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Friday, 14 March 2014

How To File An Online Complaint To Google DMCA


Copying Other's Work Or Content From Any's Website/Blog Is Illegal In All Case Especially In Blogger Platform, It's The Most Popular Platform Ever But This Platform Always Doing Many Bad Things Due To Audience's Behaviour. Blogging Is A Journey To Success By Making Or Building Your Own Work With Hardness To Be Achieve But Some Of People Don't Believe About This Thing Which Is The Big Problem Of Getting Your Blog In Great Damage. This Works Need A Little Hard Work And Your Time With Attention In Order To Be Success In Blogging Journey Otherwise You Will Be Interreupted. He Does Research About Something And Take His Lot Of Time To Find And Build Their Own Content, And The Copycats Easily Select All The Content And Instantly Paste It In His/Her Blog Which Is Illegal And The Content Owner Always Hurt By Hearing Such News. No One Can Teach Copycats. My Word Is That No People Can Teach The Copycats To Not To Copy Content, But If Some Of Them Understand, You Should Forgive Him, But Some Of Them Are Very Bad And Do Not Remove, Then We Have To Take An Action With Him If He Didn't Understand. He Did Not Know That In Very Short Time, He Will Be Caught By Plagiarism And Search Engines And Soon, His Hard Work Of Copying Will Be Waste. Here, We Have Started A Content Copying And Protection Series Which Is Going Great With Many Benefits And Explanation To Copycat, But This Is Our Last Part Of The Series For The Content Owner If He/She Wants To Take An Action Through DMCA In Order To Delete His/Her Blog If He Is Not Understanding Your Words. In This Part, We Will Describe That How To Complain An Online Report To Google DMCA If He/She Is Running A Blogger Blog, Then You Can Easily Complain And Delete His/Her Blog.

Content Copying And Protection Series
Part 4 : How To Report An Online Complaint To Google DMCA?  - (Current)

The Blogger DMCA

If You Don't Know About Internet And It's Law, Then You Should Know About This. As You Know, Google Is One Of The Popular Websites Introducing Almost New Interfaces Every Year Or Month, But Also Making Some DMCA And Laws To Catch The People Who Are Thieves.  Google Is Highly Stricted In Their Rules Because They Wanted Their Audience To Not Do Like This Otherwise Their Website Can Loose Ranking. Blogger.com Was Created By PyraLabs And Google Published It In 2003 To Let The People Create Their Own Website. In The Beginning Of Blogging, Many Of The People Used This Blogger.com Blog To Blog And To Receive Traffic And Earn Money For Them. Then Blogger Became On Of The Most Famous Platform, Then They Also Introduced New Features And Interface For Users To Apply Their Own Appearance Of Look. Slowly, Google Imporved Blogger.com With Tons Of Features. But Quiet Later, People Started To Copy The Contents From Other Because There Were So Many Of Blogs To Copy Other's Content. And Also Start Spamming. Then Google Launched The Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). They Launched This In Order To Catch The Thieves And Delete Their Whole Work So They Should Understand And Will Never Do This. Google DMCA Is For All Google Products So We Can Easily Complain Through Any Of The Product. Then After, Blogger Also Introduced The New "Automated Classification System" Which Detects That Who Is Doing Spam Comments, Copying Content And Re-Publishing It, It Automatically Takes An Action Against Them. When Someone Receives More Then 10 Complains About His/Her Blog That He/She Had Either Spammed Or Duplicated Content, Then Blogger Classification System Automatically Delets His/Her Blog. If You Are Using Blogger, I Suggest You To Try To Build Your Own Content, You Will Realize That You Are Getting Famous On The Website For Creating Your Own Content. No Matter If You Are Using Wordpress, But You Should Not Copy Other's Content At All In Any Of The Platform.

