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Friday, 31 January 2014

Tips To Increase Back-Links Of Your Blog


Previously We've Discussed About Tips To Increase Traffic On Newly Made Blog, Making Your Blogger Posts SEO Friendly, Tips To Write Unique And Professional Blog Posts, Now We Are Back With Another Great Tip For You. This Is Also A Lesson Of About SEO Which Is Baclinks Of A Blog. Backlinks Help A Blog To Improve His Backlinks And Traffic. It Also Increases Alexa Ranking. So If You Don't Know What Are Backlinks, We Are Going To Discuss About It. So Let's Begin The Discussion About Backlinks Of Your Blog.

What Are Back-links

Back-Links Are The Incoming Links From Another Website Who Is Interested With Your Post. Or Those Which Are Landed From Other Blog To Your Blog Is Also Called "Back-Links" Means That You Are Getting Backlinks From Other Website By Landing Their Audience To Your Site.

Why To Build?

This Is Very Important Thing Of SEO That You Should Build Your Backlinks That Will Help You Increasing Your Traffic And Page Rank. After Building Your Back-Links, Many Sites Will Be Linked To Your Site Means That Your Will Gain More And More Traffic And Improves Ranking. Alexa Ranking And Google Page Rank Is The Need Of Every Blogger Because This Will Help Your Blog Become Famous On Search Engine.

1# Build Quality And Most Loved Content

Content Is The Main Thing For A Blog. It IIs The One Thing That Improves Your Blog Traffic And Help Increasing Your Backlinks On Your Blog. For This, You Will Need To Publish A Post That Should Be Most Loved (Interestingly) And Unique Content Which Will Impress Your Audience And Take Their Attention. Ask Your Audience What They Want To Give Them, Then Give It. Now If The Post Is Very Lovingly, Your Readers Will Read Carefully, Then They Will Share Your Post, Then Your Backlinks Will Increase Very Fastly. E-Books And Other Resources Are The Best Thing That Your Visitors Likes And Get Shared With Their Friends.

2# Guest Posting

This Is Also A Great Method To Gain Backlinks From Other's Blog That You Should Guest Post On Other Site. You Should Give Them Your Full Bio With Picture And With Your Blog Link. Then Make Lengthy And Loved Content, Now If Someone Likes The Post, At The End He Will See Your Blog Link And Bio. Then He Will Land On Your Post. So This Will Also Increase Your Back-Links. But One Thing Remember That Post Only On The Sites Which Are Very Popular So Your Backlinks Should Increase Very Fastly.

3# Commenting

This Is Another Trick To Improve Your Back-Links That You Can Comment On Other's Blog Along With Your Blog Link So That They Should See That What Your Blog Contains And What The Template You Are Using. This Is Done By Many People Because They Are Interested. You Can Also Comment On Wordpress Blog's Because Wordpress Is Also A Popular Site Which Is Similar To Blogger But Wordpress Is Used By Big Webmasters And Professional. Blogger Can Be Used By Teens. Only Post A Homepage Link On Other's Blog Comments Because They Can See Your Articles On Homepage. Don't Comment Like A Robot, Means That Don't Comment Spam In Comments Otherwise The Blog Owner Will Not Publish Your Post And You Will Also Loose Your Ranking And Can Be Harmed By Google Panda Update. But One Thing Remember That Comment On Only Blogs Which Are Using CommentLuv Or KeywordLuv Commenting System Because This Will Help You Insert Your Blog Link Easily.

4# Social Media Promotion

As You Know That The Social Networks Is Also Used By Many People Like Facebook Is One Of The Most Popular Social Network. So This Is The Good Idea To Take Benefit From It. First Publish Your Content And Then Share On Social Networks To Increase Your Back-Links. This Will Also Help You In Increasing Your Traffic Through Social Networks.

5# Join Forums

So This Is Also A Good Method  To Increase Your Traffic And Back-Links. In This Method, You Have To Join Some Forums Which Must Be Related To Your Blog After Joining The Forum, You Have To Publish Some Question And Threads. After Adding The Sign Of Welcome, Make Sure You Include Your Blog Link So That The People Must Land On Your Blog So This Will Help You Increasing Your Back-Links Through Forum.

