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Friday, 14 March 2014

How To Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog?


These Days Or Now A Days, Copying Content Has Been Very Popular Among The World Wide Web. This Is Because The Thieves Are Increasing In Number To Copy Other's Content. Technology Is Trying Various Tools To Catch The Thieves Red Handed But Some Of Them Are Very Smart And Get Out Of Hand. As You Know, We Have Started A Content Copying Series And Previously I Think We've Discussed About How To Protect Your Content Against Stealers And Why You Should Avoid Copying Other's Content, Now In This Article, I Will Tell You Some Tips To Catch The Thieves Of Your Blog And Getting Rid Of Them. This Thing Is Essential For Every Blogger To Find Thieves Every Week In Order To Get Rid Of Them. We Should Check That The Content Is Copied Or Not Because It Decreases Your Contet (The Owner Of Content) Because Alexa Confuse That Who Has Published The Content (Real Owner Of The Content). You Can Caught Thieves With Some Tools And Well As Manually. Before Starting, Have A Look On Our Series.
Content Copying And Protection Series
Part 3 : How To Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog? - (Current)

Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog

This Is The Part Of This Article, In This We Will Find The Content Thieves With The Help Of Some Tools And Catching It Manually And Requesting Them That Not To Copy Our Content. With The Help Of This, You Can Easily Get Rid From The Copiers. Below I've Listed All Of The Tools And Tips:-

1. Copyscape

CopyScape Is The Most Popular Thieves Checker Tool (Plagiarism Checker Tool) And Is Very Easy To Use. It Finds Top 10 Copies Of The Web Page Or Content Of A Web Page.  To Find The Content Thief, Just Write The URL Of The Blog (Don't Write Your's), Now It Will Take 2-5 Seconds To Load The Result. Then Check The Page Copies Of Your Content. It Will Display Some Links Of The Blog Which Have Copied Content. If You Click On The Link, It Will Open The Site Which Has Copied The Content, Then You Can See That You Have Copied The Content. The Matched Keywords Will Be Highlighted. So Now You've Got The Copycat Of The Stealer.

2. Dupli Checker

This Is Another Great Tool For Checking Plagiarism (Copies Of Content). This Tool Help You To Find The Text Copied. It Means That You Don't Have To Write The URL Of The Blog, But Here You Have To Write The Whole Text Of Your Post, Which Means You All Select All (Copy All) And Paste It There In The Box, Then If Any Of The Web Page Matches The Keywords, It Will Display The URL Of The Copied Content. You Can Also Upload .doc Or .txt File, There You Have To Write The Text In Notepad And Save It And Upload It To Dupli Checker To Check The Text Copies. The Best Thing Of The Tool Is That It Checks Each And Every Line Copied.

3. PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter Is One Of The Greatest And Even Great Tool For Checking The Page Copies. I Suggest You To Use This One Tool Because I Also Use This Tool To Check Plagiarism. It Is Very Sharp In Finding The Content Copies, If You Write Your Own Blog URL, It Will It Will Display One Of The Text Matched, Even If You Write My Blog URL, It Will Find That URL Also Because It Is The Best. You Can Only Check 10 URLs A Day. It Also Has Many More Great Features Like Checking More Than 1 URL At Time But It Is Premium. Simply There, You Will Have To Write The URL Of The Blog Which You Have To Find The Copies, Then Click  On "Find Page Copies", Now Wait For A While, It Will Display Results, With The Percent Of Matched Results And Sources From Where It Matches The Content. Click On Any One Of The Matched Source And See The Post, See The Whole And If One Of The Word Matches, It Will Highlight That Word With Pink Color. It Also Display The Total Number Of Words Matched From The Source.

4. More Tools For Checking Content Copies

There Are A Lot Of Online Tools To Check The Page Copies Of Your Content. I Listed Only Three Of The Tools Because They Are The Most Popular Tools For Checking Plagiarism. If You Want To Check With Another Tool, I've Made A Short Book For You Where There Are 20 Tools For Checking  The Plagiarism. Click On The Button Below To Download The File.
{Note : The File Is "PDF" Format, So You Should Use Adobe Reader To Open, But If You Have Windows 8.1, You Can Open It With The Reader App Included In Windows, Otherwise Download Adobe Reader}.
Yes, A Great Way To Find, As It Really Works!. You Can Also Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog Through Webmasters Tools. When A Thief Copy Theh Whole Text And Paste It In His Site, He/She Does Not Care About It's Internal Linking, That Thing Can Get Him Caught Red Handed.  Now There Is A Great Tool In Webmasters To Check The Linking To Your Site. Simply We Can Access Or See That Site With The Help Of That Simple Tool.  It Will Tell Us That Which Page Has Been Linked To You From. To Do This, Do The Following Steps:-

  • Go To Webmasters Tools >> Site Dashboard >> Look At Left Sidebar >> Search Traffic >> Links To Your Site.
  • Here All Of The Domains Are Available Who Have Linked To Your Site.
  • See That One Domain, Which Has The Highest Links To Your Site.
So, This Is Also A Very Useful Method To Catch The Thief Through Webmaster Tools.

6. Catch Thieves Manually

There Is Also A Method To Catch The Thief Manually By Searching Your Topic On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You Can Do It Simply, By Searching Your Post Title, Then See That If Any Of The Topic Is Same, Then Land On That Post, Then See That The Post Should Conatin Different Description But If It Is Same Like Yours, You've Just Catch Your Content Thief Manually And Very Easily. But In This Case, You Will Need A Lot Of Time Because You Have To Check Each And Every Post Manually. Another Thing Is That Copier Also Copy Your Images, So You Can Also Find Through Image Matching Easily. I Suggest You To Add The Watermark In Your Images To Protect Your Credits. So This Method Is Also Great.

Getting Rid From Content Thieves

As I Described Above That There Are Two Portion Of This Post, The First Are The Affective Tips For You Which I Hope Will Very Helpful To You In Finding Thieves, And The Second Is That How To Get Rid From Thieves. So This Is The Second Portion Of This Article, We Will Learn How To Get Rid Of Thieves. So Here Is The Tips You Can Do Honestly.

1. Send Application To Content Scrapers To Remove Your Content

This Is The First Tip Of Getting Rid That You Should Send An Application On Email Regarding Them To Remove Your Content Otherwise It Will Be Harmful For You. So You Can Send An Application. If You Can't Find Email Address Of The Thief, Just Go To His Site About Me Or Us Page And There Will Be Written. Otherwise Comment On The Site In The Post. Here Is The Short Message Which I've Prepared For You.

I Know You Are "Thief Name" From "Thief's Blog". I Just Found You That You Have Loved My Article And Enjoyed Reading And I Am Really Happy To Hear Such News. Unfortunately, I Have Heared A Bad News Also That You've Copied Some Of My Posts From My Blog. Which I Hate Really.

I Just Want To Notify You That Copying Or Stealing Other's Copying In Illegal In Law And Google DMCA And It Can Get Your Blog In Great Damage. So, I Request You To Pause This Copying Work Instead Making Your Own Content.

The Content Which You Have Copied From My Site, I Want To Tell You That Is Copyrighted To Me, And I Have Full Permission To Do Anything With It, Even To Copy. But You Don't Have Any Permission. I Can Easily Get You In Damage If You Don't Stop This Illegal Work But I Don't Want Because You Are One Of My Blog Reader.

My Suggestion Is To Delete All Of  The Copied Content From My Site, And Try To Build Own Content, No Matter If You Create A Short Content, At Least Try And Do It, You Will Get More Traffic Even For A  Short Post Instead Of Big Post Copied. If You Don't Like To Remove My Content, Then I Will Need To Take Action With You  Through DMCA.
I Wish You To Become Successful In Blogging!.

Thank You.

