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Friday, 14 March 2014

How To Earn Money From Probux - Full Guide


Blogging Is A Best Platform To Blog And Earn Money Through It With Different Products. Money Is The Most Important Thing For A Man That's Why He/She Blog. Money Can Do Anything With You. Previously We've Discussed A Series Of Content Copying And Protection But In This Post I Will Teach You How To Earn Money From A PTC Site "Probux" Which Is One Of The Most Popular Site Made In 2012 And Become Most Famous. There Is Stategy Behind Earning From Probux Which You Should Know. Not Even Probux, But You Can Earn Money From All Of The PTC Sites Related To Probux. Before Starting To Teach You Earning Money, You Should Know That What Is Probux.

What Is Probux?

A Probux Is Simply A PTC Site Providing You To Earn Money Free And Easier Way. It Was Launched On 2012 August And Become Most Famous And Rapid Growing.  It Is A Free Service Which Allow You Advertisers To Reach Thier Potentials. You Display Ads On Your Website And Also Provides You To Earn Money Through Referrals.

How To Make Money

So, After Knowing A Little That What Is Probux, It Is Important To Know That How Can You Earn Money.
All Of The Strategy About Earning Money Is Acquiring Referrals. The More Referrals, The More Money You Can Earn Something Like 80$/DAY. But This Will Require At Least A Year Or More Than That And You Should Wait For That But Most Of The People Have Hurry. To Earn Money Through Referrals, There Are Two Types Of Referrals:-

  1. Direct Referrals
  2. Rented Referrals

1. Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals Are Those Referrals Who Joined You Directly From Your Banner. It Means That If You Displayed The Banner Which I Have Displayed Above In This Post, Then Someone Clicks On That Banner And Sign Up With Your Referral (Banner) Link, Then You Will Earn Commision For This. But The Great Way Is To Make Money Through Rented Referrals Which Will Allow To Be A Ultimate Member And Receive Extreme Payments Easily And Instantly. The Best Way To Earn Money With This Is To Display As Much Banners As You Want To Display On Your Site So That Someone Clicks On It And You Will Earn Commision.

2. Rented Referrals

So, As I Described Above That It Is The Best Way To Earn Money, In This You Will Rent Some Referrals And Get Some Clicks. It Means That You Will Rent Referrals And Then You Will Receive Clicks. The More Your Clicks, The More Your Earnings. Don't Worry, It's Not Advertising Method, You Will Not Have To Display The Banner, But It Will Automatically Click By Their Company. Rent Some Referrals And Wait For Your Earnings, Then Also View Advertisement In Order You Earn With Your Personal Clicks, Then After A Week Rent More And More Referrals Till You Reach Your 4000 Referrals (Should Be Ultimate Member For This).

The Main Goal Is To Be A Ultimate Member And Rent 4000 Referrals In Order To Make Huge Money. You Can Withdraw Your Funds (Money) Easily With Some Steps. You Can Buy Referrals Through Probux Main Balance Which Will Be In Your Account. If You Want To Store Some Money In Your Main Balance And Buy Referrals, You Will Have To View Advertisements Daily.  Remember To Be Patience And Perseverance While Doing This Method. Therein Lies The Secret Of Success!. 

So Now You Know What Are Referrals, Now I Will Teach You How To Earn Money Through Renting Referrals Easily With Some Simple Steps. So Let's Begin And Be Patience.

Step One - The First Weeks

Firstly, You Will Need To Make A Paypal, Payza Or Neteller Account So You Can Withdraw Your Funds. Now Go To Probux And Click Sign Up. Create A Free Account Here With Your Payza, Paypal Or Neteller Account Details. After You've Created Your Account, Log In With Your Account And Go To "View Ads" Section At The Upper-Left Of Your Browser's Window. Then Click On Advertisements And You Will Be Brought On To New Window. Now There Will Be Waiting For The Advertisement To Load", Then After That, There Will Be A Loading Bar. Wait For The Bar To Fill And After Full, You Will Receive A Message "Advertisement Valiated, You've Just Receive ...$". Then Close The Window And Click On Any Other Advertisement. Then After You've Viewed All The Advertisements, Click All The Ads Next Day Until You Reach You 0.6$. Click Those Advertisements Daily In Order To Reach Your Minimum Balance Of 0.06$. Remember That You Will Receive Your Balance In Your Main Balance. No Need To Add Funds In Your Rental Balance, You Can Buy Referrals With Main Balance.