Final Words!

So Friends That Was The Tips For Increasing Your Blog's Back-Links And Improving Your Traffic. I Hope This Tip Will Help You A Lot And It Will Also Help In Increasing Alexa Rank And Page Rank. Every Newbie And Blogger Must Try These Tips.  Get In Touch With Us To Receive More Updates. Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox, No Spam. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tips To Increase Traffic On Newly Made Blog


As You Know That Blogging World Is Growing Day By Day And People Are Getting Famous On Internet By Making A Professional Website Which Is Learned By Everyone. Have You Ever Concentrate On Post Images?. If Not Then See It. Well, This Is Good To Have Fun With Readers To Be More Friendly. So Today's Post Is About Increasing Your Traffic On Newly Mad Blog. We Are Going To Discuss Some Secret Tips Which Will Improve Your Blog Traffic Because It Is The Every Need Of Blogger That His Site Must Be One First Position. But For This, Remember To Hard Work, Don't Copy Other's Content. Hard Work Will Bring A Lot Of Traffic From Search Engines And Users. The More Traffic You Get, The More Your Earnings Are Increasing. You Can Build Your Blog Traffic With The Following Tips Below Which I Am Going To Discuss With You. Now Let's Learn About It.

Build Quality And Professional Content

So This Is The Main And Important Thing For Everyone That They Should Build Their Content Which Are Best Quality And Professional Looking To Increase Your Traffic Because If Your Content Will Not Build, Your Blog Is Nothing To Do. You Should Post Atleast One Or Two Posts A Day Regularly Or More Than It. If You Want More Visitors, You Should Post More For Getting High Number Of Visitors. Your Content Must Be Unique And Quality And Should Not Be Copied From Other Websites Otherwise It Will Help Your In Decreasing Your Traffic.

Make Your Blog And Template SEO Friendly

Another Important Thing For A Blog Is It Should Be SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization Friendly). By This Your Blog Will Get Indexed By Search Engine Crawlers And Your Post Will Appear Fast In Search Results On Search Engine. Means That This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic Through Search Engines, The More The Blog SEO Friendly, The More You Will Receive Traffic. To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly, You Have To Make Some Changes With Blog And Yourself. I Think That We Have Discussed These Topics With Detailed. If You Haven't Read These Articles, Then You Should Read These. There Are The Following Two Posts To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly.

After Learning About Content Building And Making Your Blog SEO Friendly, You Should Learn That How To Submit Your Blog's Sitemap  To Search Engines. This Will Help You To Display Your Search Results Faster On Different Search Engines. Your Blog Will Be Indexed By Search Engine Crawlers And After Crawling, Your Posts Will Start Appearing On Search Engines. To Display Your Search Results On Different Search Engines Like Yahoo And Bing, You Will Need To Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines. You Can Also Enable Custom Robots For It To Receive More Traffic From Search Engines. We Have Already Discussed About These Topics With Detail That How We Can Submit Sitemap To Google, Yahoo And Bing. You Can Also Submit It By Reading The Following Articles Below:-
After Submission Of Sitemap To Google, Yahoo And Bing And Making Your Blog SEO Friendly, Now It's Time To Accept Guest Posting On Your Popular Blog To Increase Your Blog Posts And To Update It Regularly. Before Submitting Guest Post, You Should Check Whether It Requires The Requirements Of Yours, And It Should Also Contains It's Blog Link And Author Bio, This Will Help The Submitter To Increase His Back-Links By Landing Your Audience On His Blog. If You Are Publishing A Guest Post, Also Check That You Are Writing Your Posts Similar To His Blog Niche. Also Send Them Your Picture With Bio. This Will Help You Increasing Your Backlinks And Page Rank And You Will Also Get More Traffic From His Blog.