Your Name
Replace All Of The Bold Letters (Only Three) With Your Text. Now Send This Application To His/Her Email Address. Now It's Thief's Choice To Remove The Content Because We Have Talk With Him Respectively, But If He/She Not Do This, Then, It's Time To Take An Action (Tutorial Soon)

2. Complain The Hosting Provider Of Your Content Thief's Site

This Is Another A Little Trick To Complain Report And Block The Roads Of Your Copycat So He Can't Touch Your Post. If You Content Thief Has Custom Domain Name, Then You Can Complain The Hosting Provider Of Your Thief, Which Means That You Will Report To Hosting Provider From Where He/She Had Purchased The Domain Name. This Is Because DMCA Has Some Rules Of Buying Custom Domain Which You've To Read And Accept Otherwise You Will Get Damaged. You Will Complain To Their Hosting Company To Take Action From This Domain Because He/She Had Re-Published The Content. Before Complaining To His/Her Hosting Company, You Will Have To Find Out That Where The Domain Has Been Hosted. You Can Ask Him/Her By Talking Him Through Email-Address Of His/Her, But If You Didn't Get Reply, I Have A Simple Tool From Where You Can Get Full Information, Godaddy Who is. It Is A Simple Tool To Get Full Info Of The Register Site Of Copycat's Domain. This Will Not Show Only Of Godaddy, But All Of The Domain Registering Website. Simply Write The Address Of The Copycat's Site Which You've To Find The Hosted Domain Site And Then Press Enter (Note : You Can Select ".net" Or ".com" Domain Option Located On The Right Side On The Box Of Domain Name Address, Now You Will Be Asked To Confirm Captcha, Just Write The Captcha And Verify That You Are Not A Robot Or Spammer. Now After A Few Moments, You Will Get Full Info About His/Her Domain And Full Bio Of Here Including Home Address And Street etc. Now There, You Will See "Registrar URL", And After The Option, There Will Be A Link Of The Hosted Domain Name Site. Now, Simply Go To Their Site, Go To Support Or Help Page And Send An Email Regarding The Complain Of Copyrighted Material With Full Description And The Link Of Owner And Copycat Both Links. Explain With Respectfully So That They Understand That You Are Not Spammer And Not Sending Spam, But You Are Complaining. Then After Few Days, Wait For Their Reply And See The Result. If They Didn't Accept, Then Try To Send Again With Asking Them To Accept Your Application Of Kindness.

3. Report To DMCA

As I Have Mentioned The Above Tips And I Hope That It Will Work Fine And Successfully But If, Still Not, Then You've To Complain The Report To DMCA. In The Complain, You've To Describe Your Work And Give Some Proofs To Verify That It Is Your Work.  You Will Also Need To Send An Link Which Have Copied Your Content (Link Of Thief's Site). They May Be Ask You For Your Signature (Not With Hand). After Describing Your All Feelings, You Will Send The Report To DMCA And Then They Will Receive That Report. Now You Have To Wait For 2 Or More Weeks For The Response.  If They Agree That You Are The Real Owner Of The Content, Then They Will Take An Action With The Thief In A Short Time. Now, After This Part Of The Series, We Will Come To Last Part Of Our Series Which Will Is Reporting Complain To Google DMCA Which We Are Describing Now. Remember That DMCA And Google DMCA Are Two Different Products.

Last Words!

So Guys, That Was All About Finding Thieves Online Of Your Blog And Getting Rid From Them In Order To Be Success Your Blog More Surely.  I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Little To Know How To Do All. If You Know More Tips, Please Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And Try To Explain Them These Tips If They Are Also One Of Them. Also Share On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us And Subscribe To Get Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Don't Forget To Give Your Good And Understanding Feedback. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

How To Protect Your Blogger Blog Against Stealers?


These Days, Copying Other's Content Is Increeasing Rapidly Because Of The Hackers Who Don't Care What They Are Doing. Also Now A Days, As You Know Thieves Are Increasing, You Can Take The Example Of Pakistan, How Many Days There Are Strikes On The Biggest City. The Same Is Like The Newbies Who Are New To Blogging World And Does Not Know What They Are Doing This Illegal Work Which Can Be Harmful To Them. If You Are Also One Of Them Stealers, I Suggest You To Don't Copy Other's Work, It Is Just Like School Exams We Cheat Each Other Especially In Board Exams. Will You Feel Better If Someone Cheats You?. Previously In Series, We've Discussed That Why Should We Avoid Copying Other's Content. By Continuing Our Series, It's The Second Part Of The Series Which Will Also Help You If Someone Is Stealing Your Content. Being The Famous Blogger On Web, Many Newbies Are Jealous Of You Because They Think That I Am Receiving Only Few Traffic, But Don't Think Like This, Do Your Own Work, Then You Will Also Be One Of The Famous. Before Starting This Article, Have A Review Of Our Created Series Previously.

Content Copying And Protection Series
Part 2 : How To Protect Your Blog Against Stealers? - (Current)

Why To Protect Your Content

This Question Always Comes In Famous Blogger's Mind That Why He Should Protect His Content. This Is Very Important In Case Your Content Would Be Stealed Which Is Not Good For You, Some People Believe That This Person Had Published The Content And You Have Stealed Their Content But They Think Negatively. So It Is Essential To Protect. It Also Looses Uniqueness, Getting Penalized By Google Panda And Penguin And Also Getting Low Rank And Decreasing The Displaying In Search Results. You Have Full Control To Protect Your Content. No One Will Doubt You. If You Want To Protect Your Content, I've Listed Many Tricks To Protect Your Content From Getting Stolen, And Also A Application For Thieves If You Found To Please Them Not To Copy. If He Not Understand At All, Just Complain To DMCA (Tutorial Coming Soon). Also Do One Of The Following Things Below:-

1. Disable Right Click

This Is Very Useful And Important Trick Done By Many Of The Bloggers. Suppose You Have Written The Content And Published It, Any Of The Stealers Comes On Your Site And Selected Your Whole Text, After Selecting He/She Will Click On Right Mouse In Order To Copy The Whole Text, But The Right Click Function Is Disabled, Think How He/She Will Copy?. To Disable The Right Click Function In Your Blogger Blog, Do The Following Steps:-
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search For The </head> Tag.
  • Above The </head> Tag, Paste The Following Code:-
  <script type='text/javascript'>
var message="Function Disabled!";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

2. Disable Text Selection Function

If You Have Any Of The Blog That Have So Much Of Posts And The Blog Is Also Very Famous, Your Content Can Be Easily Stolen. To Prevent This, The Trick Is To Disable Your Text Selection. Above Is The Right Click Disable Function Which Means That They Can''t Right Click But If They Know How To Copy From Keyboard, He May Steal Your Content Easily. After Doing This Task, When Some Stealer Come To Your Site To Steal Your Content, He Can't Select Your Content, But To Copy The Content, Copying Is Must But He/She Will Not, So How Will He/She Copy?. I Suggest To Use Both Right Click Disabling And Text Selection Disabling Then He Either Can't Copy Your Images (To Copy, Right Click Needed), And Even He Can't Touch Your Text. Below, Is The Code Of The Disabling Text Selection In Blogger Blog:-
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find For </head> Tag And Above The </head>, Paste The Following Code:-
&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
var omitformtags=["input", "textarea", "select"]
function disableselect(e){
if (omitformtags.indexOf(e.target.tagName.toLowerCase())==-1)
return false }
function reEnable(){
return true }
if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined")
document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")
else {
document.onmouseup=reEnable }

3. Show Copyrighted Badges Or Banners In Your Blog

After Doing The Above Two Tricks, It's Time To Show Your Blog Visitors Or Readers That Your Content Is Protected By DMCA Law So You Cannot Copy. This Banner Tells Them To Not Copy The Contents From The Site Because It Is Protected By DMCA. Although, He Cannot If You Have Already Disabled Right Click And Text Selection, But Don't Do The Above Steps, The Great Is This, Let Them Copy Your Content, Their Contents Will Automatically Deleted After Having Too Much, But You Can Still Enable (Disable Right Click Function) Not Text Selection In Order To Delete Their Post Automatically. For Putting This Banner In Your Blogger Blog, You Should Get DMCA Banners From dmca.com And Paste The Code In Your Website.
  • Go To DMCA And Get One Of The Banner From There.
  • Copy The HTML Code From There.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Layout >> Add A Gagdet.
  • Choose "HTML/Javascript" Option.
  • And Paste The Copied Code There And Click On "Save" Button.
  • Now Your Banner Will Display On Your Site.
  • And Your Blog Is Protected.
{Note : If You Are A Stealer And You Are Copying Other's Content, Then In 1 Or Two Weeks, Your Contents Will Be Deleted Automatically Because You Are Giving Chance To DMCA By Your Own To Delete Your Content. So Only Use If You Are Not Copying (I Hope)}.