Blogger DMCA Is Free To Use For Everyone Thats Why It Is Classified For Complaining For Free. In Order To Complain To Them, You Will Get A Short Filling Form In Which You've To Describe Your Bio And Your Complaint About Content Copying. Once Your Application Is Being Accpeted By The Google DMCA That You Are The Original Owner Of The Content Then The DMCA Will Removes The Copied Post From Search Engines And Also From His Blog. This Was The Introduction Of The Blogger DMCA Policies Which They Have Applied In Order To Reduce The Number Of Copiers Daily. So, In Today's Post, We Will Teach You That How Can You Report Complain To Google DMCA In Order To Get Freedom From Copycats. Let's Begin The Little And Simpler Tutorial With Attention!.

How To Complain A Content Copied Report To Google DMCA?

After Learning About All Of The Laws Of Blogger DMCA And Policies, It's Time To Block The Copycats To Get Your Content Stolen From Them. Now, If You Are A Original Content Owner And Someone Had Copied And Re-Published Your Content, Then You Have Full Rights And Duety To Complain The Report Of Content Stolen To Google DMCA In Order To Remove His/Her Copied Content From Search Engines And Blog. But Make Sure That The Blog Must Be Hosted On Blogger.com Otherwise, Google Will Not Accept Your Application Of Stolen Content. And Don't Send That False Complains About Someone Otherwise It May Delete Your Blog Or Content (Maybe), It's Not Confirmed.

In Order To Complain, First Of All, You Will Need To Go To Blogger DMCA Complaint Form. After Getting On The Web Page, You Will See A Long Policy Of Their Where You Are Going To Complain. And Below That, You Will See A Long Form With Many Subjects And Boxes, Here You Have To Fill Up Your Complains With Your Full Bio And Post Original Link. Simply Fill The Form Below.

1. Contact Information

In This Section, You've To Simple Fill Your Bio (Includes Name And Company Name) And Your Email Address And Your Country.

  • Name: Here You Have To Enter Your Name. Just Enter Your Full Name And Confirm That You Should Give The Name You Have It On Your Blogger Account.
  • Company Name: It Is The Place Where You Have To Write The Name Of Your Work Where You Are Doing Currently. Simply Write Your Blog's Name.
  • Full Legal Name Of The Copyright Holder: It Is The Area Or Box Where You Have To Write The Name Of The Original Content Owner Or Owner Of Copyrighted Content. If You Are The Owner, Simply Write Your Full Name Here.
  • Contact Email Address: Here You Will Have To Write Your Email Address. Then They Will Send You A Confirmation Message In Order To Verify Your Email Address. It Will Also Stats About All Of The Updates Made With Your Complain. Remember To Write Your Gmail Email Address.
  • Country Of Residence: In This Area, Select Your Country You Are From.

2. Your Copyrighted Work

After You've Filled Your Contact Information, It's Time To Give Some Proof Of Your Work And The Address Of The Copycat. Here You Will Describe Full Copyrighted Work. This Is One Of The Most Important Part Because Here We Will Describe The Main Work Which Is Complaining Of Content Copying. Let's Get Started With Screenshot And Explanation.

  • Where Can We Seen An Authorized Example Of The Work:  Here In This Box, You Have To Write Your Copyrighted Work URLs. Which Means That You Have To Write The URL Of Your Post Which Have Been Stolen By Thieves. Now Fill Up Thix Box And Jump To Next. Remember To Put One Link Per Line (One Post Link Per Line).
  • Identify And Describe The Copyrighted Work: In This Box, You've To Write A Detailed Description About Your Copyrighted Work, Means That You've To Describe The Whole Work You've Made With Hardness. Write Some Brief Definition Telling Them That How You Reached To The Duplicated Content. Write A Good Message For Them So It May Become Acceptable That You Are The Original Owner Of The Content. You Can Write Like This "I Want To Tell You That I've Made My Copyrighted Content And Found My Work On Other's Blog/Website Which I Reached Through Google Search Engine". This Is A Short Message But You Can Tell More.
  • Allegedly Infringing Material: This Is The Main Box Of This Portion, Here You Have To Write The URL Of The Duplicated Content, Means That You Have To Write The Link Of Your Copycat.Don't Write In The Above Box. But If You've Written In Copyrighted Work Section, Then You've To Write That Same URL In This Box. In Order To Add More Links, Click On "Add Additional" Field Written Near The Box. 