Commenting On Blog

So This Is Also A Good Tip For Everyone That You Should Also Comment On Other's Blog. You Should Comment On Other's Blog And Should Paste The Link Of Your Blog So That The Audience Of His/Her Blog Should Also See Your Blog Link. This Will Help You Increasing Your Blog Traffic And Also Help In Increasing Your Back-Links. But Make Sure That The Blog Which You Are Going Comment Should Have CommentLuv System Because This Will Help You Give Your Blog Link.

Sharing Posts On Social Networks

This Is The Common Thing Done By Many Blogger That They Share Their Posts On Social Networks. If You Don't Know That Is This, Let Me Tell You. Firstly You Have To Join A Social Networking Site Like Google+, Facebook, Twitter Or Any Other. On That Site, You Must Have Good Readers, Likers And Followers Because This Will Help Your Friends To Read Your Article On Your Website. So You Have To Publish A Post On Your Blog, Then Share It On Facebook Because Facebook Is The Most Used Social Network In The World, Also Share This On Google+ And Twitter. You Can Also Enable Automatic Share On Google+ System In Your Blogger. This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic From Social Networks.

Advertise Your Blog

So This Will Also Help Improving Your Blog Traffic Rapidly By Advertising Your Blog On Social Networks And On Other Websites. You Will Need Some Bucks.  You Can Also Advertise Your Blog Through Google Adwords. You Can Also Advertise On Other's Website As A Advertise Because You Will Upload Custom Banner, So Upload Your Site Banner With Description On It. I Recommend You To Use Google Adwords Because It Will Show Your Ads On Different Sites And Search Engines, You Will Get A Lot Of Traffic.

Offer Giveways On Your Blog

This Is Also A Great Tip For A Blogger And Is Loved By Everyone. The Thing Is To Offer Giveways On Your Blog. This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic And Getting More Likes And Tweets On Social Networks. In This Method, You Have To Offer Giveways And You Can Offer Anything In It, The More Expensive Thing You Offer, The More People With Participate In Your Offer. This Will Increase Your Facebook Likes And Visitors. I Recommend You To Use Punchtab Giveways Because It Is The Most Beautiful Design Which Will Allow To Make Entries. It Means That You Are Saying That Like And Follow And Tweet And Much More To Gain Points. The One Who Will Be Having More Entries, Will Be The Winner And You Can Do Personal Talk With Him And Give Him The Thing That You Have Offer.

Your Turn!

Good, After Reading The Above Article, I Think You've Got All The Points And Tips Of Increasing Your Traffic On Newly Made Blog. Now You Should Try It On Your Blog. I Hope That This Will Help You Increasing Your Blog Traffic Extremely Highly By Applying All Of The Above Tips. If You Have More Tips To Share With Us, Then Don't Forget It. Share This Post On Social Networks, Friends And Blogger Fellows. Get In Touch With Us For More Hot Updates Also Subscribe Us To Receive All Of The Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tips To Write Unique And Professional Blog Posts


Blogger Is A Best Platform For Providing Useful Content Tutorials And Contents To Blog Readers. A Good Blog Is That Which Provides Attractive And More Useful Contents For Audience. But This Is Difficult For Newbies To Understand And Write. A Beginner Should Learn First Some Skills To Read And Write Then Start His Journey To Blogging World. He Must Have Some Skills Of Writing Unique And Professional For Their Blog Posts. So Today, We Are Going To Discuss Some Tips For Newbies To Write Unique And Professional Content For Their Blog Posts. This Is Important For Every Blogger To Write Unique, Professional Or Fresh Content For Their Blog To Improve Their Blog Traffic Because Google Loves The Content Which Is Most Unique And Can Give You A Chance Of Page Rank. Unique And Fresh Content Will Always Bring You Benefits Of Traffic. So Now We Are Going To Discuss About This.

What Do You Want To Do?

Whenever You Think Of A Topic, You First Go To Google Or Other Websites And See Their Topics And Learn Them, Then You Write In Your Words By Using Your Own Mind. This Practice Can Affect  The Originality Of Your Content As A Person Mind Would Be Pre-Occupied With Other Peoples Work. So Whatever Comes In Your Mind Or Whatever Topic Comes In Your Mind, Just Search It For A Lot On Google And Other Websites, Then Try To Write It In Own Words. The Content Should Also Be Lengthy, If You Don't Know About The Topic So Much, Just Keep Searching Long For That And If You Have Learned All Of The Things, Then Show It. You Can Also Post Randomly, What Comes In Your Mind First, Just Write It.