4. Make Policies And Terms Of Use Of Your Blog

This Is Also A Great Trick To Ask The Stealers To Not To Copy Your Content. Just Create Your Privacy Policy, Publish It And Tell Them To First Read Your Policies. At Least, Write Description With Love So That They Understand. Also Ask Them That If You Are Interested In Copying My Content, Be Ready, I Will Complain To Google DMCA And Your Account Will Be Disabled If You Continued Without My Persmission. Tell Them That Re-Publishing Other's Content Is Illegal On Internet And Strictly Prohibited By Laws. Above I Have Tell You A Short Message To Use It In Your Policy Or Terms Of Use So That He/She Understands Fully. This Will Help You Protect Your Content If Anyone Understand, Otherwise, Do It By DMCA Takedown!.

5. Use Plagiarism Tools Every Week

The Pagiarism Tool Is A Special Tools For Checking You Have Either Copied Your Content And From Where He/She Is Re-Publilshing. There Are A Lot Of Tools Available Online And You Can Also Download It. It Is Very Easy To Use And In Very Few Seconds Installation. I Don't Suggest You To Buy Premium Tools Because Free Tools Are Also Great To Check. Even Premium One Have Other More Features But Free Is Better. I Suggest You To Try Copyscape, Duplichecker Or PlagSpotter. I Think PlagSpotter Is The Best One, But Remember, It Only Checks 10 URLs Daily. So Use It With Attention. I Also Use To Catch The Thieves And In Only Few Seconds, It Displays The Whole Data Which Have Being Copied. After Finding The Thieves, Complain To DMCA, I Am Asking Again And Again, If You Don't Know, Learn In The Part 4 Of Our Series (Coming Soon).
{Note : Enter The URL Of The Copier You Are Doubting Not Your Blog, If You Enter Your Blog, It Will Display The Results Which You Have Copied From Other Websites. OK?}.

6. Send Email To Their Feeds

This Is Also A Great Idea To Get Rid Of The Thieves. Having Too Much Readers? Having Too Much Email Subscribers?, Then The Subscribers Have Also Chance To Copy Your Content. This Is Because They Get Daily News About Your Latest Produce Content Straight In Your Inbox, Then They Come To Your Site And Copy The Content. As Email Subscribers Plays The Vital Role In Blogging And Producing The Content. I Suggest You To Send Short Email Feeds Because If You Use Full, Then Copycats Will Easily Get It. The Thieves Also Subscribe You And Start Receving Updates From You And Take The Advantage Of It. The Above All The Tips Will Not Work, Why?. The Reason Is That The Post Is Also Produced On Feedburner And The Thief Can Also Copy Your Content From There Easily. So You Should Send Short Emails Instead Of Full Email. To Do This, Do One Of The Following Steps:-

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Other.
  • A Section Will "Site Feed" Will Be There With A Option "Allow Blog Feed".
  • Then There Is A Drop-Down Menu After The Option.
  • The Default Settings Will Be "Full".
  • There You Have To Select "Short" Option And Click On "Save Settings".

7. Apply Google Authorship Markup In Your Blog

Google Had Introduced The New Authorship Several Years Ago Which Is The Latest Trend In The Blogging. It Means That It Displays The Author Picture In The Google Search Results Of Your Blog.  By This, People Will Get To Know That Who Is The Author Of The Blog. It Will Also Identify The Copyrighted Content Owner And It Will Also Get The DMCA To Understand Who Is The Author Of The Blog And In Taking Decision By The DMCA About Copying Content.

8. Complain To DMCA

DMCA Is The Best Way To Get Protected Against Thieves. It Is The Copyrighted Complany Which Helps Almost All Of The People To Protect Because The Country Government Law Can't Protect Online Cases. If You Are Using Blogger Blog, Then You Can Easily Complain To Google Regarding An Application With Respect And Kindness To Them. You Can Also Complain Go Google DMCA. Google Has Many Products i.e. Youtube, Adsense, Blogger etc. You Can Easily Complain Through Google Products. In The Coming Part Of This Series, We Will Describe How To Complain DMCA Report To Google.

Your Turn!

Your Turn, You Have Full Rights To Protect Your Content, And I Request To All Of The Content Thieves To Stop Copy Other's Content. Perspicuous The Name Of Our Country (Pakistan). Now You Have Blocked The Thieves To Touch Your Content. So, These Were The Tips And Tricks For You To Protect Your Content. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows Who Are Also A Content Thief. Also Do Like And Share On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us To Get More Tips About Getting Rid Of Thieves. Also Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates From Us. Don't Copy Don't Copy Don't Copy!. Take A Lot Of Care Of You And Your Family And Happy Blogging!.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Reasons To Avoid Copying Contents From Other's Website?


You Know That Blogger's History!. It's Growing With Huge Speed. People Are Getting Online On Internet And The Main Thing Is That They Also Get Participated In The Blogging World. This Is Because They Are Very Interested In Creating Their Own Website. Then They Search A Lot For That And Finally, Come On Blogger World. Blogger World Is Also Called Blogosphere. They Also Get Some Ideas To Blog And Make Their Own Money And Use It As They Wish To Spend. To Get Success Your Blog Of Blogger, You Will Need Very Hard Work Even You Will Spend Your Months For This. Now Here Comes The Question For Newbies, They Do The Main Mistake In The Blogging World. Not One, But Many Of The Mistakes Which Can Get Their Blog Destroyed. This Is Because Their Own Fault. The Main Mistakes Which Are The Popular With Newbies Is That They Copy Contents From Other Websites, This Is Due To Lack Of Money. Even I Did Also When I Started My Blogging Career, Then When My Blog Was Destroyed, I Understand All Of The Policies. In This Article, We Will Describe Why To Avoid Copying Contents From Other Website Which Is Very Important.

I Want To Notify You That I Have Started The Series Of This Question Of Stealing Content In Blogosphere.  This Series Contains Many Parts, And Each Part Will Help You A Lot To Your Blog. In This Series, We Will Learn Why Should Avoid, How To Get Aware Of Stealers, How To Protect Against Thieves And Complain To Google If You Found Any Of Your Content Stealed.

Content Copying And Protection Series
Part 1 : Why You Should Avoid Copying Content From Other's Website? - (Current)

Fact To Stop Stealing Content

This Is The First Post Of The Series Of Copy Content From Other Websites. I Will Give You Some Reasons That Why Should You Avoid Copying Other Content. Below  I Have Listed All Of The Disadvantages. So Let's Get Started.

1. This Is Short Time Advantage For You

This Means That When You Start Your Blog And Copy Other's Content, Then You Will Think That It Is The Best Way To Increase Your Traffic Income. Yes, In The First, You Will Think The Advantage Of Stealing Other's Content. But You Should Remember That Every Badness Has The Time To Caught, And Soon You Will Be Caught. As Day By Day, Your Blog Will Get Famous On Search Engines Then You Caught By Google Penguin And Panda And You Will Be Attacked Hardly And By The Original Owner Of The Content Which You've Copied From.

2. Copying Other's Work Is Illegal Work

Another Most Important Thing That Copying Content Is Illegal In The International Law Which Means (gair kanuni kam karna In Urdu). You Might Not Know That There Are Many Laws On Using The Internet In Your Country. The Law Give Us Permission To Access Or Do Anything Online. Suppose That Anyone Is Copying Your Content And Also Commenting Spam In Your Comments, Will You Like, Will You Let Him To Copy The Content? Will You Allow To Comment Spam?. The Same Thing Is Like You Who Copy, The Content Owner Will Get Angry And He Can Case You In The Court!, Then You Can Loose Everything You Have Done Wrong Or Illegal!.

3. You Will Be Attacked

So, In The Starting Of Your Blog Which Has Coped The Content, You Will Get Even More Traffic But For Only A Very Short Time, Think For Only 1 Or 2 Month. Search Engines (Every) Have Many Algorithms To Find Whether The Blog Has Copied Or Stealed The Content From Other. Then, If They Found Your Blog That Have Copied Content, Then Get Ready To Be Removed Your Blog From Search Engines. The Original Owner Of The Content Will Caught You Soon And You Will Be Attacked By DMCA!. I Have Also Copied Content On One Of My Blog, My Blog Was Getting Very Famous In Just A Few Days, Now My Blog Is The Worst One, It Is Receiving Only 20 Or Less Than 50 Page-Views Per Day, Before Was 200 Or Less Than 300. See The Difference!.

4 You Will Be Caught By Your Visitors

Have You Ever Think That If You Caught By Your Visitors Or Readers, What Will They Think?. In Simple Words, You Will Be Losing Respect And Faith With Your Visitors. Blogging Is Also A Way Of Making Relationship Between You And Your Blog Readers So That Your Readers Must Impress By You. When Any Disappointing Incident Will Come Your Readers Will Be Hurt By You And Then They Can Do Spam And You Will Loose Respect From Them. Some Of The Visitors Also Do Mad Decision Like Evildoing.