3. Sowrn Statements And Signatures

After Describing Your Contact Information And Explaining Your Copyrighted Work, Now You Will Get Into "Sworn Statements And Signatures" Section, Where You Have To Agree Some Fields And You To Sign In The Signature Box. Simply, Read Their Policies And Agree, Then Check The Fields And Come Below The Signature Box And Write Your Signature There. If You Didn't Understand, Learn It Below With The Help Of Screenshot And Explanation.

  • Sowrn Statements: Here You Have To Check Two Fields (Above Screenshot) And Accept Their Policies. You Can See In Above Screenshot That Above Each Check Field, Their Is Policy Written.
  • Signature: Here You Have To Give Your Signature And The Date You Are Complaining. In The First Box, Write The Current Date You Are Online With, And In Below On, Write Your Signature. Don't Worry, Just Write Your Own Name Or Any Name You Want.

4. Submitting Report

After Preparing Your Whole Complaint, It's Time To Submit Your Application With Respect And Send It To DMCA. Now After Written Whole Complain, Scroll Your Window Below And You Will See "Account Disabling" Section Where They Will Describe That From Where You Can Submit Your Application. See At The Bottom You Can See The Blue "Submit" Button. Before Submitting Your Complaint, I Recommend You To Review Or Overview Your Application In Order To Correct Some Mistakes You've Given (Mayvbe). 
Now You Will Receive An Email To Your Email Address Which You've Given To One Of The Section Of "Contact Information" That Thanks For Submitting Complain And They Will Review Soon.  So From Now Onwards, You've To Wait Until Their Reply For More Than 2 Weeks To Get Your Complain Accepted And They Act Upon That Complaint. If They Didn't Accept, It Means That You Have Make Some Mistakes In Given The URL Of Copyrighted URL Or Of Your Copycat URL. So Fill The Form With Concentration.

Watch Video Tutorial
If You Didn't Understand, Please Watch This Video Tutorial Below:-

Watch In HD

Final Words!

So Friends, You've Successfully Blocked Your Copycat 100% To Avoid Copying Content From Your Site Because In Our Previous Part, We've Already Discussed Some Tools For Catching And Removing His/Her Content From His/Her Blog. This Was The Last Part Of Our Series To Complaint Your Complain Your Google DMCA For Feeling Sad Because Of Your Content Is Continuously Stolen. I Hope This Series And Part Will Help You To Secure And Remain Safe From Thieves Of Content. Now Share This Post With Your Friends Who Also Do This And Also Share This On Social Networks. Please Give Your Feedback About How The Series Was. Bad Or Awesome?. Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Get In Touch With Us And Subscribe Us To Receive More Updates From Us. Take Care And Happy Blogging!.

Friday, 7 March 2014

How To Host CSS Or Other Files Externally In Blogger With Google Drive


Hi Friends!, We're Back Finishing Final Examination. I Hope You Will Not Get Bored. We've Discussed Many Tutorials, The Last One Was How To Use Blogger And Google+ Comments System Together In Blogger?, Now We Are Going To Discuss About Hosting You CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Externally On Your Blog's Template. This You Do Actually To Hide Your Template Against Template Stolen. If You Don't Know What Is This Hosting Externally Your Style Sheet, Let Me Tell You It's Complete Benefits. Read The Article Carefully In Case, If You Make Any Mistake, The Whole Template Will Be Inclement.

What Is Hosting CSS Or Other Files Externally?