Searching For Topic

When Your Topic Is Ready In Your Mind, Then The Second Thing Is To Find The Authentic Information About That Post On Google, Wikipedia And Other Blog Resources Websites. If You Are Writing On Any Topic Blogger, Games, Softwares Or Any Product, You Must See All Of The Information About That, Then You Will Automatically Be Writing Your Words By Your Mind. Also Try To Get Information From Official Websites Which Is Also Good. So First Let Your Mind To Select A Topic, Then Search About Your Topic, Then Write It With Some Skills.

Make Three Portions Of Article

So After Letting All Of The Tips Above And Searching For A Topic, You Must Make Your Three Portions Of You Posts. Now Let Me Tell You Which Portions You Have To Make On Which Time.

Introduction Portion

So This Is The First Part Or Portion Of Your Blog In Which You Will Introduce Your Topic. You Can Add A Short Paragraph For Introducing. You Should Write On The Right Side Of Your Image, Which Will Help The Audience To Know That What Topic Are You Going To Discuss.

Main Portion

In This Portion, You Will Describe Or Explain About Your Topic Which You Have Selected. So This Is The Main Thing Of Your Posts Which The Readers Will Mostly Read. So Try To Make It Lengthy And Professional Looking So Your Visitors Must Love It. You Can Make Headings, In The Headings So Can Make A Paragraph On A Heading And Describe It To Make Your Post More Unique And Professional.

Last Portion

So In This Portion, You Will End Your Portion By Giving A Few Words Of Congratulations Or Happiness And This Will Help Your Visitors To Know About Your Post What You Have. You Can Also Ask Your Readers To Subscribe Us Or Share This Post On Social Networks In The End. If They Love The Post, You Have Chances To Share Your Post Because This Will Increase Your Visitors.

Making Three Portions Of Your Blog Posts Will Help Your Post To Look More Unique And Professional.

Write Most Information

This Is The Most Problem With The Newbies Because They Write The Words Again And Again Or Just 50 Words Paragraph Which Will Decrease Your Traffic From Google. I Strongly Recommend You To Write The Most Information About Your Traffic, Don't Repeat The Words Again And Again In This Post. Then You Will Get More Readers Or Audience, But One Thing Is Important To Impress  Your Blog Readers So They Love Your Content, So Also Try It To Make It Look Lengthy And Unique Then You Will Be Successful!.

Improve Your Writing Skills

As A Writer, You Should Concentrate On Your Writing Skills,  You Must Have Good Skills To Write Which Will Help Your Make Your Post More SEO Friendly. Read Successful Writers And Use Their Techniques They Used. So This Is The Main Thing Which Is Made By Newbies That They Mistake In Writing Because Their English Is Not So Good. So Try To Find The Meaning Of More Words On Google, If You Are A Pakistani, Then You Should Find Meanings In Urdu So You Can Understand Easily. Ask Your Friends To Give Their Honest Option To You And Try To Overcome Your Weak Points.

Use Good Vocabulary

It Is Important For The Blogger That He Most Used The Simple And Understanding Words In Their Content Which Will Help People To Write The Content Easily. Words Are The Most Important Element Of The Blog. So Use Good Vocabulary To Increase Your Traffic From Google Because Google Always Like The Content Which Uses Good Words And English And Full Paragraphs.

Increase Resources

Try To Increase To Resources That Can Help To Produce Original And Fresh Content. If A Person Who Is Writing About Softwares Or Other About Engineer, He Must Write The Latest And Fresh Content With Full Detail And Explanation. If He Is Writing About Blogger Resource, He Must Write About Wordpress Which Will Increase Your Resources And You Will Get More Traffic From Visitors Because You Are Writing About Two Resources. You Can Always Take New Courses To Add Up In Your Knowledge And Can Show Off People About What You Know And As A Result, Improves The Quality Of Your Work.