5. Your Blog Will Be Deleted

If You Are Running Your Blog Especially On Blogger.com To Manage, Then You Should Remember That One Day, Your Blog Will Be Deleted By DMCA If They Found Any Illegal Work On Your Blog. Because The Blogger.com As You Know It Is Owned By Google And Google Also Have Some Policies And DMCA To Apply In Blog, But If You Not, Then Any Content Owner Caught You Red Handed, Then He Can Easily Complain Your Blog, Google Will See And Take A Decision With Your Blog Which Means Deleting. But If You Get Maximum Complains, Then Your Blog Will Be Deleted Instantly.

Final Words!

In The Final, I Want To Tell You That Blogging Is Not Like Copying And Pasting Just Like You Do In Many Games. It Need A Lot Of Hard Work And Your Attention To Build Your Successful Blog. Even I Have Many Blogs, But The Successful As You Know, Are Only Two Of Them. If You Like To Receive Traffic From Search Engines And Your Visitors More, Then You Should Concentrate On Making Your Posts. Try To Build, Just Give It A Try, Don't Feel Abashment To Do Any Work, You Will Be Impress By Doing Your Own Work. Professional Content Always Brings You Benefit Not Any Disadvantage (Promise).
So Friends, That Was The Short Explanation To You That What Is Copying And Pasting Content Or Re-Publishing Content. Even As I Described Above, I Did Also, Many Of The Newbies (New To Blogging) Do This Mistakes Because They Don't Read The Policies (I Also) And Started Wasting Time. My Uncle Also Said Me That You Are Wasting Time But I Said No I Am Posting Many Posts, And I Will Earn More Traffic But The Opposite Of It Was Happen To Me!. And After All The Story, My Blog Was Deleted Automatic By Blogger.com. From That Day, I Started Making My Own Content And Understand Completely What Are The Benefits. I Started My Best Blogging On This Blog. My Advice Is To Stop Doing Illegal Work.
I Hope This Post Will Help You A Bit If You Understand, You Must See, That If Other's Have Copied Your Content, Complain To Google DMCA (Will Learn Soon). Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Other Blogger Fellows Who Also Do This Work. Also Like And Share On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us Or You Can Subscribe Us To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. No Spam. Take Care Until For The Next Part Of The Series And Happy Making Own Content!.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Tips To Increase Back-Links Of Your Blog


Previously We've Discussed About Tips To Increase Traffic On Newly Made Blog, Making Your Blogger Posts SEO Friendly, Tips To Write Unique And Professional Blog Posts, Now We Are Back With Another Great Tip For You. This Is Also A Lesson Of About SEO Which Is Baclinks Of A Blog. Backlinks Help A Blog To Improve His Backlinks And Traffic. It Also Increases Alexa Ranking. So If You Don't Know What Are Backlinks, We Are Going To Discuss About It. So Let's Begin The Discussion About Backlinks Of Your Blog.

What Are Back-links

Back-Links Are The Incoming Links From Another Website Who Is Interested With Your Post. Or Those Which Are Landed From Other Blog To Your Blog Is Also Called "Back-Links" Means That You Are Getting Backlinks From Other Website By Landing Their Audience To Your Site.

Why To Build?

This Is Very Important Thing Of SEO That You Should Build Your Backlinks That Will Help You Increasing Your Traffic And Page Rank. After Building Your Back-Links, Many Sites Will Be Linked To Your Site Means That Your Will Gain More And More Traffic And Improves Ranking. Alexa Ranking And Google Page Rank Is The Need Of Every Blogger Because This Will Help Your Blog Become Famous On Search Engine.

1# Build Quality And Most Loved Content

Content Is The Main Thing For A Blog. It IIs The One Thing That Improves Your Blog Traffic And Help Increasing Your Backlinks On Your Blog. For This, You Will Need To Publish A Post That Should Be Most Loved (Interestingly) And Unique Content Which Will Impress Your Audience And Take Their Attention. Ask Your Audience What They Want To Give Them, Then Give It. Now If The Post Is Very Lovingly, Your Readers Will Read Carefully, Then They Will Share Your Post, Then Your Backlinks Will Increase Very Fastly. E-Books And Other Resources Are The Best Thing That Your Visitors Likes And Get Shared With Their Friends.

2# Guest Posting

This Is Also A Great Method To Gain Backlinks From Other's Blog That You Should Guest Post On Other Site. You Should Give Them Your Full Bio With Picture And With Your Blog Link. Then Make Lengthy And Loved Content, Now If Someone Likes The Post, At The End He Will See Your Blog Link And Bio. Then He Will Land On Your Post. So This Will Also Increase Your Back-Links. But One Thing Remember That Post Only On The Sites Which Are Very Popular So Your Backlinks Should Increase Very Fastly.

3# Commenting

This Is Another Trick To Improve Your Back-Links That You Can Comment On Other's Blog Along With Your Blog Link So That They Should See That What Your Blog Contains And What The Template You Are Using. This Is Done By Many People Because They Are Interested. You Can Also Comment On Wordpress Blog's Because Wordpress Is Also A Popular Site Which Is Similar To Blogger But Wordpress Is Used By Big Webmasters And Professional. Blogger Can Be Used By Teens. Only Post A Homepage Link On Other's Blog Comments Because They Can See Your Articles On Homepage. Don't Comment Like A Robot, Means That Don't Comment Spam In Comments Otherwise The Blog Owner Will Not Publish Your Post And You Will Also Loose Your Ranking And Can Be Harmed By Google Panda Update. But One Thing Remember That Comment On Only Blogs Which Are Using CommentLuv Or KeywordLuv Commenting System Because This Will Help You Insert Your Blog Link Easily.

4# Social Media Promotion

As You Know That The Social Networks Is Also Used By Many People Like Facebook Is One Of The Most Popular Social Network. So This Is The Good Idea To Take Benefit From It. First Publish Your Content And Then Share On Social Networks To Increase Your Back-Links. This Will Also Help You In Increasing Your Traffic Through Social Networks.

5# Join Forums

So This Is Also A Good Method  To Increase Your Traffic And Back-Links. In This Method, You Have To Join Some Forums Which Must Be Related To Your Blog After Joining The Forum, You Have To Publish Some Question And Threads. After Adding The Sign Of Welcome, Make Sure You Include Your Blog Link So That The People Must Land On Your Blog So This Will Help You Increasing Your Back-Links Through Forum.

Final Words!

So Friends That Was The Tips For Increasing Your Blog's Back-Links And Improving Your Traffic. I Hope This Tip Will Help You A Lot And It Will Also Help In Increasing Alexa Rank And Page Rank. Every Newbie And Blogger Must Try These Tips.  Get In Touch With Us To Receive More Updates. Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox, No Spam. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tips To Increase Traffic On Newly Made Blog


As You Know That Blogging World Is Growing Day By Day And People Are Getting Famous On Internet By Making A Professional Website Which Is Learned By Everyone. Have You Ever Concentrate On Post Images?. If Not Then See It. Well, This Is Good To Have Fun With Readers To Be More Friendly. So Today's Post Is About Increasing Your Traffic On Newly Mad Blog. We Are Going To Discuss Some Secret Tips Which Will Improve Your Blog Traffic Because It Is The Every Need Of Blogger That His Site Must Be One First Position. But For This, Remember To Hard Work, Don't Copy Other's Content. Hard Work Will Bring A Lot Of Traffic From Search Engines And Users. The More Traffic You Get, The More Your Earnings Are Increasing. You Can Build Your Blog Traffic With The Following Tips Below Which I Am Going To Discuss With You. Now Let's Learn About It.

Build Quality And Professional Content

So This Is The Main And Important Thing For Everyone That They Should Build Their Content Which Are Best Quality And Professional Looking To Increase Your Traffic Because If Your Content Will Not Build, Your Blog Is Nothing To Do. You Should Post Atleast One Or Two Posts A Day Regularly Or More Than It. If You Want More Visitors, You Should Post More For Getting High Number Of Visitors. Your Content Must Be Unique And Quality And Should Not Be Copied From Other Websites Otherwise It Will Help Your In Decreasing Your Traffic.