So This Question Might Comes In Your Mind That What It Is?. Well, This Is The Simple Method Of Hiding Your CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Against Template Stealer. Which Means The If You Wan't Not To Display Your Whole CSS Code In Page Source Of Browser, You Can Do This Step. The CSS Of Your Blog's Are Stored Inside <b:skin><![CDATA[</b:skin>, This Is The Tags Inside Which The Styling Of Page Is Stored, Remember That The <style> Tag Is Only Included In <head> Or <body> Or Post HTML But In Template They Use This. So This Is The Great Feature For All Of The Bloggers. In This Course, We Are Going To Use Google Drive Because It Is The Best One Because Blogger Is Also Connected With Google Drive Because They Both Are Owned By Google. Below I've Listed The Benefits And Disbenefits Of Hosting CSS File With Google Drive.

Features Of Hosting CSS File Externally With Google Drive

  • Boost Loading Time : When You Insert Your All Of Your CSS Code Inside One File, Then Your Website Loading Time Will Increase Because The Lines Of Codes Will Decrease. It Is Also Essential To Host Files On That Servers Which Are Fast And Reliable Which Is Google Drive.
  • Beginner's Can't Copy Your Template : So This Is The Great Feature Of It That The One Blogger Who Is Beginner And Know Bit About Web Designing, Then He Can't Copy Your Template Because He Don't Know How To Copy Then He Thinks That He Had Hide His CSS. But The Professionals Or Experts Can Do It Easily.
  • Create And Edit : Google Drive Allows You The Flexibility To Create And Edit Your Documents On Google Docs Online. You Can Also View Your File On Google Docs And Share It.
  • So Much Space : Google Drive Have Enough Space Of 5 GB To Their Free Users So You Can Store Millions Of Your Document (Not WinRaR Or ZIP) In It. If Your Free Space Is Full, Then You Can You Can Upgrade Your Account By Payment To Them. But I Think That 5 GB Is Enough For You To Store Only Documents.
  • Reliable And Upgradeable : With 100% Trusted And Uptime, This Allows You Store Files Of Any Type, Any Host You Like, But Don't Forget To Take Care Of Your Disk Space, Or You Can Upgrade Your Account.
  • Your Files - Your Control : Google Drive Tracks All Of Your Changes You Have Done To Your Drive Including Documents Whenever You Upload, So Whenever You Will Upload File, A New Revision Will Also Get Save. You Can Peek Back And Arrange Your Revision As You Want.
  • Best Security : Google Drive Allow You To Highly Protect Your Documents Against Stealers. As You Know That This Is Google's Product, It's Rules Are Highly Strict Rules To Security. It Has Utilized HTTPS Encryption Program To Keep Your Documents And Files Almost Safe And Secure.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth : This Is Another Great Feature Of It ThatGoogle Drive Allows You Unlimited Bandwidth So That Your Files May Not Down Or Delete While You Are Slept.
  • Make Your Files Visible : Google Drive Also Allow You To Make Your Files Public Or Private. Which Means That If You Select Private, Then It Will Only Visible To You And No One Can See Your Files But If You Select Public, Then Everyone Can See. You Can Upload Your Files And Make It Private Because If Your Hard Disk Get Damaged, You Can Download It Again Later After Repairing.
  • All Free : So You Might Be Thinking That These All The Features Must Be Premium But Not, This Is Completely Free Or You Can Say 100% Free. Even I Have Left Lot Of More Features.


  • Layout Page Messed : This Is The Baddest Disadvantage Of It Because After You Have Hosted The File Externally In Blogger, You Will Of Course Mess Your Layout Page Which Means That Your Layout Page Will Interrupt Or You Can Say That The Widgets Will Not Display Properly.
  • You Can't Customize : This Is Also A Great Damaged That You Can't Customize Your Template After Hosting. This Is Because You Can't Make Changes In The File When You Have Uploaded. But You Can Do One Thing, You Can Customize It And Upload It Again And Then Host It Again On Your Blog.

Hosting Your CSS Files In Blogger With Google Drive

After You Have Learned The Features And Disadvantages, You May Be Thinking Of Hosting Your CSS Also In Your Blog, So You Can. This Tutorial Is For That Only. We Will Provide You Tutorial With Screenshots If You Get Confused. This Tutorials Contain Three Portions. So Read Carefully.