Final Words!

So Friends, Now It's Your Turn To Apply The All Of The Above Tips While You Are Writing The Blog Posts Because This Will Help You A Lot To Gain More Traffic From Search Engines. I Hope You Have Understand All Of The Above Tips Easily . If You Have Some More Tips About This Topic, You Can Send Us By Guest At Our Site. If Are Facing Problem With This Post, Please Ask In Comments, Also Give Your Feedback. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Subscribe Us Now To Get Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox. Keep In Touch With Us For More Tips!. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How To Submit Your Blogger Sitemap To Google?


We Have Discussed About How To Add Meta Description In Blogger, Enabling Custom Robots In Blogger, Now We Are Back With Another Tutorial Of SEO In Which We Will Describe About Sitemap. This Is The Important Part Of SEO As It Increases Your Traffic From Robots. You Must Be Thinking How It Is Important? Just Read This Post And You Will Get It That Was Is It. But First, Let Me Tell You About Sitemap And How It Works. Read The Below Paragraph To Know What It Is, Otherwise Leave It And Go To Submission Section.

What Is Sitemap?

Have You Ever Think About Sitemap? The Sitemap Is The Complete Map Of Your Blog That What Your Blog Contains Information Or What Kind Of Information Contains In It. It Contains All Of Your Posts And Pages Which Are Displayed On One Page. It Is Used For Better Navigation And Also For Submitting It To Search Engine For Crawling Or Indexing Whole Blog In Search Engines.

How Sitemap Works?

Submitting Sitemap To Google Is Essential And Good For Your Own Improvement. First Create You Blog And SEO Optimize It And Write Atleast 15 to 20 Articles. Then Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines. When You Have Submitted Your Sitemap To Google, Means That You Have Submitted Your Application To Them For Crawling The Whole Blog. Now They Will Come And Completely Crawl Your Whole Blog. When It Indexes Your Sitemap, Now When Someone Will Search Any Keyword In Google After That If That Keyword Matches Then Your Post May Come In Search Results Faster And On Position. It Means That After Crawling Your Sitemap, The Posts Will Appear Your Posts On Search Results On Search Engines Faster. It Is Not So Important But It Is Good For Traffic?. So Let's Start The Tutorial For Submitting Sitemap To Google.

Submit Your Sitemap To Google

So, This Tutorial Is Long And Contains Two Main Important, So Don't Make Mistake Because First They Will Verify Your Blog In Google Webmasters Tools And Then You Will Submit Your Sitemap. So Let's Get Started.

Verify Your Blog On Google Webmasters

In Order To Verify Your Blog, Follow The Following Steps Below:-
  • Go To Google Webmasters Tools.
  • Click On Add A Site (If You Don't Have).
  • After Adding, Click On Manage Site >> Add Or Remove Users.
  • Now After Clicking, Click On Manage Site Owners And Go To Verify Using Different Method.

  • Now Tick Mark On HTML Tag.
  • Now You Will Get A Meta Code Asking You To Verify 

  • Copy That Code In Notepad And Save It.
  • Now Open A New Window In Browser {Note: Don't Close Webmasters Tools Tab}
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search For <head> And Below <head>, Paste The Copied Code In The Notepad.
  • Save Your Template.
  • Click On Verify Bottom At The Lower-Left Corner Of Your Browser.
  • After Clicking Verify, You Will See The Congratulations Message That You Have Successfully Verified Your Blog On Google Webmasters Tools. Now Time To Submit Your Sitemap, Let's Move To Next Step.

Submitting Sitemap

  • Go To Google Webmasters Tools.
  • Go To Your Blog's Dashboard

  • Now Click On "Crawl" Section On The Left Sidebar And Go To "Sitemaps".
  • Then Click On "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" On The Top-Right Of Your Browser.

  • Now A Box Will Appear Asking You To Write The Code For Adding Sitemap.

  • Copy The Following Code And Paste It In Box And Then Press "Submit Sitemap" Button.