Make Your Blog And Template SEO Friendly

Another Important Thing For A Blog Is It Should Be SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization Friendly). By This Your Blog Will Get Indexed By Search Engine Crawlers And Your Post Will Appear Fast In Search Results On Search Engine. Means That This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic Through Search Engines, The More The Blog SEO Friendly, The More You Will Receive Traffic. To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly, You Have To Make Some Changes With Blog And Yourself. I Think That We Have Discussed These Topics With Detailed. If You Haven't Read These Articles, Then You Should Read These. There Are The Following Two Posts To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly.

After Learning About Content Building And Making Your Blog SEO Friendly, You Should Learn That How To Submit Your Blog's Sitemap  To Search Engines. This Will Help You To Display Your Search Results Faster On Different Search Engines. Your Blog Will Be Indexed By Search Engine Crawlers And After Crawling, Your Posts Will Start Appearing On Search Engines. To Display Your Search Results On Different Search Engines Like Yahoo And Bing, You Will Need To Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines. You Can Also Enable Custom Robots For It To Receive More Traffic From Search Engines. We Have Already Discussed About These Topics With Detail That How We Can Submit Sitemap To Google, Yahoo And Bing. You Can Also Submit It By Reading The Following Articles Below:-
After Submission Of Sitemap To Google, Yahoo And Bing And Making Your Blog SEO Friendly, Now It's Time To Accept Guest Posting On Your Popular Blog To Increase Your Blog Posts And To Update It Regularly. Before Submitting Guest Post, You Should Check Whether It Requires The Requirements Of Yours, And It Should Also Contains It's Blog Link And Author Bio, This Will Help The Submitter To Increase His Back-Links By Landing Your Audience On His Blog. If You Are Publishing A Guest Post, Also Check That You Are Writing Your Posts Similar To His Blog Niche. Also Send Them Your Picture With Bio. This Will Help You Increasing Your Backlinks And Page Rank And You Will Also Get More Traffic From His Blog.

Commenting On Blog

So This Is Also A Good Tip For Everyone That You Should Also Comment On Other's Blog. You Should Comment On Other's Blog And Should Paste The Link Of Your Blog So That The Audience Of His/Her Blog Should Also See Your Blog Link. This Will Help You Increasing Your Blog Traffic And Also Help In Increasing Your Back-Links. But Make Sure That The Blog Which You Are Going Comment Should Have CommentLuv System Because This Will Help You Give Your Blog Link.

Sharing Posts On Social Networks

This Is The Common Thing Done By Many Blogger That They Share Their Posts On Social Networks. If You Don't Know That Is This, Let Me Tell You. Firstly You Have To Join A Social Networking Site Like Google+, Facebook, Twitter Or Any Other. On That Site, You Must Have Good Readers, Likers And Followers Because This Will Help Your Friends To Read Your Article On Your Website. So You Have To Publish A Post On Your Blog, Then Share It On Facebook Because Facebook Is The Most Used Social Network In The World, Also Share This On Google+ And Twitter. You Can Also Enable Automatic Share On Google+ System In Your Blogger. This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic From Social Networks.

Advertise Your Blog

So This Will Also Help Improving Your Blog Traffic Rapidly By Advertising Your Blog On Social Networks And On Other Websites. You Will Need Some Bucks.  You Can Also Advertise Your Blog Through Google Adwords. You Can Also Advertise On Other's Website As A Advertise Because You Will Upload Custom Banner, So Upload Your Site Banner With Description On It. I Recommend You To Use Google Adwords Because It Will Show Your Ads On Different Sites And Search Engines, You Will Get A Lot Of Traffic.

Offer Giveways On Your Blog

This Is Also A Great Tip For A Blogger And Is Loved By Everyone. The Thing Is To Offer Giveways On Your Blog. This Will Help Your Increasing Your Traffic And Getting More Likes And Tweets On Social Networks. In This Method, You Have To Offer Giveways And You Can Offer Anything In It, The More Expensive Thing You Offer, The More People With Participate In Your Offer. This Will Increase Your Facebook Likes And Visitors. I Recommend You To Use Punchtab Giveways Because It Is The Most Beautiful Design Which Will Allow To Make Entries. It Means That You Are Saying That Like And Follow And Tweet And Much More To Gain Points. The One Who Will Be Having More Entries, Will Be The Winner And You Can Do Personal Talk With Him And Give Him The Thing That You Have Offer.

Your Turn!

Good, After Reading The Above Article, I Think You've Got All The Points And Tips Of Increasing Your Traffic On Newly Made Blog. Now You Should Try It On Your Blog. I Hope That This Will Help You Increasing Your Blog Traffic Extremely Highly By Applying All Of The Above Tips. If You Have More Tips To Share With Us, Then Don't Forget It. Share This Post On Social Networks, Friends And Blogger Fellows. Get In Touch With Us For More Hot Updates Also Subscribe Us To Receive All Of The Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Online From A Blog


As You Know That The Blogger Career Is Very Popular Among The World Which Is Used By Millions Of People. Everyone Is Trying To Earn Good Money From A Blog. But Due To Unsuccessful Blog, They Can't Earn Money, One Who Copies Content Also Can't Make Money. Making Money Online Is The Main Reason Of Every One. But One Thing Remember To Make Good Money From A Blog, You Should Hard Work On It By Improving Your Site Traffic. Those Who Are New In Blogger And Don't Know How To Earn Money From A Blog, Then It Is Essential For Everyone Newbie To Learn The Tutorial Which I Am Going To Describe Below. This Post Is Specially For Them Who Don't Know The Ways Of Earning Money Online. In Order To Earn Money From A Blog, See Below I Have Described About It. Just Go Through It.


Well First, You Have To Apply Some Requirements To Your Blog In Order To Get Money Online. The First Thing Is That Your Traffic Must Be Higher And Also Have Page Rank (Optional). You Will Need Hard Work To Improve Your Blog Traffic Because That Traffic Will Be Converted Into Revenue By Serving Ads On Your Blog. The Second Thing Is That Your Content Must Be Unique, Professional, Original And Fresh To Get Approval From Some Advertising Networks In Order To Start Making Money, Many Audience Also Love To Read Unique Content Which Looks Professional And Beautiful Designed And It Will Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic. The Third Thing Is To Join A Good And Trusted Advertising Network Which Will Help You Make Huge Money And To Store Your Money Until You Need It, Don't Join Local Networks Because They Will Discharge Your Money. I Recommend You To Use Google Adsense, BuySellAds, Yahoo Ads, Publicity Clerks etc.

If You Have All The Requirements Above On Your Blog, Then You Will Not Face Any Problem In Advertising On Your Blog. Now Below Is Some Steps To Earn Money From Different Kinds Of Networks.

1. Paid To Click [PTC] Network

So This Is The First Way To Earn Money That You Can Use PTC (Paid To Click) Networks To Earn Money From A Blog. This Means That You To Pay Money To The Company In Order To Start Displaying Your Ads. This Type Of Network Doesn't Require Any Above Requirements Because You Can Place Your Ads Anywhere You Want It. Now After You Have Been Displayed Your Ads On Your Blog, When Any User Clicks On It, It Will Give You Commision Of It Means That They Will Pay To. So This Is The Main Reason They Have Named Paid To Click Network.

2. Pay Per Click [PPC] Networks

This Is The Second Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Network. This Is Similar To PTC Networks, But In This, You Have To First Get Approval From A Company In Order To Start Displaying Your Ads. This Way Requires The Above Requirements In Order To Display Ads. This Means That You Have To Not Pay To The Company But They Will Come And Approve Your Blog If Your Blog Matches The Requirements. The Most Popular PPC Network Is Google Adsense. If You Get Approval From Adsense, They Will Give You A Live Code To Copy And Paste It On Your Blog Anywhere You Want. Now If You Have Start Displaying Your Adsense Ads, Whenever User Clicks On It, It Also Give You Commision Of It. So That's Why They Are Called Pay Per Click Networks.

3. Affiliate Networks

This Is The Third Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is Affiliate Advertisement Networks Which Is Also Popular In The World, You Can Use Both Ways To Earn Money From A Blog But This Way Need Some Space In Order To Place Your Ad According To Your Custom Size. So In This Way, You Will Need To Join A Network. On That Network, People Use To Buy And Sell Their Ads On Market. First You Will Get Approval From Advertising Network In Order To Be A Publisher. You Will Have To Create Ad Slot Space To Place Your Ads On It With Required Time And Money. Now Whenever Any Person Is Interested To Advertise On Your Site, He Will Simply Pay You In Order To Start Displaying His Ads On Your Blog. So This Is The Best Way To Earn Money Because It Will Give Benefits To Both Advertiser And Publisher. Another Thing That You Can Also Get Ads From The Network. I Recommend You To Use BuySellAds.com Which Is Very Popular Advertising Network Which Is Trusted Site Ever.

