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Friday, 14 March 2014

How To Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog?

On : 3/14/2014
These Days Or Now A Days, Copying Content Has Been Very Popular Among The World Wide Web. This Is Because The Thieves Are Increasing In Number To Copy Other's Content. Technology Is Trying Various Tools To Catch The Thieves Red Handed But Some Of Them Are Very Smart And Get Out Of Hand. As You Know, We Have Started A Content Copying Series And Previously I Think We've Discussed About How To Protect Your Content Against Stealers And Why You Should Avoid Copying Other's Content, Now In This Article, I Will Tell You Some Tips To Catch The Thieves Of Your Blog And Getting Rid Of Them. This Thing Is Essential For Every Blogger To Find Thieves Every Week In Order To Get Rid Of Them. We Should Check That The Content Is Copied Or Not Because It Decreases Your Contet (The Owner Of Content) Because Alexa Confuse That Who Has Published The Content (Real Owner Of The Content). You Can Caught Thieves With Some Tools And Well As Manually. Before Starting, Have A Look On Our Series.
Content Copying And Protection Series
Part 3 : How To Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog? - (Current)

Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog

This Is The Part Of This Article, In This We Will Find The Content Thieves With The Help Of Some Tools And Catching It Manually And Requesting Them That Not To Copy Our Content. With The Help Of This, You Can Easily Get Rid From The Copiers. Below I've Listed All Of The Tools And Tips:-

1. Copyscape

CopyScape Is The Most Popular Thieves Checker Tool (Plagiarism Checker Tool) And Is Very Easy To Use. It Finds Top 10 Copies Of The Web Page Or Content Of A Web Page.  To Find The Content Thief, Just Write The URL Of The Blog (Don't Write Your's), Now It Will Take 2-5 Seconds To Load The Result. Then Check The Page Copies Of Your Content. It Will Display Some Links Of The Blog Which Have Copied Content. If You Click On The Link, It Will Open The Site Which Has Copied The Content, Then You Can See That You Have Copied The Content. The Matched Keywords Will Be Highlighted. So Now You've Got The Copycat Of The Stealer.

2. Dupli Checker

This Is Another Great Tool For Checking Plagiarism (Copies Of Content). This Tool Help You To Find The Text Copied. It Means That You Don't Have To Write The URL Of The Blog, But Here You Have To Write The Whole Text Of Your Post, Which Means You All Select All (Copy All) And Paste It There In The Box, Then If Any Of The Web Page Matches The Keywords, It Will Display The URL Of The Copied Content. You Can Also Upload .doc Or .txt File, There You Have To Write The Text In Notepad And Save It And Upload It To Dupli Checker To Check The Text Copies. The Best Thing Of The Tool Is That It Checks Each And Every Line Copied.

3. PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter Is One Of The Greatest And Even Great Tool For Checking The Page Copies. I Suggest You To Use This One Tool Because I Also Use This Tool To Check Plagiarism. It Is Very Sharp In Finding The Content Copies, If You Write Your Own Blog URL, It Will It Will Display One Of The Text Matched, Even If You Write My Blog URL, It Will Find That URL Also Because It Is The Best. You Can Only Check 10 URLs A Day. It Also Has Many More Great Features Like Checking More Than 1 URL At Time But It Is Premium. Simply There, You Will Have To Write The URL Of The Blog Which You Have To Find The Copies, Then Click  On "Find Page Copies", Now Wait For A While, It Will Display Results, With The Percent Of Matched Results And Sources From Where It Matches The Content. Click On Any One Of The Matched Source And See The Post, See The Whole And If One Of The Word Matches, It Will Highlight That Word With Pink Color. It Also Display The Total Number Of Words Matched From The Source.