  • Note : The Above Code Is For 1 to 500 Posts, But If You Have More Than If, Then Copy The Two Lines Below And Paste It On Text Box And Add It Twice:-


  • Now Finally And Last Click On "Submit Sitemap" Button.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. You Have Successfully Submitted To Google. Now You Have To Just Wait For A Week For Completing The Indexation.

Final Words!

So Friends, This Was The Tutorial For You That How To Submit Your Sitemap To Google. Now You Have Successfully Submitted Your Blog's Sitemap To Google, Now After Indexing Your Blog, Your Post Will Start Appearing In Search Results Fastly. Remember That Google Shows The Post One Positions Which Are Quality And Unique, So Try To Make Your Post Unique And Quality And Also Lengthy To Get More Traffic From Google. In Our Next Post, We Will Learn How To Submit Your Sitemap To Yahoo And Bing Search Engines. So Keep Visiting Us For More Updates. You Can Also Subscribe Us Now To Get Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox. No Spam, We Promise. If You Are Facing Problem With This Tutorial, Don't Forget To Ask In Comments. Share This Post With Your Blogger Fellows And Friends. Like And Share On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care You And Your Family. Cheers!.

Monday, 20 January 2014

How To Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Google+?


As You Know That Blogger Platform Is Growing Day By Day Which Is Owned By Google, Google Is Improving Many New Features. As You Know That Google Had Now Made Google+ Which Is Similiar To Facebook, There is Also Good News For You All  Who Uses Blogger Platform That Google Has Recently Introduced A New Update By Which A User Can Easily Share There Post On His Google+ Profile. Sharing Posts On Google+ Have Also Many Advantages. People Can Reach Your Blog More Easily, Improves Your Traffic And Much More. The Second Thing Is That If You Have Many Fans On Gooel+, Then They Can Get Updates From Your Profile Of Google+ That What You Are Sharing. The Third Thing Is That Google+ Brings More Power To Your Google Authorship Which Means That Your Profile Photo Appears In Your Google Search Results And In Also Search Rankings.

Before This Feature, There Was Option (Also Now) Available That When You Create A New Blog, It Tells You At First Before Posting That Google+ Sharing Posts Is Enabled And Most Of The People Disabled It Because They Are Annoyed. I Do Not Think That To Disable Before You Are Missing A Good Chance To Improve Your Traffic. Now In This Tutorial, I Will Tell You How To Re-enable Or Enable It For Those, Who Do Not Know How To Enable Google+ Sharing. So Let's Get Started With Simple Steps Below.

How To Enable Google+ Sharing Posts In Blogger?

There Is Nothing Difficult In Enabling Because You Just Have To Select One Thing That Can Be Easily Done In 5 Minutes Or Less.
First, You Will Need To Connect To Your Google+ Profile To Your Blogger Account. Just Update Your Google+ Profile. The Screenshot Is Below For You If You Didn't Understand.

Click On Revert To Google+ So Convert Your Blogger Account To Google+ Account (Connection With Google+). Now Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Google+ And There You Will See A Option "Automatically Share After Posting" Just  Tick It. If You Didn't Understand, See The Screenshot Below:-

Congratulations! Buddy, You Have Successfully Enabled Auto Publish Post On Google+ In Blogger. Now When You Post In Blogger, See Your Google+ Profile, The Post Will Be Publish On There. Just Publish It Now For Testing!. The Second Option "Prompt To Share After Posting" Will Ask You To Either Share It Or Not, So The First Option Is Best Than The First As It Saves The Time.

Final Words!

 So Friends, That Was The Simple And Short Tutorial For You To Enable Automatic Sharing Posts On Google+. I Hope You Will Get A Alot Of Help In This Tutorial. If You Didn't Understand At All, You Can Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. I Think That Enabling This Option Gives You A Lot Of Benefits. Keep Visiting Us For More Latest Updates From Us, You Can Also Subscribe Us To Receive Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Please Share This Post With Your Blogger Fellows And Friends And On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

How To Add Custom Robots File In Blogger?