4. In Text Advertising

So This Is The Fourth Way To Earn Money From A Blog Which Is In Text Advertising. In This Method, You Have To Apply For In Text Advertising Networks. The Most Popular Ever Used Network Is InfoLinks Networks. You Will Need To Join Their Company First, Then Paste Code In Your Website Or Blog. But Before Joining The Network, Remember That Your Site Must Contains Sufficient Text Means High Quality Contents. They Will Target Main Keyword Of Text In Your Blog And Convert It Into Infolink Ad Link. Whenever A User Clicks On That Text, They Will Get You Paid.

5. Offer Services

So This Is The Last Method Of Earning Money From A Blog Which Is Offer Services On Your Blog. This Is Also Handsome Way To Revenue From Your Blog. But This Method Is Only Suitable To That Blogs Which Can Do Related Services With Their Blog. If You Know The Knowledge Of Web Designing And Development, Then You Can Create Your Template And Sell It On Markets. By This Method, You Can Earn Good Revenue Through Your Blog But Traffic Is Important For Blog So Try To Make The Demos Of Your Template And Your Work Which Will Help Audience To Preview Your Work.

Final Words!

So Friends, Now It's Your Turn To Make Money By Using Of The Method Or Way Above. I Hope This Post Will Help You Understanding The Basics Of Earning Money From Your Blog. If You Know More About Earning Money, Please Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Any Question Or Problem Facing ? Don't Forget To Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Also Subscribe Us And Get In Touch With Us To Get Hot And Latest Updates. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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Tips To Write Unique And Professional Blog Posts


Blogger Is A Best Platform For Providing Useful Content Tutorials And Contents To Blog Readers. A Good Blog Is That Which Provides Attractive And More Useful Contents For Audience. But This Is Difficult For Newbies To Understand And Write. A Beginner Should Learn First Some Skills To Read And Write Then Start His Journey To Blogging World. He Must Have Some Skills Of Writing Unique And Professional For Their Blog Posts. So Today, We Are Going To Discuss Some Tips For Newbies To Write Unique And Professional Content For Their Blog Posts. This Is Important For Every Blogger To Write Unique, Professional Or Fresh Content For Their Blog To Improve Their Blog Traffic Because Google Loves The Content Which Is Most Unique And Can Give You A Chance Of Page Rank. Unique And Fresh Content Will Always Bring You Benefits Of Traffic. So Now We Are Going To Discuss About This.

What Do You Want To Do?

Whenever You Think Of A Topic, You First Go To Google Or Other Websites And See Their Topics And Learn Them, Then You Write In Your Words By Using Your Own Mind. This Practice Can Affect  The Originality Of Your Content As A Person Mind Would Be Pre-Occupied With Other Peoples Work. So Whatever Comes In Your Mind Or Whatever Topic Comes In Your Mind, Just Search It For A Lot On Google And Other Websites, Then Try To Write It In Own Words. The Content Should Also Be Lengthy, If You Don't Know About The Topic So Much, Just Keep Searching Long For That And If You Have Learned All Of The Things, Then Show It. You Can Also Post Randomly, What Comes In Your Mind First, Just Write It.

Searching For Topic

When Your Topic Is Ready In Your Mind, Then The Second Thing Is To Find The Authentic Information About That Post On Google, Wikipedia And Other Blog Resources Websites. If You Are Writing On Any Topic Blogger, Games, Softwares Or Any Product, You Must See All Of The Information About That, Then You Will Automatically Be Writing Your Words By Your Mind. Also Try To Get Information From Official Websites Which Is Also Good. So First Let Your Mind To Select A Topic, Then Search About Your Topic, Then Write It With Some Skills.

Make Three Portions Of Article

So After Letting All Of The Tips Above And Searching For A Topic, You Must Make Your Three Portions Of You Posts. Now Let Me Tell You Which Portions You Have To Make On Which Time.

Introduction Portion

So This Is The First Part Or Portion Of Your Blog In Which You Will Introduce Your Topic. You Can Add A Short Paragraph For Introducing. You Should Write On The Right Side Of Your Image, Which Will Help The Audience To Know That What Topic Are You Going To Discuss.

Main Portion

In This Portion, You Will Describe Or Explain About Your Topic Which You Have Selected. So This Is The Main Thing Of Your Posts Which The Readers Will Mostly Read. So Try To Make It Lengthy And Professional Looking So Your Visitors Must Love It. You Can Make Headings, In The Headings So Can Make A Paragraph On A Heading And Describe It To Make Your Post More Unique And Professional.

Last Portion

So In This Portion, You Will End Your Portion By Giving A Few Words Of Congratulations Or Happiness And This Will Help Your Visitors To Know About Your Post What You Have. You Can Also Ask Your Readers To Subscribe Us Or Share This Post On Social Networks In The End. If They Love The Post, You Have Chances To Share Your Post Because This Will Increase Your Visitors.

Making Three Portions Of Your Blog Posts Will Help Your Post To Look More Unique And Professional.

Write Most Information

This Is The Most Problem With The Newbies Because They Write The Words Again And Again Or Just 50 Words Paragraph Which Will Decrease Your Traffic From Google. I Strongly Recommend You To Write The Most Information About Your Traffic, Don't Repeat The Words Again And Again In This Post. Then You Will Get More Readers Or Audience, But One Thing Is Important To Impress  Your Blog Readers So They Love Your Content, So Also Try It To Make It Look Lengthy And Unique Then You Will Be Successful!.

Improve Your Writing Skills

As A Writer, You Should Concentrate On Your Writing Skills,  You Must Have Good Skills To Write Which Will Help Your Make Your Post More SEO Friendly. Read Successful Writers And Use Their Techniques They Used. So This Is The Main Thing Which Is Made By Newbies That They Mistake In Writing Because Their English Is Not So Good. So Try To Find The Meaning Of More Words On Google, If You Are A Pakistani, Then You Should Find Meanings In Urdu So You Can Understand Easily. Ask Your Friends To Give Their Honest Option To You And Try To Overcome Your Weak Points.

Use Good Vocabulary

It Is Important For The Blogger That He Most Used The Simple And Understanding Words In Their Content Which Will Help People To Write The Content Easily. Words Are The Most Important Element Of The Blog. So Use Good Vocabulary To Increase Your Traffic From Google Because Google Always Like The Content Which Uses Good Words And English And Full Paragraphs.

Increase Resources

Try To Increase To Resources That Can Help To Produce Original And Fresh Content. If A Person Who Is Writing About Softwares Or Other About Engineer, He Must Write The Latest And Fresh Content With Full Detail And Explanation. If He Is Writing About Blogger Resource, He Must Write About Wordpress Which Will Increase Your Resources And You Will Get More Traffic From Visitors Because You Are Writing About Two Resources. You Can Always Take New Courses To Add Up In Your Knowledge And Can Show Off People About What You Know And As A Result, Improves The Quality Of Your Work.

Final Words!

So Friends, Now It's Your Turn To Apply The All Of The Above Tips While You Are Writing The Blog Posts Because This Will Help You A Lot To Gain More Traffic From Search Engines. I Hope You Have Understand All Of The Above Tips Easily . If You Have Some More Tips About This Topic, You Can Send Us By Guest At Our Site. If Are Facing Problem With This Post, Please Ask In Comments, Also Give Your Feedback. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Subscribe Us Now To Get Hot Updates From Us Straight In Your Inbox. Keep In Touch With Us For More Tips!. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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How To Write SEO Friendly Posts In Blogger?