Before Starting The Tutorial And Process, Must Backup Your Template In Case Of Getting Your CSS Lost. If You Delete Your Whole Code From The Template And If Your Hosting Doesn't Works, Then You Will Weep All The Time, So It's Better To Backup Your Template In Each Tutorial. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps:-

Step#1 : Making Your CSS File

So This Is The First Step And Part Of You Tutorial, You Must Copy Your Whole Code Between <b:skin> Tag In Order To Host File With Google Drive. Remember Not To Copy The <b:skin> Tag, Only The Code Inside.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • See <b:skin> Tag In Your Template, Then Expand It, Then Copy Your Whole Code Which Is In Blue Color.

  • After Expanding, Copy The Code Inside <b:skin></b:skin> Tag.

  • After You've Copied Your Code, Just Paste It In Notepad.
  • Then Save Your File As "style.css", Remember Not To Name Your Custom Otherwise It Will Not Work Or You Can Name It Without Spaces, But Insert ".css" At The End Otherwise It Will Not Work Of Course.

  • After Saving Your File, You've Done First Step, Let's Move To Next.

Uploading Your style.css To Google Drive

So, You've Made Your CSS File Of Your Blog Which Is The Complete Design Of Your Blog, Let's Simply Upload It On Google Drive And Make It Public. Let's Start:-
  • Go To Google Drive And Sign In With Your Google Or Gmail Account.
  • I Recommend You To Create A Seperate Folder Of Hosting Files So You Can Access It Easily.
  • In Order To Upload Your File, Click On "Upload" Button, Then Click On "Files".
  • Now A Window Will Appear Asking You To Upload File, Click On "style.css" And Then Hit "Open".

  • Now Wait A Few Moments, Then Your Upload Will Complete!.
  • After Uploading, See The File In Folder.
  • You Have To First Make It "Public".
  • Right On The File You Have Just Uploaded.
  • Then Click On "Share", Again Share.
  • Now A Window Will Appear With Sharing Code And Privacy.
  • First, Copy The Selected Code In The Notepad And Save It, Then Click On "Change" Button Inside "Who Can Access".

  • After Saving The Code In Notepad And Making It Public On The Web, Let's Move To Next And Last Step.

Connecting External File In Blogger

  • I Think That You Have Seen The Sharing Code.
  • It Is Like This "https://drive.google.com/file/d/the-file-code" Which You Have To Change Like This "https://googledrive.com/host/the-file-code".
  • Remember That Not To Change Any Other Code From The Sharing Link.
  • To Connect This In Blogger, Paste The Following Code Below <head> Or Above </head> Tag.
<link href='https://googledrive.com/host/your-file-code' rel='stylesheet'/>

  • As You Have Seen In The Above Image That You Have To Replace your-file-code With Your Code Like Above. 
  • So After Adding The File In Blogger, Remove The Whole CSS Code And Test It That It Works, If Not Then Restore Your Template And Do It Again Carefully.
  • One Thing Remember That Must Preview Your File You Have Uploaded (See That The Google Drive Link Is Working Or Not).
  • Click On "Save Template".
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've Done!.

What If You Get Error While Saving Template?

If You Are Getting Error In Saving Your Template, It Means That You Have Completely Remove The Whole Code Which Is Not To Be, Blogger Doesn't Allow You To Leave <b:skin> Tag Completely Empty. So You Have To Keep This In Mind That Write Atleast On Comment Inside The Tag To Work. You Can Write Comments Like This:-
/* Your Comment */
Now, You've Know It All!.

Hosting Javascript Files In Blogger With Google Drive

So, This Is Also A Same Method Like Above One, Just Read Below:-
  • Create Your File And Save It As "anyname.js", Remember To Put ".js" At The End Of The Name Which Means Javascript.
  • Remember To Write The Code Without "<script type='text/javascript'>" Tag And Closing Of It.
  • Upload To Google Drive.
  • Make It Public On The Web Otherwise It Will Not Work.
  • Replace Your "drive.google.com/file/d/file-code" With "googledrive.com/host/file-code".
  • Now You Just Need To Add It In Blogger.
  • To Add It, Just Copy The Link (googledrive.com Link).
  • Add The Hosted Link Like This:-
<script src='your-file-link'></script>

  • Example:-
<script src='https://googledrive.com/host/0B3Ztl1RRz6W7Rmd0Wk9SbXppSFU'></script> 
  • Save Your Template.
  • You've Done It!. 
If You Didn't Understand At All!, See The Video Tutorial Below:-

Final Words!