Goal#1 - Make 0.06$
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Make 0.06 Dollars Through Viewing Advertisements Daily.

Step Two - Rent Referrals

When Your Earnings Reaches At 0.06$, Go To Your Account And Click On "Rent Referrals" Or "Referrals" Located On The Right Sidebar Of Your Main Account Window With "Useful Links" Named. Buy A Pack Of 3 Referrals. Then You Will Be Asked To Sure Purchasing Your Referrals, Click Yes. Now You Will Receive A Message That You've Rented Referrals Successfully. Now Go To Main Screen Which Is "My Account", Then Look On The Left Sidebar, There Will Be New Section Named "Referrals" And Below That There Will Be Three Sub-Section Named "Direct, Rented And Statistics", Go To Rented Section. Then Click On "Change" Button After "AutoPay" Option. This Option Will Allow You To Receive Your Commision Each Time Your Rented Referrals Had Been Clicked.

Goal#2 -  Rent 3 Referrals.
Goal#3 - Enable "Autopay" Option Located In Rented>Direct>Autopay> Then Click On "Change". Now You Will See "Enabled" Option After The "Autopay".
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Rent 3 Referrals, Then Turn On Autopay Option Located In Rented Menu > Direct And Autopay.

Step Three - Rent More Referrals

After You've Rented Three Referrals, You Will Earn Commision Daily For It. After A Week, You Can Rent More Referrals To Multiply Your Earnings. As I Described Above That The Goal Is To Rent 4000 Referrals Which Will Require Your Lot Of Time. You Can Rent More 3 Referrals If You Have 0.06$. Don't Forget To View Advertisements Daily. If You Have More Money, Then You Can Rent More Even More Referrals. Continue Renting Referrals Until You Reach Your 200 Referrals. Then Stop Your Renting Work Here And Wait For Your Earnings Reach To 80$.

Goal#4 - Continue To Rent Referrals Until You Reach 200.
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Rent Referrals Until And Last You Reach On 200 Referrals. Then Stop Renting And Wait For Your Earnings Reaches At 80$.

Step Four - Buy Golden Account Type

When Your Earnings Reaches At 80$, Just Stop Renting Referrals And Go To "Upgrade" Located On The Right Sidebar Name "Useful Links" Of Your "My Account" Window. Now You Will See Two Upgrades, One Is "Golden" And One Is "Ultimate" Memeber. Just Go To Golden Member And Buy Using Your (Probux Main Balance). Then After Upgrading, Start Your Renting Referrals Work. Now You Will Receive Double Payments Than Before.

Goal#5 - Upgrade Your Account To Golden With Your 80$.
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Buy Golden Member With Your 80$ You've Earned Through Renting 200 Referrals.

Step Five - Begin To Rent More Referrals

After You've Purchased Golden Account, Continue Renting More Referrals To Multiply Your Earnings. Continue Until Your Referrals Reaches At 2000 Referrals, Again Stop Your Renting Your And Just Hold Them.

Goal#6 - Rent Your Referrals To 2000 From 200.
So The Main Goal Of This Step Is That Continue To Rent Referrals Until You Reach Your 2000 Referrals. Then Stop Renting After 2000 Referrals And Wait For Your Earnings Reaches At 790$.

Step Six - Buy Ultimate Account Type

Now You've To Rent 2000 Referrals And Stop Renting After 2000. Now Wait Until Your Earnings Reaches At 790$. When You Rent 2000 Referrals, You Will Receive 20$/DAY And Fastly, You Can Reach At 790$. Then Buy Ultimate Member And Be A Ultimate Member To Even Multiply Your Earnings More.