As You Know That Every Blogger Which Is Famous, Is Only By Search Engine Optimization Which Can Drive Traffic From Audience Rapidly, The Submission Of Sitemap Also Works As It Displays For Search Results On Other Search Engines Including Bing And Yahoo, Then Custom Robots Are Also Like Submission Of Sitemap, It Also Help Because It Displays The Search Results In Many Search Engines.  Well, You Know That Few Days Before, We Have Discussed A Lot Of About Search Engine Optimization, Now We Will Review It In This Post. So, We Will Tell You How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts To Drive Traffic From Search Engines Fastly And Avoid Copying Contents Of Others. This Post Will Help You A Lot For Your Posts, It Is The Need Of Every Post To Be SEO Friendly Not Enemy. So, Your Blog Will More Be SEO Friendly, Receive More Organic Traffic, Fast Indexing From Robots And A Lot Of Advantages (Benefits). So Now, We Are Going To Discuss About This Great Topic. Let's Start:-

Selecting Perfect Title For You Post

Choosing Or Selecting Perfect Title For Your Post Is The Most Important Part Because Google Shows Only The Posts Which Are 70 Characters Or Below 70 Because Writing Too Long Title Can Take Your Audience Attention And They Will Not Understand That What The Topic You Are Going To Discuss. And One Thing Is Very Important Choose h2  Tags In Your Post Title That Will Also Help Your Blog Posts To Display Fastly On Search Engines And To Receive Handsome Traffic.

Write On Topics You Know The Most

To Be In Best On Search Engine And In Blogger Town, You Must Select That Topic Which Your Heart Is Saying. On Other Hand, You Can Describe Your Abilities So Make Use Of Them. Only Write The Post On That Topic, Which You Know The Most. You Can Also Write Lengthy Post If You Know Much About It. You Will Never Feel Ending Wave Of Energy In Your Body And Can Lead You A Professional Writer.

Add Search Description

Search Description Is Meta Description Which Is Also Important For A Blog To Enable Because It Help In Improving Your Traffic From Search Engines, Means That It Also Checks Post By Meta Description And If The Single Keyword In The Description Matches, Then There Are Many Chances To Get Your Post On Position On Search Engines. You Must Write Atleast 100 Characters Because Above 100 Characters, Can Broke Your Description And The Description Will No Longer Be Acceptable. If You Don't Know How To Enable It, Read The Following Below:-

Add 'Alt' Keyword Attribute In Post Images

This Is An Another Important To Use 'alt' Keyword Attribute In Your Post Images Because It Will Tell The Search Engine Crawlers To See The Image Keywords Or The Keyword The Image Is Having. The Maximum For Alt Attribute Is 50 Characters So Try To Make It Shorter, But Remember To Not To Cross The Limit To 150 Or More Characters Otherwise It Will Not Be Crawled  This Will Help Your Post To Display In Google Images Because Some Of The People See Google Images. If You Don't KnowHow To Apply It, See Below.
 <a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7HcjtFK9HB0/UuTZybDMvKI/AAAAAAAAAUk/9nntYSUo3UY/s1600/download+(5).jpeg" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img alt='SEO Friendly Content' border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7HcjtFK9HB0/UuTZybDMvKI/AAAAAAAAAUk/9nntYSUo3UY/s1600/download+(5).jpeg" /></a>

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This Is Also A Main Problem With Peoples That They Write The Title Keyword Repeatedly In The Whole Post. This Is Called Keyword Stuffing Which Means To Write The Keywords Again And Again, And Not Write The Main Topic. For Example I Am Writing A Post Of 1500 Words In Which I Used The Main Title Keyword 50 Or More Than 50 Times, Than It Will Be Keyword Stuffing Which Means That You Are Writing The Keywords More Than The Main Information. To Avoid Keyword Stuffing, You Only Need To Write 2,3 Or 4% Of Keywords In Your Post Means That The Post Of 1500 Words, Should Only Contain 20 Or Less Than 20 Keyword. If You Do Keyword Stuffing, You Can Loose Traffic And This Will Be Caused By Google Penguin.

Keyword Density

This Is Also A Another Problem With People. They Write The Keywords In The Posts More Than 2 Or 3 Times. This Is Called Keyword Density Which Means To Write The Title More Than 1 Time. For Example I am Writing "How To Make Blogger Template SEO Friendly - Make Your Blogger Template SEO Friendly", So It Will Be Keyword Density. You Can See That I Have Writed That Two Times Which Is Called Keyword Density. Most Of  The People Also Writes In Meta Description And Permalinks. So Writing The Keyword In Meta Description, Permalinks And Post Title Again And Again (Repeatedly) Is Called Keyword Density. I Hope That You Will Not Do Keyword Density And Will Avoid To Protect Against Google Penguin.

Review Your Post And Check Spell Mistakes

Once You Have Finished Writing Your Whole Article, You Can Check Or Review The Whole Post To Check Whether The Post Have Not Grammatical Mistakes. So Wait And Don't Hit On Publish Button. Most Of The People Never Realized To Review The Post Because They Do Not Like To Waste Their Time But This Is Not Time Wasting, This Will Help You Increase Traffic Because If Your Any Paragraph Or Anything Is Left, Your Blog Traffic Will Decrease Because Of Google Penguin.  So It Is Important For Every Blogger To First Check Your Whole Article You Have Written, Then Hit The Publish Button.

Link Old Posts In New Posts

This Is An Amazing Trick Which Is Done By Many Blogger That The Link Their Old Posts In New Posts To Attention Their Audience To Also Read The Old Article. This Will Help You Increase Your Traffic And It Also Helps To Index Fast Your Posts And Display It On Search Engine And On Positions. You Just Need To Add A Link In Your New Post. This Can Be Done By Going At The Bottom Of The Post. But Remember That Both Posts Must Be Similar To Each Other So That That Audience May Also Read That Related Topic.

Your Turn!

So Now It's Your Turn To Try These Steps To Improve Your Traffic And Skills Of Writing. I Hope That This Post Will Help You Obviously, And Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly. If You Have Any Questions (I Guess Not) You Can Ask In Comments, You Can Also Write For Us For Guest Posting. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And On Social Networks. Keep In Touch With Us To Get More Articles And Tips. Subscribe Us Now To Receive Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. No Spam, We Promise. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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What Is Guest Post And What Are It's Benefits - Complete Guide For Newbies


Blogging Platform Is Growing Day By Day And Have Many New Features Introducing Day By Day. Blogging Has Many Ups And Downs And Today, We Are Going To Discuss About One Of Them, The Guest Post. If You Are New To The Blogging And Don't Know What Is Guest Post, Then Read The Article To Get Info About Guest Post, It's Benefits And All About Guest Post. So Guy's, Lets Start.

What Is Guest Post?

Guest Post Is A Latest Trend In Blogging Which Is Increasing Rapidly. Guest Post Means That The Posts Which Are Published By Guests Means That If You Want To Publish Your Posts On Any Other's Website, So You Can Write And Send An Application To Submit The Guest Post. You Will Read Their Post And Terms They Have Applied, Than If You Want To Publish That Post On Your Website, You Will Publish It Otherwise You Will Cancel That Guest Post.

Why Should You Write Guest Post?

This Question Will Surely Rise Up In Your Mind That Why Should You Write The Guest Post And What Are It's Benefits That You Will Gain. Then Let Me Clear This Thing In Your Mind. Blogging Has Several Benefits For Guest Posts Author And Blog Owner. So Let Me Explain The Benefits Of Guest Post First.

Advantages For Guest Author?

So Let's Say That You Are A Guest Author And  You Have Send An Application To Blog Owner To Accept The Post, The Owner Of A Blog First Checks Your Blog Post And Will Implement Your Bio Box At The Bottom Of Your Post You Have Published. Where You Can Gain A Dofollow Backlink To Your Blog With Social Links. Readers Will Let Know That You Have Written And Published This Post And If They Liked Your Post, They Will Land On Your Blog Or Website And It Will Help In Increasing The Readership And Visitors. So It Is Clear The A Guest Post Will Bring Many Visitors To Your Blog And Increase Traffic Which Is The Need Of Every Blog And Blog Author. The Second Thing That If You Have Published A Guest Post On A Website Or Blog That Have A Good Page Rank, Traffic Rank And Alexa Rank So It Will Also Improve Your Blog's Page Rank And Alexa Rank. Sorry To Say Because My Blog Has Not Enough Page Rank But It Will Soon Get.

Advantages For Blog Owner?

So If You Are A Blog Owner And A Guest Has Published A Guest Post On Your Blog, Then You Will Several Benefits Of It. The First Benefit Is That It's Blog Will Update Regularly Each Time When The Post Is Published And Having A Good Number Of Guest Posts. The Second Benefit Is That It Saves A Lot Of Time Because You Will Not Need To Write Your Own Post. But Don't Let The Guest Posts More Than Your Posts, Make Your Own Posts Higher Than Guest Posts. But Check The Guest Posts Several Times While Accepting It That It Should Be Unique And Not Copied Content From Any Other Website. It Will Increase The Engagement Between The Guest Author's Blog And The Guest Post Accepting Blog's Readers.