4. More Tools For Checking Content Copies

There Are A Lot Of Online Tools To Check The Page Copies Of Your Content. I Listed Only Three Of The Tools Because They Are The Most Popular Tools For Checking Plagiarism. If You Want To Check With Another Tool, I've Made A Short Book For You Where There Are 20 Tools For Checking  The Plagiarism. Click On The Button Below To Download The File.
{Note : The File Is "PDF" Format, So You Should Use Adobe Reader To Open, But If You Have Windows 8.1, You Can Open It With The Reader App Included In Windows, Otherwise Download Adobe Reader}.
Yes, A Great Way To Find, As It Really Works!. You Can Also Find The Content Thieves Of Your Blog Through Webmasters Tools. When A Thief Copy Theh Whole Text And Paste It In His Site, He/She Does Not Care About It's Internal Linking, That Thing Can Get Him Caught Red Handed.  Now There Is A Great Tool In Webmasters To Check The Linking To Your Site. Simply We Can Access Or See That Site With The Help Of That Simple Tool.  It Will Tell Us That Which Page Has Been Linked To You From. To Do This, Do The Following Steps:-

  • Go To Webmasters Tools >> Site Dashboard >> Look At Left Sidebar >> Search Traffic >> Links To Your Site.
  • Here All Of The Domains Are Available Who Have Linked To Your Site.
  • See That One Domain, Which Has The Highest Links To Your Site.
So, This Is Also A Very Useful Method To Catch The Thief Through Webmaster Tools.

6. Catch Thieves Manually

There Is Also A Method To Catch The Thief Manually By Searching Your Topic On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You Can Do It Simply, By Searching Your Post Title, Then See That If Any Of The Topic Is Same, Then Land On That Post, Then See That The Post Should Conatin Different Description But If It Is Same Like Yours, You've Just Catch Your Content Thief Manually And Very Easily. But In This Case, You Will Need A Lot Of Time Because You Have To Check Each And Every Post Manually. Another Thing Is That Copier Also Copy Your Images, So You Can Also Find Through Image Matching Easily. I Suggest You To Add The Watermark In Your Images To Protect Your Credits. So This Method Is Also Great.

Getting Rid From Content Thieves

As I Described Above That There Are Two Portion Of This Post, The First Are The Affective Tips For You Which I Hope Will Very Helpful To You In Finding Thieves, And The Second Is That How To Get Rid From Thieves. So This Is The Second Portion Of This Article, We Will Learn How To Get Rid Of Thieves. So Here Is The Tips You Can Do Honestly.

1. Send Application To Content Scrapers To Remove Your Content

This Is The First Tip Of Getting Rid That You Should Send An Application On Email Regarding Them To Remove Your Content Otherwise It Will Be Harmful For You. So You Can Send An Application. If You Can't Find Email Address Of The Thief, Just Go To His Site About Me Or Us Page And There Will Be Written. Otherwise Comment On The Site In The Post. Here Is The Short Message Which I've Prepared For You.

I Know You Are "Thief Name" From "Thief's Blog". I Just Found You That You Have Loved My Article And Enjoyed Reading And I Am Really Happy To Hear Such News. Unfortunately, I Have Heared A Bad News Also That You've Copied Some Of My Posts From My Blog. Which I Hate Really.

I Just Want To Notify You That Copying Or Stealing Other's Copying In Illegal In Law And Google DMCA And It Can Get Your Blog In Great Damage. So, I Request You To Pause This Copying Work Instead Making Your Own Content.

The Content Which You Have Copied From My Site, I Want To Tell You That Is Copyrighted To Me, And I Have Full Permission To Do Anything With It, Even To Copy. But You Don't Have Any Permission. I Can Easily Get You In Damage If You Don't Stop This Illegal Work But I Don't Want Because You Are One Of My Blog Reader.

My Suggestion Is To Delete All Of  The Copied Content From My Site, And Try To Build Own Content, No Matter If You Create A Short Content, At Least Try And Do It, You Will Get More Traffic Even For A  Short Post Instead Of Big Post Copied. If You Don't Like To Remove My Content, Then I Will Need To Take Action With You  Through DMCA.
I Wish You To Become Successful In Blogging!.

