box And Add It Twice:-


  • Now Finally And Last Click On "Submit Sitemap" Button.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. You Have Successfully Submitted To Google. Now You Have To Just Wait For A Week For Completing The Indexation.

Final Words!

So Friends, This Was The Tutorial For You That How To Submit Your Sitemap To Google. Now You Have Successfully Submitted Your Blog's Sitemap To Google, Now After Indexing Your Blog, Your Post Will Start Appearing In Search Results Fastly. Remember That Google Shows The Post One Positions Which Are Quality And Unique, So Try To Make Your Post Unique And Quality And Also Lengthy To Get More Traffic From Google. In Our Next Post, We Will Learn How To Submit Your Sitemap To Yahoo And Bing Search Engines. So Keep Visiting Us For More Updates. You Can Also Subscribe Us Now To Get Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox. No Spam, We Promise. If You Are Facing Problem With This Tutorial, Don't Forget To Ask In Comments. Share This Post With Your Blogger Fellows And Friends. Like And Share On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care You And Your Family. Cheers!.

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