Choosing The Perfect Blog For Guest Post

So This Section Is For Guest Post Writers. Before Submitting The Guest Post To Any Website, It Is Important To Check The Websites Requirements That It Receives A Lot Of Traffic And Must Have Page Rank. It Should Also Be Free Of Cost. The Last One Is To Check That It Must Have A Good Number Of Readership. For Readership, You Can Check The Comments On Every Post And Also Feedburner Subscribers. Sorry To Say Because My Blog's Does Not Receive A Lot Of Traffic And Does Not Have A Page Rank. But Soon, It Will Gain It.
If The Blog Is Having All Of The Requirements Things Mentioned Above, Than You Should Submit Your Guest Post To Their Website. If It Doesn't Have Requirements, Do Not Submit Your Post To Them.

Things To Do While Writing A Guest Post

So This Is Not A Big Problem In Getting Approval Of Guest Posts By Blog Owners, But There Are Some Terms And Policies Of Blog Owner Which He Should Tell The Readers To Apply While Writing A Guest Post. Below I've Listed Some Of The Requirements While Writing And Submitting Your Guest Post To Other Website:-
  • Unique Content And Must Not Be Copied : This Is One Of The Most Important Thing That Every Guest Author Should Remember That The Post That Will Submit Must Be Unique And Quality Content And Must Not Be Copied From Any Other Websites. If You Submit The Copied Content It Will Be Caught By The Blog Owner Before Publishing And It Will Not Be Published By Blog Owner Because They Have Several Tools To Check Whether They Have Copied A Content From Other.
  • Well Written Post : This Is Another Thing That The Post Or Article Written For Guest Post Should Be Well Written. So First Read The Post And Find The Mistakes, Then Fix The Grammatical Mistakes And Submit Your Guest Post To Blog Owner. But If You Have Submitted A Post With Mistakes, It's Important For The Blog Owner To Check And Correct The Mistakes.
  • Lengthy Content : This Is Also A Important Thing For The Guest Post Writer That It Should Submit The Post Which Is Lengthy. You Should Read The Article That It Must Contains At Least 500 Words In The Article, Then Publish It.
  • Illegal Topic Or Already Covered Topic : This Is Also Another Mistake Which Is Done By Many Newcomers In Guest Posting That They Choose Irrelevant Topic Or A Topic Which Is Already Discussed. So Before Publishing Any Content, You Should Check That It Does Not Contain Illegal Topic Or Covered Topic.
  • Follow All The Requirements : You Have To Follow Each And Every Rule Above To Get Your Guest Post Published On Your Blog. Simply, You Can Read The  Rules In Their Write For Us Page.

Final Words!

So Friends, This Was The Guide For Newbies To Understand The Guest Post And What Are The Benefits Of Guest Post. I Hope That You Will Also Write A Guest Post To Other's Website And Increase Your Backlinks And Traffic. I Hope You Will Not Get Any Questions In This Article Because It Is Not About Tutorials Or Trick, It's Just An Tip For You. But If You Didn't Understand, You Can Ask In Comments Area. Share This Post On Social Networks And With Your Friends. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Guest Blogging!.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Top 10 Responsive Blogger Templates Of 2014


Blogger Templates Are Growing Day By Day By Designing And Development But Now A Days, A New Feature Is Added Called "Responsive" Which Is Also Spreading Widely On The Internet Used In Templates Because It Gives Many Profits In Web Designing. Responsive Templates Allows Your Template To Get Fitted In Every Size Of The Screen. In Simple Words, Responsive Templates Are Those Which Works On The Screen Of PC Computer, Laptop, Tablets, IPad, IPhone And Other Devices Without Getting Messed. For Desginers, They Are Done By Adding Some CSS3 In Which We Can Make Use Of Media Screen Properties To Detect The Screen Size Of Device And Display It According To The Size. Most Of The Websites, Are Now Making Responsive Templates For Blogger Platform, Wordpress And Other. By Default, The Blogger Template Which You Make From "Template Designer" Are All Responsive, But When You Upload And Apply Custom Template, They Are Not Responsive. So If You Know The Knowledge Of HTML And CSS, You Can Do It Easily By Searching. Now In This Case, I am Going  To Share Top 10 Responsive Templates Of 2014 Which Are Also Professional And Good Quality Look.

Top 10 Responsive Blogger Templates

A Designer Always Want Its Templates To Look Good, Have Responsive Designed, Professional, Premium And Many Other Features That Can Be Used In Blogger. These Templates Are Develop By Developers And Designers And Are Publish On Daily. There Are Hundreds And Thousands Of Websites Creating Blogger Templates, So What Kind Of Template Can You Think And Make?. For Now, I am Going To Share 10 Blogger Templates Which Are Professional Designed And Responsive Layout Which Can Help Your Template Fix On All Devices To Browse It!. Along This, It Also Helps To Make Money Because The Ads Are Then Also Displays On Devices And Can Help You Earn Through Other Devices. So You Can Apply Any Of The One Template You Want Because All Are 100% Responsive.

1. BlogTube
BlogTube Professional Video Blogger Template

Demo |   Download

2. Red Hood Portfolio
Vortex Responsive Blogger Template

Demo |   Download

3. Educator
Educator Blogger Theme (Big View)

Demo |   Download
4. Flat Mag
FlatMag Responsive Blogger Template

Demo |   Download

5. Magazinify

Demo |   Download

6. Vortex
Vortex Responsive Blogger Template

Demo |   Download

7. Brand
BrandMag UX Responsive Blogger Template

Demo |   Download

8. Plazify

Demo |   Download

9. BResponsive

Demo |   Download

10. WarmMag

Demo |   Download

Friday, 17 January 2014

How To Schedule Posts In Blogger For Automatic Publish?


Previously We Discussed Adding Custom Scrollbar In Blogger, How To Find Post Number ID In Blogger. And Now Come To This Post. It Is Important To Update Your Blog Regularly In Order To Receive Good Traffic, Backlinks And Improves Alexa Ranking And Display Post First In Google Search Results. If We Don't Update Out Blog Regularly, We Can Lose Traffic. That's Why It Is Necessary To Update Your Blog Active With Quality And Fresh Updates And Contents. Sometimes, You Cannot Update Your Blog Because You Want To Go For Holidays Or Joining Party, Going For Long Tours And Other. So You Cannot Update For Months Or Weeks, You Can Too Much Busy. Then You Should Schedule Your Posts For Auto-Publish, Means You Are Not Writing And Publishing But Automatically It Will Update And The Visitor Will Thinking That You Are Updating Daily.

What Is Scheduling Posts?

There Is No Difficulty In Scheduling The Posts But This Is A Good Task. It Is Also Similiar To Mobile Alarm That It Will Automatically Publish According To Your Time And Date. So First, Create All Of Your Post Before Going To Any Tour, Than Set The Scheduling Date And Time, Then It Will Automatically Publish Every Post On Right Date And Time, In Simple Words, Your Blog Will Automatically Update By Posting Posts. It Also Means That We're Going To Do Our Blog's Future's Work In Present Time.

How To Schedule?

As I Said Above That It Is Not So Difficult To Set Date And Time, Now I'm Going To Tell You How To Set If You Don't Know How To Do. Just Follow The Simple Steps Below:-

  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> New Post.
  • Now Write Your Post And Prepare It!.
  • Look At The Sidebar, There Will Be Written Schedule Option, Click On It.
  • Now A Screen Will Appear With Two Options.
  • Automatic And Set Date And Time.
  • Click On 'Set Date And Time'.
  • Now Set Any Date And Time You Want.
  • Then Click On 'Done'.
  • Now Click On 'Publish' Button.
  • Remember Not To Click On Close Button Otherwise It Will Convert To Draft Instead Of Schedule.

  • Congratulations!. Now Your Post Will Publish On Right Date And Time That You Have Set.

Final Words!

So Friends, This Was The Very Easy And Short Tutorial For You To Set Date And Time To Publish Post Automativally. I Hope You Will Get A Lot Of Help With This Tutorial, Now Your Post Will Publish Automartically. Keep Visint This Site For Latest Updates Or Subscribe Us To Automatically Get Updates From Us. We Will Provide To Many Tutorials. If You Are Facing Problem With This Tutorial, You Can Ask Any Question In Comments. We Will Always Helping You 24 Hours. Share This Post With Your Friends. Share This Post On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care Of You And Your Family. Happy Blogging!.

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