So Friends This Was How You Can Hide Your Whole CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Against Copier Or Stealer, Now Your CSS Will Not Display In Page-Source Of Your Browser Because Beginner's Will Not Understand Where The Code Is. I Hope That You Will Like Google Drive As It Brings Lot Of Features. Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Lot. I've Explained Each And Everything With Screen Shots, But If You Didn't Understand At All, Ask In Comments, I Will Help You Right Time. I Have Also Provided You A Video Tutorial So You Can Understand It Easily!. If You Know More Tricks And Tips, Share Your Thoughts With Us!. Please Share This Post With Your Friends And On Social Networks. Get In Touch With Us For Hot Updates, Subscribe Us Now For Updates Straight In Your Inbox, No Spam. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

Friday, 24 January 2014

How To Upload Files For Downloading In Blogger (Google)?


Blogger Is A Best Platform For Blogging Which Is Used By Millions Of People And Are Created Daily. The Feature Of This Platform Is That Everything Is Possible And Can Be Customizable Than Wordpress, It Also Has A Feature Of Hosting Which Means We Just Need To Puchase Only Domain Only Without Hosting If Domain Name Is Required. When We Create A Blog And Starting Publishing Posts, We Need Some Posts Which Contains Download Information Which Means That We Are Telling User To Download The File. But, In Blogger, There Is No Option Of Uploading Data Files Due To Free Hosting. So Sometimes Peoples Get Confused That How To Upload Files And Give It To Users For Download . So In This Tutorial, I Will Teach You How To Upload Files In Blogger (Google) For Download.

How To Upload And Download Files?

So, As I Described Above That There Is No Option For Download In Blogger, Don't Get Angry. Because If There Is Not Option In Blogger, We Can Use External Services. Which Means That The Files Uploaded Are Not Uploaded On Blogger, But You Have To Manually Paste The Link Of The Download In Blogger Post Editor. We Will Use Google Drive Because It Is One Of The Most Popular Cloud Hosting And File Sharing Service. First We Will Upload Files And Make It Public Means That The Uploaded File Is Only Enable (Displayed) For You That's Why We Will First Make It Visible To Everyone, Than After Uploading And Storing Data On Google Drive, We Will Insert The Download Link In The Blogger Post Editor In Download Button Or On Any Text You Want. So Let's Start With Few Simple Steps:-

1# Instructions

  • Go To Google Drive >> Create >> Folder.
  • Name Your Folder As Downloads.
  • Now Click On Up Arrow And Select "File" Or "Folder".
  • In Folder, You Will Upload A Folder And In File, You Will Upload A Single File.
  • Then Click Upload Icon >> Choose "Files", Now Choose File Or Folder You Want.

  • After Uploading The File, Right Click On That File And Click On "Share", Again Share.
  • Now A Pop Up Box Will Appear.
  • In  The "Who Han Access" Section, Click On "Change" Button.
  • Now Again A Pop Up Box Will Appear, There Will Be Tick Marked "Share Privately", Than Tick On "Public On The Web" And Click On Save Button.

  • Now You Will Go To Previous Pop Up Box, There Will Be A Share Link, If You Want To Share That Link, You Can Add Anywhere On Your Blog, But For Download, We Will Learn Below. Then Click On "Done"
  • Now Finally You Will Paste The Download Link In Your Blog, Let's Learn.
  • After Clicking On "Done", Right Click On That Uploaded File.
  • Then Click On Download.
  • Now A New Window Will Appear And Your Download Will Start, Cancel Your Download And Copy Link In The Address Bar Of Your Browser.
  • Copy The Link And Save It In Notepad.
  • Now Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> New Post >> Link.
  • Paste The Copied Link In The URL Box.

