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Friday, 14 March 2014

We've Stop Posting On This Site For One Year - Problems And Difficulties

On : 3/14/2014
Hi Friends! This Is Me (Zaeem Khaliq) From Blogging Tutorials. This Post Contains A Little Announcement For You So That I Can Notify You That I Haven't Stop Our Worked, But Will Be Soon Doing After One Year Or More. Which Means I Will Not Describe Any Tip Trick Or Tutorial, Today Is The Last Day Of This Site With A Bad Announcement. This Is Because I Am Facing Many Problems With My Site. Continue Reading This Article In Order To Get More Info That Why I Am Closing This Site. This Is Can Be Closed For 1 Year Or 1 And A Half Year, Then After The Time Has Been Past, I Will Automatically Publish A New Post, Then You Can Understand That I Have Started My Work.

Why Closing This Site?

As I Described Above That I Am Facing Many Problems. The Main Problem Is The Domain Name. This Is Because As You Know That I Have Posted More Than 30 Articles And Also Included Many Links And Page Links Which I Have To Change After Buying Domain Name Which Requires A Lot Of Time, That's Why I Am Closing This Site. After Earning Money, I Will Buy A Custom Domain Which Will Be (.com) Domain So That My Site Can Become Popular On Search Engines And By You, And I Will Also Change The Name Of This Site Same Like Domain Name And The Logo Will Also Be Changed, Currently There Is No Logo Because I Have Not Set Custom Domain In Order. I Will Try To Earn Money And Buy Domain As Soon As I Can.

Final Words!

So Friends, This Was A Little Notification For You So You Can Get Updated That I Have Not Stopped My Work. Most Of The People Don't Post This Because Of Shy And Other Reasons, But I Want To Tell You So You Can Get Notified That I Have Not Stopped By Posting Work. But One Thing I Want To Tell You That I Am Not Closing Which Means I Will Keep Updating Your Comments And Guest Post If You Published. After A Year Or More, Then I'll Be Back!. And Please, Don't Do Spam Comments Behind Me. I Hope You Have Know Understand Complately That I Am Closing This Site. Best Wishes To Success Your Way In Blogging!. Now After This Last Post, You Will Meet With Me On New Domain. Pray For My Domain Name That I Can Get As Fast As I Can. Good Bye!.


  1. You can switch from blogger to hosting domain easily without effecting your ranking and posts. So it is my avice to switch from blogger to .com domain instead of closing this site.

  2. I Am Not Closing This Site, I Have Just Stop Posting On This Site, Yes, You Said Right, But First I Will Need Some Money For That. It Will Cost Atleast 20$ Of One Year!.

    1. yes minimum $20 you needed to do so. i understand your problem. Borrow money from your family or friends. I also did this

    2. My Father Has Declined My Request, So I Am Making Money Online, It Will Take At least 8 Months More!

  3. Glad to have found your site. Keep up the good work! DB Product Review


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