Goal#7 - Upgrade Your Account To Ultimate Member With Your 790$.
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Upgrade Your Account To Ultimate Member In Order To Make More Money. Upgrade It With Your 790$ Earned From Renting 2000 Referrals.

Step Seven - Continue To Rent More Referrals

Continue To Rent More Referrals After You've Purchased Ultimate Member. As Soon As You Reach 4000 Referrals, You Will Automatically Will Be Stopped Because You Cannot Purcahse Any Other Upgrade And You Can't Upgrade More Referrals. So The Best Way Is To Rent Your 4000 Referrals. Now You Will Earn A Very Huge Amount Of Money. I Think 80$/DAY And You Will Be Millionaire. The Payment Method Is Very Simple, PayPal, Payza Or Neteller And You Can Easily Withdraw Funds From There. Don't Think That Your Earnings Will Also Stop, But Your Referrals Will Stop Not Earnings. After You've Rented 4000 Referrals, Enable "AutoRenew" Option Or Auto Enable Your Referrals. You Can Also Enable It While You Are Renting 200 Referrals Because It Is Important Otherwise You Will Earn 80$ Only Few Days Because You Referrals Will Stop Renting.

Goal#8 -  Continue To Rent Referrals To 4000 From 2000.
The Main Goal Of This Step Is To Continue Renting Referrals Until You Reach On Renting 4000 Referrals. Then Stop Renting Referrals Because You Can't Rent Anymore. Then You Can Earn 80$ Daily.

Final Step! - Withdraw Your Funds

The Best Time To Withdraw Funds Is When You Are A Golden Member. If You Are Good Person For Waiting, Then You Can Wait Otherwise If You Are Hurry, Then Must Withdraw In Golden Member. But Keep In Mind That The More Referrals. The More Earnings!.

Goal#9 - Withdraw Your Funds.
So, This Is The Final Step You Have To Do Is To Withdraw Your Earned Funds So You Can Enjoy!. I Recommend You To Withdraw With Payza Which Is The Best One.

The Most Important Note
In Order To Receive Money For Your Daily Rented Referrals, You Will Have To See Advertisements Daily In Order To Receive Money From Rented Referrals Otherwise You Will Not Earn A Single Penny!.


Q. How Can I Register To Probux?
Ans/ You Can Sign Up Freely Without Any Problem. Just Create An Account With Your Personal Details.

Q. How Can I Start Earning Money?
Ans. You Can Start Earning Money After You've Creating Account And Viewing Advertisements Daily, Then Renting Referrals And Through Direct Referrals.

Q. How Much I Can Earn?
Ans. You Can Earn As Much As You Want By Renting Referrals. It Can Give Maximum Of $240.00 Daily If You Are A Ultimate Member And You've Rented 4000 Referrals.

Q. How Will I Get Paid?
Ans. The Amount Depends On Your Rented Referrals And Your Days Of Renting. You Will Simply View Advertisements To Receive Money From Your Referrals And The Money Will Be Directly Stored Into "Main Balance", Then You Can Cashout The Minimum $5.00 Easily.

Q. How Can I Cashout Money?
Ans. Nothing Difficult!. Just Select The "Cashout" Option On The Main Screen And Select Your Payment Processor.

Q. When I Will Receive Money?
Ans. Instantly!. After Processing Your Payment Request, You Will Receive Your Payments Instantly Even It Is A Huge Amount!.

Q. What Is PadLock?
Ans. Well, PadLock  Is Located On Every Referral. It Means That If The PadLock Icon (Lock Icon) Is Colored, It Means That Your Referral Will Not Recycle In Case Of Inactivity (Not Making Clickes To Referral). Recycle Means Delete. As You Know That Every Referral Is Recycle In 14 Days (If You Are A Golden Or Standard Member Otherwise In 7 Days) Because Of It's Inactivity (Not Your Account's Inactivity). If You Enabled, It Will Not Automatically Recycled, But You Can Recycle It Manually If You Found That It Is Not Earning Clicks!. But One Thing Remember, That Your Referral Will Not Recycle In Case Of Inactivity, But You Will Gain A Free Referral Replacing From The One Whose Inactivity Is For 14 Days.