  • Now Click On "OK".
  • Prepare Your Post.
  • Publish It!.

2# Instructions

  • Go To Google Drive >> Create Folder >> Upload File.
  • Make The File Public On The Web.
  • Copy The Above Code In Notepad Above The "Who Can Access" Section.
  • Copy Another Below Code In Notepad And Save It:-

  • And The First Copied Code Will Look Like This:-

  • Now You Have To Just Change Like This:-

  • Now Prepare Your Post.
  • Add The Link In The Text.
  • Publish Your Post.
  • Check It.
  • That's All!. 
Didn't Understand!, Watch The Video Tutorial Below:-

Final Words!

So Friends That Was How We Can Upload And Download Files In Blogger, Now When Your Any Visitor Click On Download Button, It Will Automatically Start Downloading That File. Google Drive Allows To Download Fast, Reliable And Resume Capabilities That's Why I Have Chosen This. I Hope That This Tutorial Is Very Simple And Helps You A Lot Because We Tried It To Made Even Simple And Easier For You. If You Are Facing Any Problem, Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. Please Share This Post With Your Friends, And Also On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Cheers!.

Monday, 20 January 2014

How To Enable Google+ Comments System In Blogger?


As You Know That Google Had Introduced A New Social Network Called "Google+" It Has Come With Many New Features And Advantages Of Using It Which Is Owned By The King Of The Internet Which Is Google. Google Is The World's First Positioned Website Which I Cannot Tell The Visitors Of Daily Means That It Is Uncountable. Blogger And Google+ Are Updating Their Features Than In The Past, Blogger Had Introduced Himself With Many New Features. Now Google Had Announce A New Feature Related With Google+ That Is That You Are Able To Enable Google+ Comments System In Blogger Which Can Make You Blog Look More Professional And SEO And Google+ Friendly. So Here Were Are Going To Learn That How To Enable Google+ Comments System In Blogger Which Is Also A Easiet. But Befre, We Must Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google+ Comments.


  • Professional Look : It Has Stylish Designed Feature Which Can Attract Your Visitors To Comment.
  • Edit And Delete Comments : No Worry That If Someone Have Commented Wrong, He/She Can Easily Edit Or Delete In This System.
  • Privacy : This Is Another Great Feature For Better Security That Your Visitor Can Comment And Add It With Public Or Private Comment.
  • Comment Order : This Is Also A Good Feature That The Comment Publish On Last, Appears First On Google+ But In Blogger Comment System, Last Comment Always Appears On Last.
  • Plus One On Comments : In This Comment System, Anyone That Plus One Your Comment Means That He Is Voting Your Comment And This May Help Improve Your Blog Traffic From Google+.
  • Sharing Comments : When Someone Writes His Comment, His Comment Is Automatically Shared On Google+ And This Will Also Help You In Getting Double Traffic From Google+.


  • Only Google Registered User Can Comment : This Is The First Disadvantage Of This That Only A Person Who Have Gmail Account, Can Only Comment, So Might Loose The Comments.
  • URL Based : This Is Also A Bad Disadvantage That The Comments Are Your Post URL Based Means That If You Changed T he URL Of Your Post, All Of Your Comments Will Be Deleted.
  • No Notification : There Is No Notification System In Google+ Comment, But You Can Check In Your Inbox Of Your Gmail Account. Otherwise You'll Need To Check It Manually.
  • No Approvals : This Is Not Having Any Approval System Which Means That You Will Not Get Notified That You Have Commented Spam Because You Have To Check It Manually.