Thank You.

Your Name
Replace All Of The Bold Letters (Only Three) With Your Text. Now Send This Application To His/Her Email Address. Now It's Thief's Choice To Remove The Content Because We Have Talk With Him Respectively, But If He/She Not Do This, Then, It's Time To Take An Action (Tutorial Soon)

2. Complain The Hosting Provider Of Your Content Thief's Site

This Is Another A Little Trick To Complain Report And Block The Roads Of Your Copycat So He Can't Touch Your Post. If You Content Thief Has Custom Domain Name, Then You Can Complain The Hosting Provider Of Your Thief, Which Means That You Will Report To Hosting Provider From Where He/She Had Purchased The Domain Name. This Is Because DMCA Has Some Rules Of Buying Custom Domain Which You've To Read And Accept Otherwise You Will Get Damaged. You Will Complain To Their Hosting Company To Take Action From This Domain Because He/She Had Re-Published The Content. Before Complaining To His/Her Hosting Company, You Will Have To Find Out That Where The Domain Has Been Hosted. You Can Ask Him/Her By Talking Him Through Email-Address Of His/Her, But If You Didn't Get Reply, I Have A Simple Tool From Where You Can Get Full Information, Godaddy Who is. It Is A Simple Tool To Get Full Info Of The Register Site Of Copycat's Domain. This Will Not Show Only Of Godaddy, But All Of The Domain Registering Website. Simply Write The Address Of The Copycat's Site Which You've To Find The Hosted Domain Site And Then Press Enter (Note : You Can Select ".net" Or ".com" Domain Option Located On The Right Side On The Box Of Domain Name Address, Now You Will Be Asked To Confirm Captcha, Just Write The Captcha And Verify That You Are Not A Robot Or Spammer. Now After A Few Moments, You Will Get Full Info About His/Her Domain And Full Bio Of Here Including Home Address And Street etc. Now There, You Will See "Registrar URL", And After The Option, There Will Be A Link Of The Hosted Domain Name Site. Now, Simply Go To Their Site, Go To Support Or Help Page And Send An Email Regarding The Complain Of Copyrighted Material With Full Description And The Link Of Owner And Copycat Both Links. Explain With Respectfully So That They Understand That You Are Not Spammer And Not Sending Spam, But You Are Complaining. Then After Few Days, Wait For Their Reply And See The Result. If They Didn't Accept, Then Try To Send Again With Asking Them To Accept Your Application Of Kindness.

3. Report To DMCA

As I Have Mentioned The Above Tips And I Hope That It Will Work Fine And Successfully But If, Still Not, Then You've To Complain The Report To DMCA. In The Complain, You've To Describe Your Work And Give Some Proofs To Verify That It Is Your Work.  You Will Also Need To Send An Link Which Have Copied Your Content (Link Of Thief's Site). They May Be Ask You For Your Signature (Not With Hand). After Describing Your All Feelings, You Will Send The Report To DMCA And Then They Will Receive That Report. Now You Have To Wait For 2 Or More Weeks For The Response.  If They Agree That You Are The Real Owner Of The Content, Then They Will Take An Action With The Thief In A Short Time. Now, After This Part Of The Series, We Will Come To Last Part Of Our Series Which Will Is Reporting Complain To Google DMCA Which We Are Describing Now. Remember That DMCA And Google DMCA Are Two Different Products.

Last Words!

So Guys, That Was All About Finding Thieves Online Of Your Blog And Getting Rid From Them In Order To Be Success Your Blog More Surely.  I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Little To Know How To Do All. If You Know More Tips, Please Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Share This Post With Your Friends And Blogger Fellows And Try To Explain Them These Tips If They Are Also One Of Them. Also Share On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us And Subscribe To Get Hot Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Don't Forget To Give Your Good And Understanding Feedback. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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