Previously, We Discussed About How To Add Meta Description, Now We Are Back With Another Great Tutorial For Search Prefrences Section. Today I Am Going To Tell You About Robots Of Search Engines Who Crawls Your Page And Index Your Blog, It Also Improves Traffic Highly. Robots.txt File Is Used By Many Bloggers But In Past Old Blogger Interface, We Were Unable To Find That Option Of Robots.txt To Enable, But Now It Is Available In Search Prefrences Section. Who Did Not Know What Is Robors.txt, In This Tutorial, We Will Learn About Robots.txt And Will Enable. So Lets Get Started!.

What Is Robots.txt File

This Is A Simple File Which The Website Owner Writes Commands For The Search Engine's Crawler. It Tells The Robots To Crawl The Index Of The Command Given. That Commands Are Written In Different Codes Which Is Only For Search Engine's Crawler. You Can See Your Robots.txt File Just By Following The Below URL:-


Which Areas Should You Disallow To Crawl?

So, This Question May Come In Your Mind That Which Areas Should You Disallow For Robots To No Crawl. You Can Disallow Any Area You Want For That, Your Blog Will More Search Engine Friendly And That Areas Are Search Results Pages, Archive Pages etc. Now Below, I'am Going To Tell You How To Enable Robots.txt And Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly. Just Follow The Instructions Below:-

Enabling The Robots.txt File

So, The Process Of Enabling Is Very Easy, You Have To Just Copy A Simple Code And Paste It.Be Careful When Copying And Pasting Because If You Missed 1 Letter, The Whole Code Will Not Work. Follow The Instructions Below:-
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Search Prefrences.
  • Look At The "Crawlers And Indexing" Section.
  • Click On Edit On "Custom Robots.txt".
  • Now Click On Yes.
  • Now A Box Will Appear Asking You To Write The Code.
  • Than Copy The Code Below And Paste It In The Box-

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /
Sitemap: http://www.yourdomain.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

  • Important Note! : The Frist Line "User-agent: Mediapartners-Google" Is Used For Google Adsense Enabled Blogs. So If You Don't Have Google Adsense, Then Remove It Otherwise It Will Not Work.
  • Click On "Save Changes".
  • Done!.

Now After Adding The Code, You Must Learn That For What Reason The Each Line Of Code Is.


  • User-agent: Mediapartners-Google : In This Command, You Are Telling The Adsense Robot To Crawl All Pages Which Are Including Or Displaying Adsense Ads.
  • User-agent: * : In This Command, You Are Calling The Robots Of Different Search Engines Example Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Disallow: /search?q=* : This Line Tells The Crawlers To Not To Crawl The Search Pages.
  • Disallow: /*?updated-max=* : This Line Disallows The Search Engine's Crawler To Not Crawl Label Or Navigation Pages.
  • Allow: / : This Line Allows To Crawl Or Index The Homepage Of  Your Blog.
  • Sitemap : This Line Tells The Search Engine's Crawler To Crawl The Every New Or Updated Post. Replace "yourdomain" With Your Domain Name.
Now I Think You've Go It!

How Can I Add Commands To The Code?

In This Part, I Will Tell You How Can You Add A Command For Disallowing Any Web Page, So If You Are Interested Adding Your Own Command, You Can Add It By Just Few Simple Steps. Here Is An Example For Disallowing Any Page Disallow: /p/sitemap.html. So, First You Need To Replace "/p/sitemap.html" Which Is The Other Part Of Domain Name With Another. It Means You Just Need To Exclude The Main Domain And Just Type Remain Part Of The Page. If You Still Not Got What To Do, Ask In Comments Freely

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was Our Robots.txt File Integration For Search Engine Crawlers. We Will Try To Give Each And Every Post With Great Tutorials Of SEO With Explanation So You Can Understand Easily. So Keep Visiting Us For More Tutorials. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks And Also Give Your Feedback. I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You Improve Your Traffic On Your Blog.  If You Can't Understand This Tutorial, Ask In Comments Becaus Comments Are Always Appreciated. Take A Lot Of Care Of Your Family And You And Happy Blogging!.

Friday, 17 January 2014

How To Make Your Blogger Template SEO Friendly?