How To Enable Google+ Comments

So This Is A Very Simple Step For Adding Google+ Comments System Because You Just Have To Tick A Simple Option. So Let's Get Started.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Google+ Section.
  • There Will Be A Option "Use Google+ Comments On This Blog" Just Tick Mark It.
  • See The Screenshot Below

  • You've Done It!.
If Your Google+ System Doesn't Works It Means That You Are Using Custom Blogger Template And Many Custom Templates Does Not Enable Directly, So Here Is The Little Trick To Use Google+ Comments On Custom Templates. Just Follow The Steps Below To Add Comments System In Custom Blogger Tempalte.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find For The Following Code Below.
<div class='post-footer'>

  • Just Below It, Paste The Following Code.
<div class='cmt_iframe_holder' data-viewtype='FILTERED_POSTMOD' expr:href='data:blog.canonicalUrl'/> 

  • Now Finally Save Your Template.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!. You've Finished This Tutorial.

Final Words!

So Friends That Was Another Simple Tutorial For Enabling Google+ Comments In Blogger. I Hope This Will Improves Your Blog Traffic And Help You In Making Your Blog More Search Engine And Google+ Friendly. Every Tutorial Is Always Simple But Need Some Understanding. If You Have Any Problem With This Tutorial, Ask In Comments. Accidently, We Are Describing About Comments Only In This Post. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

How To Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Google+?


As You Know That Blogger Platform Is Growing Day By Day Which Is Owned By Google, Google Is Improving Many New Features. As You Know That Google Had Now Made Google+ Which Is Similiar To Facebook, There is Also Good News For You All  Who Uses Blogger Platform That Google Has Recently Introduced A New Update By Which A User Can Easily Share There Post On His Google+ Profile. Sharing Posts On Google+ Have Also Many Advantages. People Can Reach Your Blog More Easily, Improves Your Traffic And Much More. The Second Thing Is That If You Have Many Fans On Gooel+, Then They Can Get Updates From Your Profile Of Google+ That What You Are Sharing. The Third Thing Is That Google+ Brings More Power To Your Google Authorship Which Means That Your Profile Photo Appears In Your Google Search Results And In Also Search Rankings.

Before This Feature, There Was Option (Also Now) Available That When You Create A New Blog, It Tells You At First Before Posting That Google+ Sharing Posts Is Enabled And Most Of The People Disabled It Because They Are Annoyed. I Do Not Think That To Disable Before You Are Missing A Good Chance To Improve Your Traffic. Now In This Tutorial, I Will Tell You How To Re-enable Or Enable It For Those, Who Do Not Know How To Enable Google+ Sharing. So Let's Get Started With Simple Steps Below.

How To Enable Google+ Sharing Posts In Blogger?

There Is Nothing Difficult In Enabling Because You Just Have To Select One Thing That Can Be Easily Done In 5 Minutes Or Less.
First, You Will Need To Connect To Your Google+ Profile To Your Blogger Account. Just Update Your Google+ Profile. The Screenshot Is Below For You If You Didn't Understand.

Click On Revert To Google+ So Convert Your Blogger Account To Google+ Account (Connection With Google+). Now Go To Blogger.com >> Your Blog >> Google+ And There You Will See A Option "Automatically Share After Posting" Just  Tick It. If You Didn't Understand, See The Screenshot Below:-

Congratulations! Buddy, You Have Successfully Enabled Auto Publish Post On Google+ In Blogger. Now When You Post In Blogger, See Your Google+ Profile, The Post Will Be Publish On There. Just Publish It Now For Testing!. The Second Option "Prompt To Share After Posting" Will Ask You To Either Share It Or Not, So The First Option Is Best Than The First As It Saves The Time.

Final Words!

 So Friends, That Was The Simple And Short Tutorial For You To Enable Automatic Sharing Posts On Google+. I Hope You Will Get A Alot Of Help In This Tutorial. If You Didn't Understand At All, You Can Ask In Comments Because Comments Are Always Appreciated. I Think That Enabling This Option Gives You A Lot Of Benefits. Keep Visiting Us For More Latest Updates From Us, You Can Also Subscribe Us To Receive Updates Straight In Your Inbox. Please Share This Post With Your Blogger Fellows And Friends And On Social Networks. Take A Lot Of Care And Happy Blogging!.

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