Q. What Is Autopay?
Ans. Autopay Is A Way To Extend Your Referrals Automatically. It Means That If You Enabled, Every Click Made On Referral Will Earn Commission Of It, And The Commission Will Go Directly In Your "Main Balance".

Q. What Is AutoRenew?
Ans. AutoRenew Is A Option To Active Your Referral For More Days In Order To Make Non-Stop Money. Remember That Inactivity And AutoRenew Are Two Different Ways. If You Enabled AutoRenew, Then If Your Referral Is Going To Expire, It Will Automatically Renewed For More Than (Selected) Days. You Can Set That How Much Days And Under How Much Days When It Is Going To Expire.
Note That You Must Have Money In Your Rental Balance. If You Don't Have, You Can Simply Click On "Add Funds" And Add Your Main Balance To Rental Balance. If You Don't Have Enough Money, The AutoRenew Will Triggered Again After 24 Hours. But You Can Do One Thing, You Continue To Rent Referrals Without AutoRenewing But You Will Have To Rent Weekly!.


Now, You've Created A Free Account And Have Opportunity To Make Money Freely. It's Free Due To View Advertisements Method. After Creating, You Can Rent As Many Referrals As You Want. You Can Calculate Your Earnings Through "Earnings Calculator" Located In "FAQs" Section Of Probux. You Will Earn Around $40 Daily If Every Referral Gain One Click, $80 If Two Clicks, $120 If Three Clicks, And A Maximum Of $240 If Six Clicks On Every Referral Daily!.

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was The Little Tutorial For You So You Can Make Money Online Easily Without Any Payments. It's Absolutely Free. You Can Also Do This Same Method With Many PTC Sites Which Generally Have The Main "Bux" Name. I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You Make Money Easily. Share This Post With Your Friends So That They Also Start Making Money From This For Free. Also Share On Social Networks To Get More Likes!. Get In Touch With Us For More Articles, Subscribe Us To Receive Straight In Your Inbox!. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Making Money!.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Online From A Blog


As You Know That The Blogger Career Is Very Popular Among The World Which Is Used By Millions Of People. Everyone Is Trying To Earn Good Money From A Blog. But Due To Unsuccessful Blog, They Can't Earn Money, One Who Copies Content Also Can't Make Money. Making Money Online Is The Main Reason Of Every One. But One Thing Remember To Make Good Money From A Blog, You Should Hard Work On It By Improving Your Site Traffic. Those Who Are New In Blogger And Don't Know How To Earn Money From A Blog, Then It Is Essential For Everyone Newbie To Learn The Tutorial Which I Am Going To Describe Below. This Post Is Specially For Them Who Don't Know The Ways Of Earning Money Online. In Order To Earn Money From A Blog, See Below I Have Described About It. Just Go Through It.


Well First, You Have To Apply Some Requirements To Your Blog In Order To Get Money Online. The First Thing Is That Your Traffic Must Be Higher And Also Have Page Rank (Optional). You Will Need Hard Work To Improve Your Blog Traffic Because That Traffic Will Be Converted Into Revenue By Serving Ads On Your Blog. The Second Thing Is That Your Content Must Be Unique, Professional, Original And Fresh To Get Approval From Some Advertising Networks In Order To Start Making Money, Many Audience Also Love To Read Unique Content Which Looks Professional And Beautiful Designed And It Will Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic. The Third Thing Is To Join A Good And Trusted Advertising Network Which Will Help You Make Huge Money And To Store Your Money Until You Need It, Don't Join Local Networks Because They Will Discharge Your Money. I Recommend You To Use Google Adsense, BuySellAds, Yahoo Ads, Publicity Clerks etc.