Blogger Is A Flexible Platform Which Is Used By Millions Of People Daily And Created Many Blogs. It Is Also A Popular CMS. The Best Thing Is That It Is Owned By Google And It Allows To Control Your Blog. It Helps The Webmasters To Engage Their Blog With Google. We Can Create Blog And The Second Thing Is To Choose A Perfect Template For You. But After Applying A Template, It Is Also Important To Make It SEO Friendly So That The Search Engines Finds Your Blog Easily And At Top Position. All Of The Templates Are Not SEO Optimized So Have To Manually Make It. So If You Are Using A Template And You Haven't Optimized It, Then In This Tutorial, I Will Tell You How To Make Blogger  Template SEO Friendly By Using Few Simple Steps. So Let's Get Started.


In Order To Optimize Your Template, You Need To Do Some Changes To Your Template In Different Parts. So Have To Simple Copy And Paste The Codes. So, Here We Are Going To Discuss. Warning! If Any Coding Is Pasted Wrong, It Will Not Optimize. So Read It Carefully Along With Simple Steps.

Display Post First In Search Results

After Seeing The Above Image, You've The Point. The Reason Your Post Title First In Search Results, Is To Improve Your Traffic. People Always See From First Post Till Last. And If Your Post Will Be On First Position, Then People Will Visit Your Blog And Your Traffic Will Increase. He/She Will Read The Letters if It Is Matched, Then He Will Click On That If It Is Matched Results Of That Letters Otherwise He/She Will Leave And Find Another. In Order To Start Displaying Your Each And Every Post First In Search Results, Follow The Simple Steps Below:-


  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Backup/Restore And Backup Your Template.
  • Now Click On Edit HTML.
  • Find The Following Code:-

  • Replace The Above Code With The Following Code:- 
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

  • Save Your Template.
  • Now You Are Done.
  • Let's Move To Next Step.

Adding Meta Description And Keyword Tags

So This Is The Second Part Of This Tutorial In Which We Will Add Meta Descriptioon And Keyword Tags. The Description Tag Will Allow The Search Engine To Search The Description And Display Post Title According To Description. The Keyword Tags Is Also Important Because It Will See The Keyword Tags And Can Display The Search Results By Also Seeing Keyword Tags. You Can Add As Many Keyword Tags As You Want For Example Tutorials Blogging Tricks etc. Note! Write It With Space Not Comma. In Order To Apply Meta Description And Keyword Tags In Blogger, Follow The Simple Steps Below:-


  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find For <head> Tag.
  • Once Find It, Paste The Following Code Just Below <head> Tag.
<meta content='WRITE YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>    <meta content='YOUR KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>

  • Replace 'WRITE YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE' With Your Blog Description.
  • Replace 'YOUR KEYWORDS HERE' With Your Keywords.
  • Add The Maximum Of 150 Characters To Meta Description.
  • Finally Save Your Template!.
  • Congratulations!. You Have Successfully Optimized Your Template.
  • Now Let's Move To Final Step.

Optimize Post Title

This Is Said By Many Webmasters And Professional That We Should Use H2 Tags In Our Post Title For Bettter SEO. By Default, There Is H3 Or H1 Tag In Blogger Template Used For Post Title But In This, We Will Use H2 Tags So It Will Be Better Than That. Just Follow The Steps Below To Optimize:-


  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search For The Following Code:-
<b:if cond='data:post.title'>

  • You Will See Something Like This:-

  • You Can See The h3 Tags  In The Above Image On The Second Line Of Selection. Then There Is Another h3 Like This </h3>. Now Replace The Two h3's Tags With H2 Tags. After Replacing Your Should Look Something Like This:-

  • After Optimizing, Finally Save The Template.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You Have Successfully Optimized Your Template And Completed This Tutorial!.

Final Words!

So Friends That Was The Tutorial For Make Yout Blogger Template SEO Friendly. I Hope This Tutorial Helps You A Lot Because It Is Described With Images. If You Still Can't Understand Where To Paste The Code Or Any Another Problem, Feel Free To Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Keep Visiting Us For More Tutorials And Tricks. Happy Blogging!.

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