If You Have All The Requirements Above On Your Blog, Then You Will Not Face Any Problem In Advertising On Your Blog. Now Below Is Some Steps To Earn Money From Different Kinds Of Networks.

1. Paid To Click [PTC] Network

So This Is The First Way To Earn Money That You Can Use PTC (Paid To Click) Networks To Earn Money From A Blog. This Means That You To Pay Money To The Company In Order To Start Displaying Your Ads. This Type Of Network Doesn't Require Any Above Requirements Because You Can Place Your Ads Anywhere You Want It. Now After You Have Been Displayed Your Ads On Your Blog, When Any User Clicks On It, It Will Give You Commision Of It Means That They Will Pay To. So This Is The Main Reason They Have Named Paid To Click Network.

2. Pay Per Click [PPC] Networks

This Is The Second Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Network. This Is Similar To PTC Networks, But In This, You Have To First Get Approval From A Company In Order To Start Displaying Your Ads. This Way Requires The Above Requirements In Order To Display Ads. This Means That You Have To Not Pay To The Company But They Will Come And Approve Your Blog If Your Blog Matches The Requirements. The Most Popular PPC Network Is Google Adsense. If You Get Approval From Adsense, They Will Give You A Live Code To Copy And Paste It On Your Blog Anywhere You Want. Now If You Have Start Displaying Your Adsense Ads, Whenever User Clicks On It, It Also Give You Commision Of It. So That's Why They Are Called Pay Per Click Networks.

3. Affiliate Networks

This Is The Third Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is Affiliate Advertisement Networks Which Is Also Popular In The World, You Can Use Both Ways To Earn Money From A Blog But This Way Need Some Space In Order To Place Your Ad According To Your Custom Size. So In This Way, You Will Need To Join A Network. On That Network, People Use To Buy And Sell Their Ads On Market. First You Will Get Approval From Advertising Network In Order To Be A Publisher. You Will Have To Create Ad Slot Space To Place Your Ads On It With Required Time And Money. Now Whenever Any Person Is Interested To Advertise On Your Site, He Will Simply Pay You In Order To Start Displaying His Ads On Your Blog. So This Is The Best Way To Earn Money Because It Will Give Benefits To Both Advertiser And Publisher. Another Thing That You Can Also Get Ads From The Network. I Recommend You To Use BuySellAds.com Which Is Very Popular Advertising Network Which Is Trusted Site Ever.

4. In Text Advertising

So This Is The Fourth Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is In Text Advertising. In This Method, You Have To Apply For In Text Advertising Networks. The Most Popular Ever Used Network Is InfoLinks Networks. You Will Need To Join Their Company First, Then Paste Code In Your Website Or Blog. But Before Joining The Network, Remember That Your Site Must Contains Sufficient Text Means High Quality Contents. They Will Target Main Keyword Of Text In Your Blog And Convert It Into Infolink Ad Link. Whenever A User Clicks On That Text, They Will Get You Paid.

5. Offer Services

So This Is The Last Method Of Earning Money From A Blog Which Is Offer Services On Your Blog. This Is Also Handsome Way To Revenue From Your Blog. But This Method Is Only Suitable To That Blogs Which Can Do Related Services With Their Blog. If You Know The Knowledge Of Web Designing And Development, Then You Can Create Your Template And Sell It On Markets. By This Method, You Can Earn Good Revenue Through Your Blog But Traffic Is Important For Blog So Try To Make The Demos Of Your Template And Your Work Which Will Help Audience To Preview Your Work.

Final Words!

So Friends, Now It's Your Turn To Make Money By Using Of The Method Or Way Above. I Hope This Post Will Help You Understanding The Basics Of Earning Money From Your Blog. If You Know More About Earning Money, Please Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Any Question Or Problem Facing ? Don't Forget To Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Also Subscribe Us And Get In Touch With Us To Get Hot And Latest Updates. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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